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How to Change Weapons in Halo Infinite

How to Change Weapons in Halo Infinite

Halo Infinite is an open-world shooter game by 343 Industries and Xbox Game Studios. The game takes on a first-person perspective, and players use various weapons and vehicles for combat or to make an escape.

All new players, regardless of the game mode they puck, begin with the essential equipment, such as the ordinary rifle. This rifle is adequate for medium distances and the difficulty level at the beginning. As the players progress through the game, they get a better weapon with better statistics than the one they began with. If you’re having trouble or aren’t sure how to make a switch, here’s a quick guide to changing a spawn weapon in Halo Infinite.

How to Change Equipment

Your choice of equipment could be the difference between life and death in Halo Infinite if you use a controller, right-press on the d-pad, and choose the d-pad input you want to equip your player with. After you right-press the d-pad, a collection of the available weapons appears, where you then pick your preferred option.

Those using a PC can press either 1,2,3 or 4 if they use the default key bindings.

The good thing about Halo Infinite is that it allows you to customize your controls and remap them to your preferences. To change the controls:

  1. Open Halo Infinite’s settings menu
  2. Choose the Controller or keyboard / Mouse tab and locate the ‘On Foot’ option.
  3. Scroll down until you see the ‘Switch Weapon’ icon. You’ll find a key assigned to the action, and you can change it by clicking and adjusting it to your preferred input choice.

You’ll find a total of 21 weapon options available in Halo Infinite, and each has its advantages and limitations in the various game modes. Some of these options are powerful; however, every player gets a chance to win any combat despite the weapons they choose.

If you wish to win combats against experienced games, you need to know and understand the abilities of each available weapon. 

What Are The Available Weapons?

Here are the most powerful available weapons at your disposal. 

  • MA40 AR – all players get the MA40 as their starter weapon. It has a maximum of 36 bullets/magazine, and you’ll have to make 20 shots to the body to kill your opponents. However, if you’re a pro at making headshots, it will take 15 bullets to finish them.
  •  VK78 Commando – this semi-automatic rifle features 20 shots/magazine and is ideal for long-distance shots.
  • BR 75 – the burst assault rifle shoots three bullets at a go, and it is among the most accurate weapons in Halo infinite.
  • Gravity Hammer – another iconic weapon you can use to smash enemies inside a cone. Its limitation is its short range.
  • Needler- the iconic gun holds 26 needles/magazine and is not as effective as other options.
  • CQS48 Bulldog – here’s a potent weapon that requires you to take two shots to the head to finish off an opponent.
  •  M41 SPNKr – the M41 SPNKr is the most potent weapon in Halo Infinite, and this goes without saying that it is scarce. The rocket launcher instantly kills, provided the shot gets done around the enemy territory.
  • Cinder Shot – this rainbow grenade produces a big blast, requiring two accurate shots to kill enemies.
  • Mangler – the revolver pistol is one of the most accurate options; however, it requires you to have lots of skills to use it optimally.
  • Mk50 Sidekick – here’s a new addition in the Halo series that is best to keep as a secondary weapon you’ll use for emergencies.
  • Plasma Pistol – the plasma pistol uses its energy as ammunition; it is fully loaded at the beginning and uses 1% with each shot.
  • S7 Sniper – here’s a weapon considered one of the most substantial options and ideal for those with superb sniping abilities.
  • Sentinel Beam – this laser weapon also requires players to be accurate, and it quickly runs out of ammunition.
  • Ravager – the weapon has a lower damage output, and enemies take damage from its indirect hits.
  • Plasma Carbine – another classic weapon that uses 4% energy with each burst shot, and not every shot lands.
  • Disruptor – this electric pistol can be extremely powerful if used correctly. Each shot that lands electrocutes the enemies and causes damage over time.
  • Energy Sword – this weapon is easy to use, and one slash instantly kills; you’ll have to get close to the enemy.
  • Heatwave – be extra careful using this weapon since the projectiles bounce and can damage you even if they land.
  • Shock Rifle – use this weapon for long-range shots.
  • Hydra – almost all shots from Hydra land on the enemies.
  • Stalker Rifle – ideal for those good with marksman rifles, and each sot uses 3% energy.
  • Skewer – use the Skewer to piece through vehicles, which takes one hit to kill.

Where to Get Weapons

Progress through the various game modes to improve your weapon collection and collect as many as possible. If you choose the multiplayer mode, you’ll find most weapons in hotspot areas or near walls; the rare options are usually located in hotspot areas. Note that the spawns are fixed, which doesn’t guarantee that the weapons are identical.

These weapon spawns change as you play, and you may have noticed that weapons around the base never award yellow items. This is because they are fixed weapon spawns indicated in the maps.

Another way to get weapons is during duels. Weapons such as the M41 SPNKr give players a massive advantage over others. Once you finish off the enemies, you can pick their weapons.

The opposite is true. If you’re unlucky and die in combat, your character drops the weapon they are currently holding, and your enemies can pick it. Therefore, you can get free weapon upgrades by checking the battlefield floors.

How to Change Gear

Halo Infinite also allows players to upgrade their characters’ gears, increasing their combat and survival abilities. For instance, the available grappling hook makes it easier to navigate the battlefields, and the threat detectors identify invisible threats. Naturally, therefore, if you wish to dominate the battlefield, you’ll have to upgrade, and here’s how to change spawn weapon halo infinite:

If you’re using the Xbox controller, switch between the options using the D-pad. Each Up, Down, Right, and Left has equipment. PC users should use the 1,2,3, and 4 keys to check the available gear.

The Bottom Line

Your choice of weapons determines if you win or lose, and it is effortless to change between the available options. Use the provided steps to change and take out your enemies quickly. If you aren’t sure which to pick for a particular situation, use the guide to help determine the right weapon. 

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