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FIFA 23 Nintendo Switch

We recently witnessed the unveiling of the most anticipated and talked about FIFA 23., with PSG star Kylian Mbappe and Chelsea starlet Sam Kerr revealed to be on the game’s cover. In addition, it was also confirmed that the game would be released on the Nintendo Switch. Naturally, this has led to various speculations and questions, and here are the valid answers according to the official press releases and statements by EA SPORTS.

Is There A FIFA 23 Nintendo Switch Legacy Edition?

Yes. EA SPORTS confirmed that the upcoming FIFA 23 is a Legacy Edition. Therefore, you should expect the gameplay features to be similar to the FIFA 22 Legacy edition, and there will be no new significant enhancements or developments.

Since the game will be a legacy Edition, it will be without FIFA 23 Nintendo Switch news, cross-play, or FIFA 23 Nintendo Switch World Cup. Additionally, there will be no playable news compared to the previous versions.

If we look back at the FIFA 22 Nintendo Switch Legacy card, it stated that the game wouldn’t feature content from the men’s and women’s world cup. This was, however, not mentioned in the FIFA 23 Legacy Edition File.

The game also will not contain cross-play, where 22 players play simultaneously, and only offers one-to-one mode. In addition, the feature is only available to other consoles such as PS4 One, PS5, and Xbox series X.

Some of the Legacy modes included in FIFA 23 with the same properties as those of 22 are:

  • Kick Off
  • Tournaments
  • Career Mode  
  • Women’s International World Cup
  • Online Season & Friendlies
  • Skill Games
  • Local Seasons

So, what’s going to be different?

Various in-game improvements and additions are made, such as the latest club kits, clubs, squads, Barclays FA Women’s Super League, and the France D1 Arkema. Another introduction includes some of the best stadiums and new grounds, such as the Manchester City Academy stadium.

FIFA 23 Nintendo Switch Pre Order

The best way to continue the captivating football action on your Nintendo Switch is to make your FIFA 23 Legacy pre-order on any of the reputable platforms. You can expect to spend £34.99 for your order. It is similar to the other games in the EA portfolio, including optional in-game purchases requiring virtual currency to acquire in-game items.

Some of the FIFA 23 Legacy Edition requirements are:

  • The game required a download of at least 14GB done through an internet connection
  • Create a new link to an existing Nintendo Account.
  • You might need a MicroSD to act as a storage backup.

It is good to stay up-to-date with the FIFA 23 Nintendo Switch Specs as we expect its release on September 30. However, there isn’t much to discuss since the game is almost the same as FIFA 22. That is on Switch, and here’s what to expect.

  1. New Presentation

FIFA 23 Nintendo Switch Legacy Edition will have an updated user interface. It will have an updated visual identity, a better game front end, and better menu screens. Commentary is also expected to get updated based on the current services.

  1. Women’s Football

It will be the first time for the game to feature women’s football. In addition, there is the France D1 Arkema (D1F) and Barclays Women’s Super League (WSL).

  1. New Stadiums

There will be a better stadium portfolio featuring the best worldwide and new stadiums such as the Manchester City Academy stadium included in the women’s game.

  1. Legacy Modes

Nintendo Switch users should expect the same game modes included in FIFA 2022. 

These are the only important news to note, and we will keep you updated.

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