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gta 6 wallpaper

Where can I get the GTA 6 Wallpaper

Grand Theft Auto is the next release of the GTA series. Rockstar Games confirmed the game is in its development stage and is expected to be better than GTA V, the best-selling video game. The game developer, however, faced a significant setback when videos and images of their project leaked on September 18th, 2022.

The videos showed what to expect, and what we saw was exceptional. Before the leakages, Rockstar hadn’t released any form of media relating to the anticipated GTA VI. It has been nine years since the release of GTA V, and the online buzz is getting louder by the day.

Rockstar Games have also released no demo or trailer. Unfortunately, this is not good for the GTA diehard fans seeking to get GTA 6 wallpaper cave as they set the mood for the game’s launch, speculated to be between 2023 and 2024.

When Is the Cover Announcement?

Rockstar Games are taking their usual approach of keeping their cards close to the chest and haven’t given any dates regarding the game. We hoped we would have a cover, trailer, and demo this year; however, there’s still nothing.

GTA game covers usually come shortly after pre-orders go live. Unfortunately, this means it is impossible to get a glimpse of the game’s cover since it is still developing.

Did The GTA VI Cover Art Leak?

There are various GTA VI wallpapers you’ll find online, but none is confirmed to be authentic. When the leaked media got exposed, there was no hint of the game’s cover art. However, based on these clips and images, we can guess what GTA VI’s wallpaper will look like.

The clips and images gave us a clue of what GTA VI’s wallpaper is going to look like, and here are our predictions:

  1. GTA 6 Characters Wallpaper

It is a norm for Rockstar Games to feature the game characters on the cover page. The leaked media revealed to us two protagonists. There will officially be two playable characters, Lucia and Jason, who we get to see a bit of their physique and abilities. This will be the first time to have a GTA female character, hence a GTA 6 girl wallpaper.

  1. GTA 6 Wallpaper Cave

Rockstar Games confirmed that the leaked videos and screenshots were accurate. After scrutinizing the various gameplays, it was clear that GTA VI is going back to where it all began, Vice City. Therefore, there are higher chances that the game will focus on a Vice City background.

  1. GTA 6 Wallpaper Design

We don’t expect much to change regarding the wallpaper’s design. It is a no-brainer that Rockstar will maintain specific components of the GTA VI cover, such as using the roman numerals instead of the figure for numbering the game. However, there might be changes in the artwork, font, and wallpaper themes.

GTA VI Cover

There are many “GTA VI wallpapers” online, and the most recent images might lean close to the exact. What we know for sure is that there will be multiple images on the box art. The photos will feature various characters; however, the key focus will be on Lucia and Jason, the new protagonists.

According to the revealed gameplay, Rockstar Games is taking a different approach with the duo. The relationship between the two is based on the Bonnie and Clyde bond, a relationship of two lovebirds seeking to rise through the ranks of the criminal underworld. Therefore, there is a higher chance that the game’s cover will give a hint to this storyline.

Grand Theft Auto VI will preserve the robbery theme, which was evident in the leaked scene where we saw Lucia robbing a diner and making an escape when the police arrived. This means there might be images of ammunition and other weapons on the cover page.

These images will likely be superimposed on a GTA Vice City wallpaper. It is confirmed that the game will take place in a modern-day Vice City, and we saw this in the Vice City Police Department vehicles revealed.

There was a lot revealed about the game, and it is possible that the key events noted will be featured on the cover page. However, it is essential to mention that Rockstar Games haven’t mentioned its release date. This means they still have time to change some gameplay features and present something different from what we saw.

The Bottom Line

One of the best ways to prepare your gaming set for the next Grand Theft Auto series is to get the wallpaper. The only challenge is that Rockstar Games has revealed no teaser, cover image, trailer, or demo, which you can use to set the mood. However, this should not hinder you from getting your wallpaper. As you choose one, pick one that meets the mentioned features. 

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