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Complete Halo Infinite Shock Chain Guide

Complete Halo Infinite Shock Chain Guide

Halo Infinite brings back the thrilling battlefield action we enjoyed in Halo 4 and 5. The game features new and classic modes, maps, and weapons, most of which we have interacted with. However, there are new additions made, and you might have come across the Shock Chain during your multiplayer matches.

The Shock Chain is a new feature, powerful enough to take out a group of enemies at one, only if used correctly. Therefore, if you want to dominate the multiplayer mode, use the guide below to learn what a Shock Chain is and how to use it strategically.

What Is a Shock Chain In Halo Infinite?

This is a powerful electric effect triggered once you use any weapon with shock damage properties to take out more than one enemy. Some of the guns with these properties are the Dynamo Grenades and the Shock Rifle. These are but a few examples, and once you master the art, you will be able to trigger a shock wave using shock-damage weapons in Halo Infinite.

It is not as straightforward as many think. Still, if you manage to do it correctly, you can use your electric weapons and throw-able ammunition against enemy groups in multiplayer.

Once you successfully trigger a Halo infinite shock chain challenge, you’ll earn a Chain reaction medal. Another sign of a successful attempt is the presence of electrical current flowing over the enemies. Once one dies from the Shock chain, a lighting symbol indicates above them.

How to Activate A Halo Infinite Shock Challenge

Successfully activating a Shock Chain in large battles is not straightforward, but once you learn how to pull it off, you and your allies will dominate the multiplayer maps. You’ll learn how to use the reaction chain strategically with enough practice. To activate a shocking chain in Halo Infinite;

  1. You’ll have to equip yourself with shock-damage weapons like the Shock Rifle and Dynamo Grenades. Both these options are powerful; however, the Dynamo Grenades are advantageous since they reach enemies who are far and quickly generate shock reactions
  2. Next is to position yourself strategically. Again, focusing on areas with high enemy traffic is best since the electric effect is limited to a small space.
  3. If you’re using your Shock Rifle, aim your shot at a group of enemies within close range. Try as much as possible to land the shot for the Shock Rifle to damage, then the Shock Chain to finish them off. Those equipped with the Dynamo Grenades throw them and make a precise shot for an extensive Shock Chain effect.

Where to Find The Shock Rifle In Halo Infinite?

To activate the Shock Chain, you need a weapon with shock-damage abilities, and your best option is the Shock Rifle. With enough practice, you can effectively learn how to use the rifle; however, the challenge is finding the equipment. Locating the Shock Rifle is difficult since it spawns in a rare spot. There are various spots where you can check, such as:

  • The Aquarius

The Shock Rifle spawns in two places in this location. First, try the Blue Base by going downwards, then turn left. Another area is the yellow Base, which you can access by moving downright.

  • Deadlock

Once you locate the Deadlock on your map, you will find the Shock Rifle on the back-left side of the available spawn points in the High and Low bases.

  • Fragmentation

Get to the jump pad location to get the weapon on its left side.

  • Highpower

You’ll find various Shock Rifle spawns at the Highpower, such as behind the two starting bases’ landing pad, the Tower Base’s middle area, and inside Cave Pit.

  • Launch Site

Get to the Launch Site, and you’ll get a Shock Rifle on the left of Bunker Nest.

  • Streets

You can also get the weapon on the Subway’s balcony.

What Is “Watt Say You?” Achievement?

The “Watt Say You?” Achievement is the reward of successfully activating a Shock Chain. Once you get close to a group of enemies, use your Shock Rifle to hit an enemy, and the shot then bounces to the next without their shield up. Once you take out several enemies with one shot, you’ll get the accolade.

Another way is to use your Shock Rifle to target a vehicle full of enemies. If you manage to kill them, you’ll get the “Watt Say You?” Achievement. There are also chances you might fall victim to the Shock Chain, and you should use your Grapple Shot to save yourself.

The Bottom Line

If you ever feel outnumbered or cornered during the multiplayer mode, a Shock Chain can do wonders and work to your advantage. It is easy to trigger a shock reaction once you get the right equipment and learn how to do it correctly. After a successful attempt, you will not only finish off your enemies but also get the “Watt Say You?” Achievement. 

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