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How to Make Halo Infinite Fullscreen

How to Make Halo Infinite Fullscreen

Any FPS gamer understands the benefits of playing at the highest possible frame rate. The Halo Infinite game has been out for a while, and minor bugs prevent players from having the best gaming experience. The game’s lack of an exclusive full-screen mode can be frustrating, especially when playing multiplayer mode.

The good news is that there are various ways to fix this and get a seamless gaming experience. Here are ways to make Halo infinite full screen and other optimization settings to optimize your system’s performance.

Use These Easy Shortcuts

It is possible to play Halo Infinite in its default full-screen mode. The first quick fix to try Is to toggle the borderless window mode. To do this:

  • Activate full screen using the ALT+ENTER controls

This should be your first attempt each time you want to go full screen. You can also use these shortcuts to activate and exit fullscreen for other video games playable on PC. In case this doesn’t work, try these keys and shortcuts:

  • Press the F11 Key
  • Hold the Fn button, then press the F11 key.
  • Pres ALT+ENTER simultaneously

Note that these options activate the default windowed full-screen mode.

Reduce performance bugs

As you might have noticed, Halo Infinite doesn’t feature a full-screen option because it was designed in Dx12. So, unfortunately, the only option players have is to play the borderless version. Unfortunately, the borderless game property causes various display bugs, from random black screens to FPS drops, which can be frustrating.

Fullscreen optimizations are one of the reasons why you’re having trouble with Halo Infinite. The game only provides the ‘Window borderless’ or ‘Windowed’ options.

There is a fix to all this and to disable the full-screen optimizations:

  • Locate the Halo Infinite shortcut on your device and select it.
  • Press ALT+ENTER simultaneously to activate the file properties window.
  • Click on the Compatibility tab.
  • Scroll down, locate, and locate the “Disable Full Screen Optimizations” checkbox.

This process will reduce the game lags and frame issues you’ve been experiencing. If you cannot locate the game shortcut, check your program files.

Select dGPU Window Settings

Another quick fix is to open your system’s graphic settings and assign the dedicated GPU for Halo Infinite. Windows automatically identifies games and assigns them their appropriate GPU, but the set default options can sometimes cause issues. To select the best settings:

  • Press the WINDOWS+I shortcut to open your system’s settings app.
  • Click on ‘Display; then choose ‘Graphics.’
  • Locate Halo Infinite from the list and click on the icon. If you can’t locate the app, browse your system’s local storage.
  • Click on ‘High Performance,’ then select your preferred dedicated GPU.

Launch with Steam Launch Options

If you want the ultimate gaming experience on full screen and the above fixes aren’t working, it’s time to force full-screen mode. The process requires the Steam Launch Option, enabling the full-screen mode for almost all your Steam Library games. For this to work, you’ll have to install the Halo Infinite game through Steam.

After installation;

  • Open your Steam Library and find Halo Infinite
  • Right-click on the game’s icon, then select “Properties.”
  •  The launch option field opens, where you’ll input the coding lines for your desired settings. These lines include a window (for window option), a popup window (for windowed fullscreen display), and a fullscreen (for full screen). For our case, type “fullscreen.”
  • Close the properties menu to apply your settings.

The Steam Launch Options is a feature with lots of benefits. You’ll find many other options to optimize the game’s frame rate performance.

Another dGPU setting is to select the right dGpu for the game in Radeon settings or NVIDIA Control Panel. Your system tends to alter these settings after a Windows, NVIDIA control, Radeon, or game update. Therefore, the best remedy is manually selecting the proffered dGPU in the provided app. For instance, if you’re to use the NVIDIA app;

  • Press Windows and search NVIDIA Control Panel, and Launch.
  • Click ‘Manage 3D Settings’ then ‘Program Settings.’
  • Click the ‘Add’ option and choose the Halo Infinite .exe file.
  • Click on the ‘Select the preferred graphics processor for this program drop-down menu and choose ‘High-Performance NVIDIA Processor.’
  • Click ‘Apply’ to make the changes.

Best Graphics Settings for Halo Infinite

Apart from activating Halo Infinite’s full-screen mode, there are various ways to enjoy seamless game sessions, and one is to set the best graphics settings. Halo Infinite contains multiple customizable options that you can tune to achieve optimal performance. You can easily adjust the settings below by opening the Hallo Infinite game settings and clicking on ‘Video.’ Here are the best game settings to use to get the best in-game graphics;

Field of View – 100+

Increase your field of view to accommodate more of the scenes. The recommended setting is 100 or higher if you want the best effects. This adjustment also betters your multiplayer sessions.

Display Adapter – the dedicated GPU

Open the Display Adapter setting and select the dedicated GPU option for optimal performance; if you have multiple GPUs, choose your preferred option.

Resolution Scale – 100%

Ensure that you always turn the Resolution Scale to 100%. You can also choose to lower the scale to get a boost in FPS; however, this will reduce visual clarity.

Borderless Fullscreen –Enabled

As mentioned earlier, Halo Infinite doesn’t include an exclusive full-screen option. Therefore, the only available choice is to enable the borderless fullscreen option.

Other recommended settings:

  • Display Monitor – Primary display monitor
  • Minimum Framerate – Off
  • Maximum Framerate – Unlocked
  • VSYNC – Off
  • Limit Inactive Framerate – Your preferred setting
  •  Quality Preset – Custom
  • Anti-Aliasing – High
  • Texture Filtering – High
  • Ambient Occlusion – Medium
  • Geometry Filtering – High
  • DOF – High
  • Shadow Quality – Low

The Bottom Line

Halo Infinite doesn’t include an exclusive full-screen option; however, this doesn’t mean you can’t customize and activate full-screen gameplay. Various ways exist to manipulate the provided borderless option to achieve the full-screen setup. Use the provided tips to accomplish this and the recommended settings to ensure you enjoy every moment you play Halo Infinite.

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