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What Happened to Blue Team In Halo Infinite

What Happened to Blue Team In Halo Infinite

The Halo series storyline can be confusing, even for those following the series. One of the reasons is that developer 343 Industries wishes to build a narrative that new players can easily interact with and begin their adventures. Therefore, you might find yourself in the dark as you start your Halo Infinite quest.

This review aims to keep you up to speed with what happened and answer some questions you’ve been asking yourself about previous characters. Note that there are light spoilers for those who even tried the game.

What Is Halo Infinite’s Storyline?

Halo Infinite continues the storyline from Halo 5: Guardians, which seems to begin from a blank slate. Its storyline presents a side we’ve never heard before that takes place 18 months after the completion of Halo 5. Let’s pick from the last scene where we saw the war against the Banished that was waged and lost. Humanity faces extinction, and the remaining UNSC is scattered.

What Is the Blue Team?

The Blue Team is a constant unit under the operational command of the UNSC Naval Special Warfare Command. This unit was put together in 2519 and consisted of four members. In some instances, we have seen the team operate on more or less than four members. However, if you’ve played Halo Infinite, you have noticed that this particular unit is not featured. So, what happened to the Blue Team?

The Blue Team is the last remaining formation of Spartan-IIs. Unfortunately, at the moment, they are missing in action, and this has raised lots of questions by fans who cannot connect the storyline gap.

Where Is Blue Team in Halo Infinite?

There has been no hint or clue as to whether the Blue Team succeeded in its mission. Assuming everything went as planned, the team may still be on their mission. It will be interesting to see their return since they cannot return to Infinity, a land that’s been destroyed.

Previous Halo 4 and 5 gamers recall the Blue Team was Master Chief’s family. It consisted of Spartan 2s trained by the highest and best UNSC figures, such as Jerome 092 and Frederick 104. The team was initially under the command of the Master Chief on most missions during the Human-Covenant War.

Master Chief proved clinical and successful during his reign; however, after leading the team in the battle of Mombasa, Frederick 104 took the leader’s role. Frederick was a strategic, brilliant, and all-around leader who took on the part for not long.

During Halo 5’s storyline, Master Chief reclaimed his position as the Blue team leader, along with other Spartans. Under the leadership of the Master Chief, the blue team managed to take on over 220 military operations, facing various enemy formations such as the covenant and insurrectionists.

The quest continued, and in Halo Infinite, we see Captain Lasky task the team to participate in the operation Wolfie mission of October 7th, 2559. Before the Halo Infinite storyline, we saw the blue team begin their insurgency to reach the atmosphere, and Master Chief was among those who went on the adventure.

Before Cortana’s soldiers arrived within reach, the UNSC forces and banished occupiers withdrew from the location. There were troops left behind unreached until the created conflict ended. At this point, those banished got lucky when they found a portal on reach. This portal transmitted some of the Atriox voices through installation zero and finally Reach.

All these events make sense at the beginning of the game, where we see Dr. Halsey’s remaining brains recreating Cortana’s weapon. This was made possible by Dr. Halsey’s clogged brains using the findings of the Blue Team during their mission on reach. The recreated weapon is the only AI that can stop Cortana.

This is all the storyline pieces we can put together so far. All this information about the Blue Team and the Infinite campaign is based on the audio logs between Master Chief and Halsey. The Blue Team and Master Chief are on a mission to get the cryo bins that remain to help with the attempt to create a new Cortana, a powerful weapon Halsey seeks to use to take down her primary opponents.

There are audio logs done before the Battle of Zeta when Captain Lasky tasked the Blue Team with a classified operation. This was after Dr. Halsey assigned Master Chief and instructed him and the team to deploy the recreated weapon on Zeta Halo.

Halo Infinite begins with a duel between Master Chief and Atriox, where Chief gets defeated. After that, we haven’t seen any trace of him.

Who Is Cortana?

To better understand Master Chief’s and the Blue Team’s mission to Reach, it is good to have some understanding to catch up with what’s happening with Cortana. We saw Cortana in Halo 5: Guardians destroying everyone who dared oppose her. Her wrath grew out of control, and Master Chief would stand less chance of taking her down.

We, however, fail to see what happened during her conquest as Halo Infinite begins 18 months after what we saw in Halo 5.

It’s been revealed that Cortana perished before the beginning of Halo Infinite, and UNSC created another AI named “The Weapon” to take on Cortana. Unfortunately, this is the only hope Master Chief has in his quest to win the battle against the Banished and rescue the UNSC marines located in Zeta Halo.

UNSC designed “The Weapon” to help Master Chief while exploring Zeta Halo as he tries to find the real Cortana. However, Halo Infinite’s storyline is years after Halo 5, meaning that Cortana is not much of a threat to Master Chief and UNSC.

The Bottom Line

The Blue Team, consisting of Spartans, took on many missions in Halo 5: Guardians, and their lack of inclusion in Halo Infinite is shocking. There is a significant storyline gap between the two-game series, which can confuse those following the game series. A lot happened between Halo 5 and Halo infinite, and this review gives insight into some of the significant events of the Blue Team. 

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