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Is There a GTA 6 Beta Test?

A recent job listing by Rockstar studios showed that the game developer was almost done with an upcoming project, which people believe to be Grand Theft Auto VI. Rockstar Games posted the job listings on its official page, and fans couldn’t help but speculate if the release of GTA VI is almost here.

Is GTA VI in the Beta Testing Stage?

Rockstar Games confirmed that the game was in the development phase, and one of the stages is beta testing. Beta testing is the stage where the game passes through various testing technologies to ensure optimal performance and compliance with all standards. Unfortunately, no official demo, beta, or alpha modes are available to the public.

This is because there is no official announcement regarding the issue, and if there is a beta version, those playing it are the internal developers.

We, however, got an idea of what Grand Theft Auto VI will look like through the leaked videos and screenshots doing rounds on social media. Rockstar Games confirmed that they experienced a server breach, and the released media are authentic. There is still time before the game’s launch, and Rockstar might decide to switch things up.

Can I Become A GTA VI Beta Tester?

It is possible to apply to become a GTA 6 beta tester; however, the chances of getting picked are slim. So instead, the likely possibility is for Rockstar Games to get an internal beta tester for the game.

Is there a Grand Theft Auto VI demo?

There is currently no GTA VI gameplay demo available, and we don’t expect one soon. This is because Rockstar Games value their work and rarely offer a demo before you buy.

Rockstar officially announced the GTA VI development stage but refused to release a trailer for the anticipated series. This shows that they are taking an approach from GTA V, where they release a trailer before the announcement.

We have seen no teaser; however, we got an insight into the GTA VI’s gameplay features with the September 18th major leak. From the revealed media, we got to see crucial information, and after detailed scrutiny of the clips, here’s what we observed:


There will be two GTA VI characters, including a male and female protagonist. Based on what we observed, the game will allow players to switch between the two characters as they take on the criminal underworld.


According to the leaked information, which Rockstar later confirmed, Grand Theft Auto VI is heading back to Vice City, the fictional version of Miami. One piece of evidence that backed this claim was the “Vice City Metro” train in the footage. It is also rumored that the game will include parts of North and South America. Additionally, GTA VI’s map won’t be as static as the previous Vice City version, and more cities and locations will be added. This means there will be more areas to explore and new missions.

What Platforms Is GTA VI Going to Be On?

Grand Theft Auto VI will feature on the next generation consoles, such as PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S. There will also be a PC version; however, it is unlikely that all the releases will be on the same date. This means that there will be no GTA 6 for PS4 and Xbox One users, who will have to upgrade to the next generation options.

There will also be a GTA VI online game version, which might be called GTA Online 2.

When Is GTA VI Coming Out?

Rockstar Games haven’t officially announced the GTA VI’s release date. However, they will unlikely release the game soon after the server breach incident.

There were rumors that the game would launch as soon as 2022 to 2023. However, the dates seem to have been pushed to 2024–2025. These are predictions made by reliable sources. One of the reasons why we expect the game to launch in 2024-2025 is that currently, there is a shortage of new generation consoles. Rockstar wishes to release the game when the PS5 and Xbox Series X/S market is extensive.

Another reason is that the developer doesn’t wish to make any announcement unless they ascertain everything is set on the deadline. Further analysis of Take Two’s, Rockstar’s parent company, shows that the developer set aside $89 million for marketing between April 2023 and March 2024. This suggests that these are the days when Rockstar will market and prepare the Grand Theft Auto VI for release.

The Bottom Line

Rockstar confirmed that the upcoming GTA VI series was in development; however, no official beta is available. If GTA 6 beta testing were functional, this would indicate that the game was almost ready and hence a release date announcement. However, no such beta, alpha, or demo mode is available; we’ll have to wait and see. 

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