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Diablo 4 Forgotten Legacy (Legacy Unmade) Quest Walkthrough

Hey there, fellow adventurers! Are you ready to uncover the secrets of the Forgotten Legacy Side Quest in the Fractured Peaks zone of Diablo 4? Get ready for an exciting journey as we dive deep into the quest objectives, strategies, maps, and valuable tips to conquer this epic challenge.

In this Diablo 4 guide, we’ll leave no stone unturned as we reveal all the juicy details about the Forgotten Legacy Side Quest. From where to pick up this quest to its prerequisites and potential follow-up quests, we’ve got you covered. Whether you’re a seasoned Diablo player or a fresh-faced hero, this guide will equip you with the knowledge you need to tackle this quest head-on. Join us as we delve into the depths of Diablo 4 and unveil the intricate details of the Forgotten Legacy Side Quest. Are you ready to unlock the secrets and claim your rewards?

How to Unlock Forgotten Legacy Quest

If you’re eager to unlock the thrilling Forgotten Legacy quest in Diablo 4, we’ve got you covered. To embark on this epic adventure, you’ll need to complete the Chain of Possession side quest first. Once you’ve triumphed over Magdalena, prepare for the next chapter.

After the exhilarating victory, you’ll have a conversation with Parin, who will express his intentions to destroy the Woodsman’s Axe. But he can’t do it alone — he needs your assistance. When you’re ready to lend a hand, make your way northeast to find Parin patiently waiting outside the Sanctified Study. This personal refuge is considered a safe venue for the upcoming exorcism.

Engage in conversation with Parin, and together, venture into the Sanctified Study. Prepare yourself for the mysteries and be ready to uncover the forgotten legacy that awaits you.

Complete the Chain of Possession side quest, and get ready to unlock the Forgotten Legacy quest in Diablo 4. The Forgotten Legacy quest awaits — let the adventure begin!

Forgotten Legacy Quest Objectives

While the details of the Forgotten Legacy quest in Diablo 4 remain a mystery during the Beta Weekends, we have some intriguing theories to share with you. Based on our observations, we believe there may be a connection between the Forgotten Legacy quest and the Legacies of Light’s Watch quest chain.

The Legacies of Light’s Watch quest begins with Zalan Coste in Margrave, taking you on a journey to uncover information about his mother, Soliana, and delve into the secrets of Margrave itself. However, this quest chain feels incomplete, with Zalan Coste leaving it open-ended, hinting at a need for more information about Margrave’s history.

Considering the thematic name of Forgotten Legacy, it’s possible that this quest is the culmination of Zalan and Soliana’s stories. As every other side quest in the Fractured Peaks had a definitive end, it seems fitting that Forgotten Legacy could bring closure to their narratives. Perhaps it holds the key to unraveling the mysteries surrounding Soliana’s past and shedding light on the true nature of Margrave.

Although we don’t have specific objectives for defeating the Forgotten Legacy quest at this time, we encourage you to embark on the Legacies of Light’s Watch quest chain and explore the depths of Margrave. Keep an eye out for any hints, clues, or additional quests that may lead you closer to unlocking the enigmatic Forgotten Legacy.

Note: The information provided is based on our observations during the Diablo 4 Beta Weekends and is subject to change in the final release.

Forgotten Legacy Quest Walkthrough

Get ready for a detailed walkthrough of the Forgotten Legacy quest in Diablo 4. Follow these instructions closely to conquer this thrilling quest and emerge victorious:

  1. After defeating Magdalena and completing the Chains of Possession side quest, the Forgotten Legacy side quest will be automatically accepted.
  2. Make your way to the Crags of Ill Wind, located east of Menestad, and meet up with Parin, your quest companion.
  3. As you arrive in the Crags of Ill Wind, Parin will initiate a dialogue and unlock the entrance to the Sanctified Study, a significant location for your upcoming task.
  4. Inside the Sanctified Study, locate the Woodsman’s Axe on the table. Take hold of the axe and place it within the basin of holy water. This action will trigger a combat encounter, so be prepared for battle.
  5. Engage in combat and defeat the waves of enemies that approach. Your goal is to sunder the axe without being interrupted. Stay focused and unleash your skills to overcome relentless foes.
  6. Once you are successfully under the axe, speak to Parin to receive your well-earned reward and bring this questline to a satisfying conclusion.

Follow these steps, unleash your powers, and face the challenges head-on to triumph over the Forgotten Legacy quest. May your weapons strike true, and may victory be yours!

Forgotten Legacy Quest Stuck Issues Solved

While embarking on the Forgotten Legacy quest in Diablo 4, you might encounter an issue that can cause the quest to become stuck. Specifically, if you defeat the first enemy too quickly, it can prevent the quest from progressing further. But fear not, we’ve got a solution for you!

To overcome this issue, simply exit the dungeon where the quest takes place. Engage in a different quest or delve into a different dungeon in the game. Once you’ve completed the alternative task, return to the Forgotten Legacy quest location. This will reset the quest, allowing you to continue your adventure without any hindrances.

It’s important to stay vigilant and adaptable during your journey. While encountering occasional hiccups is not uncommon in gaming, the key is to find creative solutions to overcome them. By following this workaround, you’ll be able to bypass the quest-stuck issue and continue your exploration of the Forgotten Legacy quest.

What Rewards Are Given for Completing the Forgotten Legacy Quest?

When it comes to completing the thrilling Forgotten Legacy quest in Diablo 4, you’ll be rewarded with some exciting goodies. Upon successfully finishing this quest, you can expect to receive a valuable cache filled with enticing treasures. These caches often contain precious crafting materials or gear rewards that can enhance your character’s power and abilities. Additionally, completing the quest will grant you a satisfying amount of experience points (XP) to help you progress in your leveling journey. And let’s not forget the shiny gold coins you’ll earn as a reward, which can be used to acquire powerful items or trade with fellow players. So, get ready to reap the benefits of your heroic endeavors and savor the rewards that await you upon completing the Forgotten Legacy quest!

In conclusion, the Forgotten Legacy quest in Diablo 4 promises an immersive and thrilling experience. Throughout this article, we’ve provided you with valuable information on the objectives and a walkthrough of this captivating quest. Remember to stay vigilant, adapt to any challenges you may encounter, and explore the rich depths of Diablo 4’s world. Unravel the forgotten legacies, defeat powerful enemies, and immerse yourself in the captivating lore of the game. May your adventures be filled with excitement, triumph, and unforgettable moments. Good luck, and may the Forgotten Legacy quest bring you glory and rewards beyond imagination!

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