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How to Unlock Blood Shadow Halo Infinite

How to Unlock Blood Shadow Halo Infinite

The weapons, gear, and armor you have in Halo Infinite determine if you survive or perish in the battleground. Therefore, to win duels against your enemies, you must keep upgrading your armor.

There are numerous collectibles you’ll find during your Halo Infinite promotion, most of which are easy to locate, and there are higher chances you’ll get them during the usual gameplay. These collectibles are practical but not that powerful. Typically, there are some that are hard to find, and once you get them, you’ll be unstoppable on the battlefield; one of which is the Blood Shadow Armor coating. Read along to know where to find and unlock this cosmetic.

Where to Find the Blood Shadow Armor Coating in The Halo Infinite

The Halo Infinite Blood Shadow Armor is contained in the Mjolnir Armor Locker, close to the FOB Delta. However, there is no specific point close to the FOB that you can use as a location reference. Instead, you’ll find the armor between the Delta and Brave bases. You might have to face the lingering grunts around the area, but that will be an easy task.

Another more effortless and strategic way is to use a vertical view to locate the Mjolnir Armor Locker. The car gets you there quickly as you won’t have to take long climbs. You’ll also find it easier to discover the right place where the locker is located. If you choose to walk, you can use the Grappleshot to avoid climbing over each rock.

How to Unlock the Blood Shadow Armor In Halo Infinite

Once you get to the Mjolnir Locker, open it and check the Blood Shadow MK VII Armor Coating. First, pick the cosmetic to upgrade your ear. Next, equip your character with the Armor Coating by opening the main menu and then customizing it.

Scroll through until you locate the Armor Coating section characterized by an orange-yellow color scheme that brings out its red and black pattern. Click on it to unlock.

As you search for the Armor Coating, there’s much more to explore and learn. This adventure allows you to learn a lot by observing the hunts and activities in the Sanghelios Mountains.

The main challenge as you go to find the Blood Shadow Armor is to climb up the peak, which can be time-consuming. However, your efforts will pay off once you get hold of this cosmetic that will give you an advantage on the battlefield.

Must I Unlock the Blood Shadow Armor in Halo Infinite?

No. Locating and unlocking the Blood Shadow Armor in Halo Infinite is not compulsory. Instead, you can take on various missions and tasks without cosmetics.

However, if you observe some of the most experienced Halo Infinite players, you will notice that most of them have this armor. This is because they understand the armor’s benefits as they take on various opponents.

Therefore, if you wish to have the upper hand in each duel, you should prioritize finding the Mjolnir Locker. Unfortunately, this locker is hidden, and you shouldn’t expect to locate it during your normal gameplay; you’ll have to find it.

What are the benefits of the Blood Shadow Armor in Halo Infinite?

The main benefit of having the Blood Shadow Armor is that it provides additional battlefield support. This cosmetic, together with the other collectibles you’ll find in the Mjolnir Armor Locker, make you a hard target, and your enemies will have a hard time taking you down. In addition, it also reveals missions and other collectibles you can find within the Thunder Squad area.

What Else Is Included in The Mjolnir Armor Locker?

There are various Mjolnir Armor Locker chests in Halo Infinite, and each consists of multiple cosmetics. For our case, you will find the Blood Shadow Armor in the locker chest in the area between Delta and Brae.

You’ll find other collectibles during your gameplay, such as the Mjolnir Armor chests, distress calls, Spartan Cores, and many more. It costs nothing to hover around the area and explore some hidden equipment that will make you stand out in any battleground.

You should, however, be careful not to fall victim to the hovering grunts. An effective way to save your time and energy is to capture FOBs who have more knowledge of what each of the Mjolnir Armor chests consists of. If you have no FOB assistance, you can get more details of the discovered items by hovering over the area on your map.

The quest doesn’t end here! This Blood Shadow cosmetic is just one of the many collectibles you can find and use in the Halo Infinite Campaign. Once you unlock, equip, and then head to battle with these cosmetics is when you’ll understand what they bring.

There is much to discover, such as suitability upgrades, Valor fast, and many other armor lockers in Halo Infinite. However, you’ll only get a hold of these consequential accessories if you go out of your way and look for them. Use your map effectively during these quests if you want to save time.

You only have to be careful about getting ambushed as you go off course. However, it is essential to have some extra ammunition if you come across the overhead flying banshees.

What Happens If I Collect Everything in Halo Infinite?

If your exceptional exploration skills get you the Blood Shadow Armor and more, including all the seven Forerunner Artifacts, you’ll unlock various achievements such as the Haruspis Achievement. Furthermore, you’ll get a better understanding of the Halo Infinite game, and this makes Halo Infinite more fun and engaging. You can also expect to have excellent combat skills and ammo equipped.

The Bottom Line

The Blood Shadow Armor is a cosmetic only for those willing to find it. It is not a standard accessory among Halo Infinite players since it requires one to go out of their way and find it. If you wish to upgrade your combat skills, unlock new missions, and better understand the Halo Infinite gameplay, use this guide to locate and unlock the Blood Shadow Armor. 

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