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total control halo infinite

Total Control Gameplay Mode in Halo Infinite

Halo Infinite is setting new shooter game standards with addictive gameplay modes, such as Total Control. The game offers a lot as it features unique and classical modes that will keep you engaged for a long time. One of the available menu options is Total Control which most people associate with “Domination” in Destiny or Call of Duty games.

There is a lot to this game mode, which is different from what most shooter games fans think. Therefore, read along to get clarity on this Halo Infinite mode and know what the challenge has in store for you.

What is Total Control in Halo infinite?

Total Control is one of Halo Infinite’s new game modes, presenting players with three spawn zones. The participating teams score points if they hold off enemies in all three zones. The holding team gets the point before a brief cooldown if the opponents fail to make progress. After 20 to 30 seconds, the game mode selects a new section of three zones for the team to protect.

If any team gets three points after controlling three different zone sets, it wins the game.

How Does Total Control Work?

The gameplay mode begins in three neutral locations, and team players must work together to claim the zones. To claim a zone, you have to capture and occupy the area. This means that you or your teammate has to stand on the mentioned zones for a specified duration, usually 10 seconds. In other words, only you or your teammates should be standing on the conquered land.

If an enemy enters space, they affect your capture progress. The capture progress stops if there is any foe within the area. Therefore, it is best to mobilize more members in the zone at once to capture a zone quickly.

It is also possible to reclaim enemy-controlled zones. You and your teammates must turn the zone into a neutral state and conquer it. To do this, you must operate in the zone and eliminate the enemy side.

To neutralize an area, you must occupy the zone simultaneously as your enemies. This means that if your enemy stood in the zone for 6 seconds before you claimed the spot, you also have to position yourself in the area for 6 seconds.

The re-capture progress is one of the challenging requirements in Total Control gameplay mode. This is because once your enemies capture a zone, you can only acquire it by first neutralizing it. So the challenge is when the enemy capture progress doesn’t include the area in your tally until you clear all enemies.

Another essential factor to remember is when there is an enemy, capture progress in your controlled zones. Still, your enemies haven’t managed to neutralize it; you can reclaim the area and clear the progress by taking them all out. Also, if they manage to neutralize your captured zone, you must first revert the capture progress before re-capture progress.

After a team manages to secure the provided zones, they get the point. There is a 15-second countdown before a new zone set gets specified. This continues, and the first team to three points wins.

Unlocks and Rewards Available In Total Control

Similar to other Halo Infinite gameplay modes, Total Control features various rewards. They include:

  1. Always Rotating

Always Rotating is a medal reward players get after successfully capturing the map zones in Total Control or Strongholds. You’ll, however, have to complete the challenge using a single life to claim the award.

  1. Control Freak

This achievement is for those who successfully help their team capture the available Total Control zones. Once your team scores a point, you get a chance to get the Control Freak award that rewards the player with 25 Gamerscore.

Tips for Playing Total Control

If you wish to have a more accessible and fun time capturing the Total Control zones, use these practical tips to secure the specified areas successfully.

  • Teamwork is the best way to capture the zones easily. This means you must be strategic and offer your teammates support from the top and below.
  • Before advancing into enemy-captured zones, safeguard your zone, usually the area next to your team’s base.
  • Save your explosive weapons, and do not use them to attempt a single kill. Instead, please wait for the enemies to assemble, then use your Rocket Launcher or Heatwave to finish them off.
  • Take some time to study the map, and identify specific spots that might feature weapon spawns that will help your team win.

The best strategy is to get behind the enemy lines for a swift kill.

The Bottom Line

Halo Infinite game modes have one thing in common; they are pretty balanced, and the missions/tasks are top-tier. For instance, the Total Control gameplay mode presents a unique challenge that tests your teamwork skills. If you aren’t familiar with the mode, use this guide to improve your coordination in Total Control Halo Infinite.

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