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How to Activate Skulls in Halo Infinite

How to Activate Skulls in Halo Infinite

Halo Infinite requires players to find and collect skulls to advance to various levels and enhance their campaign status. These skulls can significantly improve your gameplay only if you know where to find them and how to use them correctly. These collectibles will open various new gameplay dimensions and unlock multiple features, such as the Boom, which increases blast radius. Furthermore, they can increase your ammunition, for instance, the Bandana Skull, which provides infinite grenades and armor.

The available skulls in Halo Infinite either make the game easier or more challenging by enhancing your enemies’ health and ammunition. You’ll love how fun it is to use these skulls, but first, let’s learn how to activate skulls in Halo 3 and Halo Infinite.

How to Get Skulls in Halo Infinite

Halo Infinite has equally distributed skulls; players must go off-course to find them. This is also the trend with other influential collectibles in the game, such as the threat sensor. Unfortunately, some of these skulls are hidden, so you’ll have to locate them strategically.

After locating them, they don’t automatically activate themselves, and you’ll have to do it yourself using these simple steps. To activate;

Step 1.

Open the main menu and click on the ‘Campaign’ option.

Step 2.

Select ‘Load Game’ to get a list of all your saved game players.

Step 3.

You’ll get a drop-down list containing all the available but unlocked skulls. Choose your desired option, then select ‘Equip Skulls.’

Step 4.

Load “your save” to complete.

What Are the Available Skulls In Halo Infinite, And What Do They Do?

There are 12 skulls available in Halo Infinite, which players must find and use during various game stages. Most of the skulls are strategically placed in secret rooms, and there’s less chance you’ll come across them by accident. The available skulls include;

  • Boom

Boom is among the first skulls Halo Infinite requires players to retrieve, and you can find it at the Warship Gbraakon. When you get to the ship, head outside to the hallway. Then, take the elevator and go up, walk through a few more hallways, and once you get to the one with various Jackyls, the next room is where you’ll get the Boom. This collectible makes missions easier as it doubles your explosion radius.

  • Cowbell

Another skull is the Cowbell, which is available at The Fountain. This collectible improves your defense abilities and increases your acceleration away from enemy explosions.

  •  WHBYD

You can quickly locate the IWHBYD at the Top of the Tower. This piece of equipment enhances communication on the battlefield as it makes rare combat dialogue more frequent.

  • Catch

Here is a collectible that makes you more damage prone as it makes it possible for enemies to throw and drop more ammunition and grenades. Players can get this skull at the Canyon Northwest of Outpost Tremonius.

  • Fog

The Fog tool is available in the cave west of FOB Alpha and disables motion trackers in your area.

  • Blind

This Blind feature hides your HUD and weapon displays on your screen, making the battles more challenging. It is located at the Ravine, south of The Tower.

  • Famine

The Famine skull also makes Halo Infinite challenging as they reduce the ammunition levels of the weapons dropped by enemies by half. Players can get this collectible at the Island, found on the eastern side of Zeta Halo.

  • Thunderstorm

Once you activate the Thunderstorm skull, it automatically upgrades the ranks of most of your enemies. When required to find the collectible, head to the top of the Hexagon Colum found near the banished anti-aircraft guns.

  • Black Eye

The Black Eye feature only allows your shields to recharge after confusing enemy crowds nearby. This skull is available in the cave behind the waterfall south of the Riven Gate.

  • Mythic

After activation of the Mythic skull, your enemies’ health increases, and so does their existence on the battlefield. The Mythic collectible is available in the Command Spire.

  • Grunt Birthday Party

This collectible makes the gameplay more fun and interactive as all Grunt headshots become glorious celebrations. Visit the Respiratory to retrieve this piece of equipment.

  • Bandana

The final skull option is the Bandana, which provides unlimited grenades and weapon ammo. It also removes equipment cool-downs, and the result is a fiercer battleground. Gamers can get the Bandana at the Silent Auditorium.

Tips to Finding Halo Infinite Skulls

Halo Infinite has various collectibles, and these skulls are among the hardest to find. They aren’t straightforward and require you to scan and use some tools to locate them. Here are tips to make it easier to spot these required in-game collectibles;

  1. If you wish to take on a Skull campaign mission, you’ll have to look it up. Most of these missions are available at the top, and you’ll have to use your Grappleshot to reach the higher areas.
  2. As you scan various locations for the skulls, they’ll get highlighted in gold. However, they are small and briefly show, meaning you must be attentive.
  3. When you’re in the open world and manage to scan a skull, it is easier to locate it since it gets to market on the map.
  4. It is possible to hear skulls. These collectibles make a unique sound clearer and louder as you approach their location.
  5. As much as the skulls are hidden, there is something during normal gameplay that will take you to one or two. For instance, a unique enemy, the banished, dead marines, or irregular markings are some features that will lead you to the skulls.

Players will have to restart their campaigns if they fail to retrieve the required skulls.

The Bottom Line

Halo Infinite wants you to get the best gaming experience through unique gameplay features such as the skulls. The skulls can either make gameplay more straightforward or more challenging. These collectibles are critical in various campaigns, and players must locate them to progress. Use this guide to identify and activate the required Halo Infinite skulls easily.

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