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GTA 6 Gameplay

GTA 6 Gameplay Confirmed

We recently saw Rockstar Games face a massive setback after videos of the much anticipated Grand Theft Auto VI leaked. The clips were shared by a user going by teapotuberhacker, revealing the unfinished development builds and many other aspects of the game. The videos gave us a taste of what to expect, and here’s what we observed about the GTA VI gameplay details.

The Characters

The bestselling Grand Theft Auto V features three-part protagonists, and fans wonder whether the new series will take on the same idea. These leaked clips show two playable characters, Jason and Lucia. However, according to a report from Bloomberg, Rockstar Games, the game developer, is framing the game’s storyline around “Bonnie and Clyde,” two criminals in a relationship.

Lucia will become the first female protagonist. It also seems that GTA VI will take on a similar approach to V, where players can switch between the two characters using the d-pad button. The game will also allow gamers to check in with the other character to ensure everything goes according to plan.


The most watched clip from the 90+ media is the part where the character Lucia robs a fast-food joint. We see her hold up the cashier and restrain some civilians before the cops arrive. It’s unclear whether this was part of the mission or an incident during normal gameplay. Nevertheless, this confirms that the game supports robbery gameplay, and we also expect to see such tasks.

One of the differences in the released gameplay is the text, “The law will know any vehicle you are seen entering.” This means that, unlike GTA V, where you could easily escape the police wanted level by hiding, the GTA VI law enforcers keep track of all vehicles used for criminal activity. Let’s wait and see whether players can use the Pay ‘n’ Spray stops to clear the wanted level.


There were many speculations on where the game was to be based, and the videos confirmed GTA VI is going back to Vice City. This was evident in the VCPD police cars, the buildings in the background, and the Vice City Metro. The Vice City Metro also shows us that the GTA VI’s map will be larger than we saw in the previous release.

Furthermore, there are speculations that the Metro will help players navigate to other places such as Central and South America. This is because the game has the name “Project Americas” in its development stage. Another leak that suggested the map would be more giant was the short clip with the filename “Americas” that indicates a potential route for players to go across the continent.

We also expect the game to allow players to explore Florida’s countryside. This is the case in Grand Theft Auto V, where you can explore the surrounding areas of Los Santos. The airboats’ revelation in the background proves they are the new designs of the classic hover boats.

The text also included in the gameplay suggests that we will see alligators, boars, and raccoons in the swampy regions. You should also expect fishing spots, bait shops, and other gameplay mechanics.

Graphics and Animations

One thing that stood out from the videos is how Rockstar Games have improved its technical departments. The leaked clips, still in development, looked much better and more realistic than the previous series. For instance, GTA VI will have more precise graphics and top-notch animations.

Furthermore, the game will take on a much more realistic approach. For instance, the characters will have limited inventory. Also, unlike in GTA V, where we saw Trevor fit all kinds of ammunition on his body, the new characters can carry a few firearms simultaneously.

However, the game will allow users to upgrade their inventory space, but not as significantly as in GTA V. It will be interesting to see how players will tackle various combats and missions, especially those requiring more prolonged and more challenging shootouts.

Another realistic improvement is the stealth gameplay. Judging from the characters’ moves, especially Jason when he smoothly moves a crate out of the way, it will feature in the Grand Theft Auto series for the first time.

The modes of transportation are similar to what we’ve seen before, and new futuristic additions are included. One of the iconic options that will make a comeback from GTA Online is the “equip jetpack.” In addition, we expect better versions of the vehicles seen in the previous series.

The Bottom Line

A lot got revealed after the GTA VI leaks emerged. Finally, we managed to get our hands on all the clips and comprehensively analyze what the Grand Theft Auto Series would look like. According to the media, you should expect a way better GTA VI gameplay, which surpasses all previous games’ standards. 

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