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How to Slide In Halo Infinite

How to Slide In Halo Infinite

Have you ever wondered how Halo Infinite Pro players move fast and have less reaction time? Most experienced players execute various movement tips that help them dominate the lobby. For instance, you might notice some quick executing motions similar to those in Call of Duty.

One of the effective advanced movements that will improve your combat abilities on the battlefield is knowing how to slide. There are various slide options, such as the G-Slide, and here’s a guide to show you how to slide in Halo infinite PC, take out your enemies by surprise, and evade enemy attacks.

Sliding in Halo Infinite

Sliding is a critical movement that will make it easier to expose your enemies and take them by surprise. It is incredible the amount of damage you can cause once you get into a strategic shooting position. This technique is also helpful during close combat, as you can slide between your opponents’ legs and catch them with their guard down. There are various ways to attempt a slide, and here are three effective slides to perform in Halo Infinite:

  1. Slide Cancel

The Slide Cancel movement is where you slide and immediately stop the sliding motion. This technique allows you to move fast and instantly hold your position once you spot your enemy’s weak point. It is similar to the one in Call of Duty, and to execute a Slide Cancel in Halo Infinite;

  • Look for open space and run by pressing the sprint key on your controller, keyboard, or mouse.
  • Press the slide key to attempt a slide motion.
  • Once you are in sprinting motion, press your back key, then do a 180-degree turn using your joystick or mouse. This will instantly stop the slide movement.

The Slide Cancel is not as easy as it sounds, and you’ll have to try it several times to master it. However, once you get it right, you’ll notice an immediate improvement in your battle reactions.

Why Attempt a Slide Cancel Move?

Pro players use the Slide Cancel move because it is quicker than running. In addition, the technique allows them to slide, accelerating their movement speed repeatedly. Another benefit of the Slide Cancel is it keeps you composed on the battlefield.

In addition, the sliding position keeps you closer to the ground, making it harder for your enemies to aim. Finally, the quick movements make it harder to aim the shot, making it hard to beat.

You should, however, be careful, especially when facing experienced Halo Infinite enemies. You expose yourself if you do it wrong, and they can shoot you down. The trick is to practice and ensure that you make quick and fast movements. Once you master how to turn your slides, you have an added combat advantage.

  1. G-Slide

The G-Slide is among the new additions we didn’t see in Halo 4 and 5. However, it is also a similar technique to Call of Duty’s black ops 3. This movement acts as an offensive and defensive tactic, allowing you to maintain your sliding momentum. As a result, you quickly expose your enemies or effectively dodge bullets from enemies.

It is an easy technique compared to the Slide Cancel and very effective. Here is how to Slide in Halo Infinite Xbox (G-Slide);

  • Locate a ledge nearby and climb; it is usually reasonably close to the ground.
  • Move to the edge of the ledge, then jump while holding the slide button.
  • Next, maintain the sliding momentum by pressing the “Jump” key and moving in your desired direction.

Why Attempt a G-Slide Move?

Players who master the G-Slide technique find it easier to take out many enemies nearby. In addition, the method increases their movement speed, allowing them to take out their opponents by surprise.

A G-Slide also gives a clear view of the enemies’ positions. It proves beneficial for those who love strategic combat.

Once you get in motion, you get a better shooting position as you glide on the surface. You can also choose to leap into the air and perform an ultimate jump. These motions happen fast, making it hard for anyone targeting you to land their shot.

  1. Drop Slide

343 Industries introduced us to the Drop Slide in Halo 5, which gave us an advantage over enemies who didn’t know how to perform or defend themselves from the move. It is similar to the G-Slide; you’ll have to get a ramp or slope to execute it. Once you are set, use these steps to learn how to super slide in Halo Infinite;  

  • Press the sprint key and sprint before the available ramp.
  • Press the “Jump” key to release your character as soon as the ramp starts.
  • Maintain your motion, and press and hold the slide key when you get close enough to the ramp.
  • After that, press the Jump key, which pushes you forward in the air, executing the Drop Slide.

Why Use the Drop Slide?

The Drop Slide has the same benefits as the Slide Cancel and G-Slide techniques. This move promotes quick movements, and you can think of it as a speed boost. It allows the players to gain the necessary momentum to make quick moves.

Apart from the improved momentum, the Drop Slide improves your defense abilities. For example, a moving target in Halo Infinite is hard to hit. In addition, the quick motions to and from the ramp make it difficult for others to aim at your character.

It is important to mention a risk factor associated with all the available slide options. Most of the time, your shield is down, exposing you when doing the quick movements. Suppose you’re up against experienced Halo infinite players. They can easily take you out once they correctly predict your trends and stops. Therefore, you have to be strategic and avoid attempting them every time.

The Bottom Line

Apart from the introductory slide, there are three enhanced sliding techniques that you can use to your advantage. These options work on the principle that a moving target is hard to hit. This makes you a hard target and allows you to use the element of surprise to your advantage. The Slide Cancel, G-Slide, and Drop Slide will render your enemies vulnerable once you master how to perform them using the tips in this guide.

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