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Is Chief Keef GTA 6 Main Character?

The Grand Theft Auto Series uses music that complements the gameplay to keep players entertained and engaged. Rockstar Games’ current GTA V series features various tracks from different artists, one of them being “Love Sosa” by Chief Keef. Chief Keef felt honored and took to Twitter to appreciate the move of his song being featured in the record-breaking video game.

However, Keef’s partnership with Rockstar didn’t end there, as he revealed that he and the game developer had a video game planned for us. The rapper said, “Shout Out To Grand Theft Auto 5 For Putting Sosa On There! We’re Making a Game, And You’ll Get To Take It With Us!”

This statement sparked a conversation, with most fans speculating that Chief Keef might be the main character in Grand Theft Auto VI. However, there has been no official communication from Rockstar games regarding these allegations. The statement from Chief Keef could also mean that they are working on another music partnership deal and not about being the protagonist.

Is Chief Keef Going To Be The Main Character In GTA VI?

We can’t say whether Chief Keef will be the main character or point out a particular name since Rockstar games provide no official trailer or demo. However, we might have a clue of what to expect based on the videos and screenshots leaked on September 18th, 2022.

The videos revealed crucial information about Rockstar’s new development project, and there was a lot to unpack. After the leakage of various gameplay scenes, there was a huge online buzz that forced Rockstar Games to respond to the incident., The game developer confirmed that the media were authentic. Two Take, Rockstar’s parent company, managed to take down most of the evidence, and here are our findings after scrutiny of the clips.

The Characters

If Rockstar Games choose to maintain what we saw from the clips, it is doubtful that Chief Keef will be the main character. These clips showed male and female protagonists Lucia and Jason. The duo is alleged to resemble the Bonnie and Clyde pair, and the footage confirms this. For example, one clip shows the two robbing a diner and making an escape when the police arrive. Furthermore, the names Lucia and Jason were available on one of the revealed debug menus.

This will be the first time the video game series features a female protagonist. Fans took to social media to express their views of this new introduction. The reception was surprisingly positive. There were speculations before of a woman being the lead, and the leaks confirmed that.

The upcoming game is in its development stage and still far from launch. This gives Rockstar more than enough time to make changes to the storyline. Unfortunately, this also confirms that it wasn’t Rockstar’s initial plan to have Chief Keef as the game’s main character.

Apart from the characters, there were many other game aspects revealed, such as,


GTA VI is set to take us back to the iconic Vice City, revealed by various gameplay instances. From the leaks, we saw the Vice City Police Department cars, the Vice City Metro, and buildings similar to the ones in the first release. We also expect a few upgrades and expect the GTA VI’s map to be bigger.

There are rumors that the game will include new areas to explore, such as North and South America. It is alleged that players can use the Vic City Metro to get to these areas and other new locations.


Some of the improvements we saw were the realistic gameplay and animations. In the previous Grand Theft Auto series, it was possible to load the character with various ammunition or use them simultaneously. This, however, won’t be the case for GTA VI as the two protagonists will have limited inventory space.

Another realistic approach observed was the characters’ movements that featured stealth gameplay. We see Jason moving crates as he makes his way through. The effect of these upgrades is a realistic and relatable gaming experience. Don’t expect to load your character with sophisticated and huge weapons at a go.

The missions will revolve around Lucia and Jason working together to rise to the top of the criminal enterprise. We expect the robbery theme to continue; however, there might be a few restraints to some activities allowed in the previous games. For instance, the police department will keep a record of all vehicles used for criminal activities, and you’ll have to hassle to clear the wanted level.

The Bottom Line

Over the years, there has been a lot of speculation about the anticipated Grand Theft Auto VI game. There were many rumors about the game. But thanks to the 90+ media that leaked, we got some clarity to some of the questions. Based on what we saw, it is not likely for Chief Keef to be the game’s main character since the clips revealed the duo, Jason and Lucia. However, we don’t expect the partnership to change since there has been lots of positive feedback from fans who can’t wait to try the new female protagonist. 

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