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Diablo 4: What Is Magic Find?

Hey there, Diablo fans! Are you tired of killing monsters left and right only to get mediocre loot drops? Well, fear not, because the answer to your problems is Magic Find! In the world of Diablo, Magic Find is the holy grail of item affixes that increases your chances of getting those sweet, sweet Legendary or Set items. But what exactly is Magic Find and how do you use it to your advantage? Keep reading to find out how this prized effect is making a comeback in Diablo 4 and how it’s going to change the way you play the game. Get ready to boost your loot game like never before!

Diablo 2 and Diablo 3 Magic Find

Magic Find is a popular term in the Diablo games, which refers to items that increase the chance of obtaining Magic, Rare, Set, Unique, or Legendary Items.

In Diablo 2, the chance of getting a magical item is based on the monsters’ drop rate, and the % Better Chance of Getting Magic Items is a magical effect that increases the chances of finding better loot. Magic Find can provide a significant increase in the number of Unique, Rare, and Set Items players find. There is no cap on Magic Find in Diablo 2, and it works on Barrels, Chests, Act Bosses, and Hirelings.

In Diablo 3, Magic Find works differently when in a party, where the chance to get a magic item is averaged among all party members. Magic Find % has a hard cap of +300% from equipment bonuses, and joining a group multiplicatively boosts the Magic Find of all members. In Patch 2.0, Magic Find can no longer roll on an item as a random affix, and it is penalized in effectiveness to 30% for Rare items and 10% for Legendary/Set items. However, starting in Torment I, heroes gain approximately 1.15^N (N being the number of Torment) multiplier to finding Legendary items, and this stacks with Magic Find multiplicatively.

How to Maximize Magic Find

If you’re looking to maximize your Magic Find in Diablo, there are a few key strategies you can use. Socketing Ist Runes in your gear is a great way to boost your Magic Find, as they provide a hefty +25% bonus each (or +30% on weapons). However, Ist Runes can be tough to come by, so you can also use perfect Topaz gems, which offer a slightly lower bonus of +24% each when socketed in helms or body armor.

You can also use Jewels with the prefix Emerald and the suffix Prosperity, which can give you up to +17% Magic Find if both affixes are present. Don’t forget to add Magic Find to your Hirelings as well to increase your overall bonus. And while some players may think that sacrificing all equipment for Magic Find is not worth it, classes like Sorceress, Necromancer, and Elemental Druid are more capable of doing so. Alternatively, you can create “Magic Find Characters” to farm for items, then use those items on your other characters.

How To Increase Your Magic Find

  1. Equipment: Equip items that increase magic find, such as amulets, rings, and charms. These items can have prefixes or suffixes that specifically boost magic find.
  2. Skills: Certain skills can increase magic find, such as the Enchantress’ Skill “Magic Find Aura.”
  3. Paragon Points: Allocate paragon points into the Magic Find category to boost your chances of getting rare items.
  4. Runes: Some runes can increase magic find, such as the Rune of Avarice which increases gold and magic find.
  5. Difficulty Level: Playing on higher difficulty levels can increase the chances of getting rare items and can also boost magic find.

How Does Magic Find Work in Multiplayer

When playing in a party in Diablo games, the chance to get a magic item is determined by the player who makes the killing blow. To maximize the chances of getting magic items, it is best to have the player in the party with the highest Chance of Getting a Magic Item finish off all the monsters. This means that players with a high Magic Find should focus on killing monsters to increase the chances of finding better loot for the entire party. It’s important to work together in a party and communicate with each other to make the most out of Magic Find and increase the chances of finding the best items.

Diablo 4 Items Quality

Unique Items

Unique items are the most coveted and rare items in Diablo 4. Players can build their entire character around a single Unique item as they contain a unique backstory and appearance that distinguishes them from other items. Uniques have a powerful Unique affix that interacts with one or more of a class’s skills, making them multiple times more powerful than regular affixes.

However, their drop rate is extremely rare, and regular players can only expect to find a few per season, typically in the later stages of the game. Additionally, Unique items’ stats are fixed, meaning all players will have the same version of the item. Some Uniques will be class-specific, while others can be equipped by all classes.

Legendary Items

Legendary items in Diablo 4 are randomized items with powerful affixes. They can have a wide range of stats and affixes, including a unique Legendary affix that sets them apart from other items. Players can extract this affix using the Occultist NPC and apply it to another item.

Sacred Legendaries are more powerful than regular Legendaries, and they only drop at higher levels. Ancestral Legendaries are the most powerful items, and they replace both Sacred and regular Legendaries when found, but they are very rare and only drop at the highest levels of the game.

Set Items and Common Items

In Diablo 4, Set items won’t be available at release, but could potentially appear in a future Season or expansion. The reason behind this is to allow for more diverse gameplay experiences and to avoid pigeonholing players into a specific set of items.

On the other hand, Common items are the lowest rarity type in the game and are generally just used for salvaging purposes, except for the beginning of the game when some item slots might still be empty. These white items have no affixes and are typically not sought after by players, but can be helpful for obtaining materials to craft or upgrade other items.

Magic Items

Magic items, also called “Blues,” in Diablo 4 feature a single affix, making them less powerful than Legendary or Rare items. However, the baseline stats of Magic items can sometimes be on par with Rare or even Legendary items, especially for weapons. This means that Magic items can sometimes be useful upgrades, and players may replace lower-level Rare or Legendary items with Magic items as they level up. Magic items can have a range of affixes, such as increased damage, critical hit chance, or attack speed, making them a viable option for players looking for specific stats on their gear.

Rare Items

Rare items in Diablo 4 are highly desirable items that feature three to five random affixes, making them more powerful than Magic items. Rare items have great base stats and can be upgraded to Legendaries by adding a Legendary Aspect to the item via the Codex of Power. This system allows players to use Rare items in any slot and add a Legendary Aspect to turn them into powerful Legendaries. For example, if a player has found a Legendary Aspect on a pair of Pants, they can add that Aspect to a Rare item on a Helm to turn it into a Legendary. This system gives players more flexibility in customizing their builds and provides more options for powerful gear upgrades.

In Conclusion

In conclusion, Magic Find is a valuable attribute in the Diablo series that can increase the chances of finding rare items while playing the game. It can be obtained through various means, such as equipment, skills, and charms. By increasing your Magic Find you can greatly improve your chances of obtaining rare and powerful items in Diablo 4, making it a crucial attribute to consider when building your character. With a little bit of luck and some hard work, you can become a legendary hero and defeat the forces of darkness in the world of Sanctuary.

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