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How to Use Threat Sensor Halo Infinite

How to Use Threat Sensor Halo Infinite?

Halo Infinite players come across various weapons during their adventures, and the equipment is crucial in helping win battles. These weapons vary, and each has unique abilities, advantages, and disadvantages.

Therefore, if you wish to dominate the battleground, taking time and understanding what the weapons can do is essential. Today we’re going to look at the threat sensor that proves helpful when detecting enemy players nearby, especially your invisible foes. This Halo Infinite weapon has unique abilities, and here is a comprehensive review of all properties of the threat sensor in Halo Infinite.

What Is the Threat Sensor In Halo Infinite?

The threat sensor is among Halo Infinite’s tactical tools, revealing your enemies’ locations in the multiplayer mode. This tool gives you an added advantage over others since you’ll be able to see their precise location through the dart-like display. In addition, it functions in a limited area, and you can get signals through buildings and walls.

  1. It takes about 8 seconds to expose their locations, and you can have a maximum of four sensors at a go. Some of the main threat sensor features include:
  2. It has a five-second cooldown, meaning it is best to locate enemies before entering the battlefield. You can also throw it in a common populated area from the outside to get a more precise and detailed view.
  3. Another way to get the best enemy views is to stick it on the enemies’ vehicles.
  4. The shortcoming of the threat sensor is that it is weak. Once enemies spot it, they can deactivate it easily. However, you can increase its effectiveness by placing it on walls or throwing it directly at them. When the sensor sticks, it’s impossible for them to remove it.
  5. Using it with your allies is possible by sticking it to one with a Grappleshot and then asking them to perform a slingshot revealing a broader map area view.
  6. The threat sensor is destructible, and you can use that to your advantage. Throw the sensor to your enemies and shoot it using your Shock Rifle. This combo destroys the sensor and unleashes the electric bolts on the targeted soldiers.

Halo Threat Sensor How To Use

It is easy to use the threat sensor; however, you need to practice to master the skill. The process varies depending on your console.

How to use threat sensor Halo Infinite Xbox?

First, open the Equipment toolbar by pressing right on your d-pad, then scroll down to select it. Next, you activate the threat sensor equipment by pressing the Right Bumper (RB) button on your Xbox controller. The sensor sticks to the environment where you place it, then effectively reveals your enemies’ positions.

How to use threat sensor Halo Infinite PC?

If you’re using your PC, activate the threat sensor by pressing the ‘Q’ key, then place it on your desired surface.

What Situations Should You Use the Threat Sensor?

The threat sensor is a tactical equipment that should be used strategically. This tool is beneficial other than sticking it on walls. For instance:

  1. You can use it to scan the area as you fly solo, defending your base.
  2. Also, the threat sensor is useful when watching your flag.
  3. Several in-game challenges in the multiplayer mode require this tool to earn XP for the game’s battle pass.
  4. Throw the sensor to an enemy vehicle to survey their location and other zones within the map.
  5. Another strategic move is to attach it to your allies to reveal a more extensive map area. This move makes it easier to spot more enemies and gain an advantage over them.

Note that the sensor only sticks on surfaces and doesn’t work when placed on the ground.

Where Can I Find the Threat Sensor?

You’ll have to look for the threat sensor like other powerful weapons and tools. You can quickly get one by searching for a fallen soldier on the battlefield. Another way is to trace an Equipment Dispenser on the map. These dispensers are available in various spots, and you can find them on four different maps in the multiplayer mode:

  • Launch Site
  • Fragmentation
  • Highpower
  • Deadlock

Can I Upgrade My Threat Sensor in Halo Infinite?

Yes. Once you locate the threat sensor in any of Halo Infinite’s multiplayer maps, you’ll get it in its basic form. After that, you can perform various upgrades to make it more effective and valuable. But, of course, you’ll have first to locate and use the Spartan Cores, and you can find these in the UNSC-named crates across Zeta Halo.

After locating and using the crates, you can upgrade your equipment by clicking on the ‘View’ button that reveals the menu. Next, find the ‘Upgrades’ tab, click on it, then select Threat Sensor.

Once you do this, here are the possible threat sensor upgrades you can make to yours too. Note that these options are arranged in order, and skipping the first upgrade and unlocking the second is impossible.

  • Upgrade 1. – Seeker

The first feature you can upgrade is the seeker, which requires one Spartan Core. Once you upgrade, your threat sensor’s radius detection increases by 50%.

  • Upgrade 2. – Operative

Next is the Operative property that costs 2 Spartan Cores, increasing the Threat sensors charge from one to two.

  • Upgrade 3. – Clairvoyant

Clairvoyant requires three Spartan Cores, reducing the five-second cooldown by 40%.

  • Upgrade 4. – Omniscience

The last available upgrade is Omniscience, which requires three Spartan Cores. Omniscience reduces enemy visibility allowing more surveillance time. Apart from identifying enemy spots, a threat sensor with this upgrade shows the enemies’ health.

The Bottom Line

Halo Infinite’s threat sensor is a tool that will help you strategically plan how to take control of any battlefield. The equipment proves helpful in multiplayer mode to spot enemies behind walls and buildings or survey enemy bases. The threat sensor is powerful, and you can become more lethal if you use the provided tips above that show how to use it effectively, what situations to use, and the available upgrades. 

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