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Elden Ring Blessing of the Erdtree

You are probably wondering what the benefits of the tallest standing tree in the Elden Ring are and what its purpose is. However, being a mystical game with supernatural characters, Elden Ring contains numerous secrets roaming the Lands Between. Among these secrets lay great dangers, but with the dangers come the rewards. One of the greatest and ancient incantations among the Elden Ring secrets and wonders lies the Erdtree.

Being one of the great Elden Ring symbols, Erdtree offers you a ton of blessings, the main being its healing power. Look no further if you’re looking for the Elden Ring blessing of the Erdtree location. Find out about Elden Ring Erdtree blessings and everything in between, including the Elden Ring blessing of the Erdtree Reddit.

Everything You Need to Know About Elden Ring Erdtree

If you have played Elden Ring or any previous FromSoftware games, you must know the great advantage healing power offers. Being an action role-playing video game, Elden Ring is full of quests and battles with the demigods. Therefore, having a healing power means you can recover quickly after an attack. Regaining your health will help you to take on strong bosses without depletion of your HP. Therefore, you can survive longer in the game and probably become the new Elden Lord. Erdtree is the perfect item to receive healing power.

Erdtree, also known as the Great Tree, is the most significant symbol in Elden Ring. The tree towers above everything in the land and can be noticed from every angle in the game. One of the amazing features is its glowing nature which marks it as a Golden Order in the Lands Between. Erdtree is said to get its power deep from Elden Ring, representing the rule of the land before it shattered. The tree changes color and shape depending on different factors affecting the Elden Ring.

Where is the Elden Ring Erdtree Blessings Location

Where is the Erdtree located, and how can you find it? The good news is that Erdtree is easy to locate. However, getting to the location requires winning all the fights you encounter against the Elden Ring bosses. After all these, you will finally get to the Erdtree found in Leyndell, Royal Capital.

Erdtree is the entrance to the Elden Throne, where a final battle takes place against one of the strongest Elden Ring bosses. At the entrance, the tree is covered by a layer of dangerous thorns that are impenetrable. However, the entrance can be opened by Melina’s sacrifice at the Mountaintop of Giants or by using a Frenzy Frame. The Frenzy frame is obtained from the Three Fingers, and it’s used as an alternative to set the Erdtree ablaze and save Melina from her death. Doing this will lock you in only one of the game’s endings, and you’ll need to enter another quest to undo the locked ending.

What Does The Erdtree Blessings Provide

Upon entry into the Erdtree, you’ll find the Erdtree blessings in the Queens Bedchamber. Erdtree incantations require a scaling of 50 Stamina and no Faith to wield the healing power. Being a Health Regen Buff, Erdtree Incantations doesn’t stack with any temporary buffs in the same category. The Incantations offers a 12HP regeneration per sec for a maximum of 90 seconds. Its healing power is 1080 HP which equals 18 HP for every FP.

There’s a total of benefits of 1404 HP for 117 seconds or more from the Old Lord’s Talisman. These benefits are equivalent to approximately 23 HP for each FP. Another benefit of the Erdtree blessings is they can be used together with NPCs, summoning spirits, and cooperators. Charging the incantation will delay the activation but doesn’t affect the healing power and the duration.

Using the Erdtree blessings will grant you and your allies powerful blessings. You can summon the Phantom Golden Tree, the one Melina uses to cast a spell in the Morgott fight, by using the Erdtree blessings plus the Warming Stones. Also, beware of the Erdtree’s Curse of Those Who Live in Death. The curse came along after Godwyn’s death causing the Erdtree’s roots to get corrupted and infected with the curse. Despite the tree symbolizing the Golden Order Rule, the shattering of the rule brought curses.

Are There Any More Erdtrees in Elden Ring?

Apart from the Great Erdtree at the center of Elden Ring, minor Erdtrees are growing throughout the Lands Between. Each small Erdtree has an Erdtree Avatar that protects it.

The Erdtree Avatar is among the Elden Ring bosses, and they drop rewards that you can use to improve Flask of Wondrous Physick. The Erdtree Avatar looks like a headless tree stump holding an enormous staff. The good thing is that it’s not a must to defeat the Erdtree Avatar to continue with the Elden Ring quest. Therefore, Erdtree Avatars can be termed, optional bosses.

The different Erdtree Avatars are located in different locations in the Lands Between. One of the advantages of locating the avatar is the rewards to gain for your quest. Below Is a list of locations to find the Erdtree Avatar.

  • Weeping Penisula
  • Caelid Wilds
  • Southwest of Liurnia of the Lakes
  • Northeast of Liurnia of the Lakes
  • Mountaintops of the Giants

The Erdtree Avatar of Mountaintops of the Giants is considered the toughest since it can summon its clone. Fighting both may prove a challenge. Therefore devising a plan to separate the two will help you defeat them.

Bottom Line

The Erdtree blessings are probably among the best reward in Elden Ring. Its health-regenerating power makes the Erdtree Incantations unique and valuable in your quest to become the new Elden Lord. If you enjoy taking on battles after battles with no time to relax and heal, then Erdtree blessings should be your companion. Cross the Lands Between, kill the bosses until you get to Leyndell, Royal Capital, and loot the Erdtree blessings. Above is how to go about the whole journey of getting the Erdtree blessings.

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