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GTA 6 Reddit Leaks: Everything Confirmed So Far

Grand Theft Auto is one of the greatest games of all time, and we can’t wait for the GTA VI series to launch in 2024. We recently saw GTA VI leaks and reports on social media platforms that revealed images and footage of this highly anticipated game. A total of 90 videos got leaked that gave the wild fans a taste of what to expect. The clips showed various gameplay features such as the characters, weapons, the GTA VI comprehensive map, and much more.

The online buzz was huge and Rockstar Games, the game developer, had to respond to the allegations. Rockstar confirmed that the leaks were real, and here’s a quick recap of the fascinating GTA VI gameplay leaked information.

How Did The GTA VI Videos Leak?

A massive data breach at Rockstar Games rendered the GTA VI files vulnerable. This was their response to the official Rockstar Games statement regarding the incident. “We’ve just been hacked, and an unknown third party illegally accessed and downloaded valuable data from our systems, including early development footage for the next Grand Theft Auto.” It is alleged that a 17-year-old hacker is behind the massive exposure of the videos that reveal the game’s setting, playable characters, and a view of the playable area.

Apart from the videos, there are claims that the hacker also has GTA VI’s source code. The hacker first advertised they were selling the source codes, forcing Rockstar Games to act swiftly. This situation is currently under control as the FBI and DOJ investigate the incident.

There are reports that the arrested lad is from Oxfordshire. The UK Cybercrime Unit is investigating the action. However, not much is revealed about their progress. Moreover, his face hasn’t been shown since the suspect is a minor.

From the 90 videos and screenshots, here’s everything confirmed by Rockstar Games:

  1. GTA VI Setting

The 90+ GTA VI surfing around the internet gave us an idea of the game’s setting; a Grand Theft Auto Reddit user managed to create the Grand Theft Auto VI map, which was later posted. uStickiLizardStudiosYT, another Grand Theft Auto 6 Reddit user, overlapped the GTA V map over the leaked one and compared the two maps.

After the confirmation that the leaks were accurate, the videos revealed that the game would return to Vice City. After further scrutiny of the released leaks, most cities and locations on the map confirmed that the game setting will be based on different Florida.

We should also expect new locations, such as Port Gellhorn, a clue given by these words written on a police car featured in the leaks. There are rumors that Port Gellhrn will be a second city since the environs resemble the coastal towns in Florida. The city might be a smaller settlement akin to GTA V’s Paleto Bay.

  1. GTA VI characters

Before Rockstar Games took immediate action to remove the leaked footage, the exposed gameplay was of a new protagonist duo in a strip club setting. Lucia and Jason are speculated to be the main GTA VI characters, taking over from the late Ray Liotta.

The two are seen having dinner conversations as they visit the strip club, and the location resembles the one featured in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. This also confirmed the game’s Miami-based setting.

From the videos, we anticipate that GTA VI will revolve around Lucia and Jason as a power couple and how they rise through the ranks of the criminal underworld. This footage, however, does not guarantee anything, and Rockstar games might decide to make adjustments to the main story.

  1. GTA VI Storyline

GTA VI is set to include various world events, such as the Beach Bum Preacher and Sidewalk Creep, according to the leaked 90+ videos. In addition, the storyline will likely have the same strange missions we saw on GTA V.

There were a lot of speculations and rumors regarding the game’s general theme after the departure of Dan Houser, GTA writer and Rockstar. However, the videos show that Rockstar will still maintain its iconic American culture. Clues such as Jason’s darkly comic tone and the sleazy strip club we see the duo indicates that GTA VI is going to preserve its theme.

Take Away

Rockstar Games quickly responded and took down the leaked videos, even though most of us already had access to them. These videos revealed crucial information, and Rockstar confirmed it. However, there is still time before the launch date, and Rockstar can surprise gamers with upgraded gameplay and storyline than what got revealed.

They can decide to improve and create a more complex commentary based on modern America using Jason’s and Lucia’s partnerships. Many other upgrades could get done; however, based on what we saw, we don’t expect Rockstar to deviate from GTA V’s formula. 

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