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“Dota 2”: Guide for League Players.

There has been a significant increase in gamers who play other games, especially League of Legends, wanting to play Dota 2. A good number of these players have made the jump, but the transition hasn’t been as smooth as they thought. Both games are MOBAs; however, they vary in several game aspects.

These small details might throw off some of these new players. The trick is to take time to learn the game. If you are a LoL player, here is a customized guide to help you switch from League of Legends to Dota 2.

Where to Begin?

The first step is to get a copy of Dota 2 by downloading it. Dota 2 is free on Steam and easy to download since the game patches automatically download. Also, there is no huge downtime during patches, and it is straightforward playing with other gamers on Steam.

Dota 2 Guide for League Of Legends Players.

Dota 2 and League of Legends might fall in the same game category but vary in various ways. If you are used to LoL, here are the tips, tricks, and additional information to help you transition effectively and enjoy the game more.

  1. No Need for Pre-Game Setup

Dota 2 offers a level playing field for all players. All in-game settings, such as setting up runes or summoner runes, happen during the game. The game rules are also flexible, and player roles vary depending on what they farm.

  1. Free Heroes

Unlike League of Legends, the heroes in Dota 2 are easy to find and are free. However, players must spend on their characters’ cosmetics to customize their looks. These improvements are insignificant and won’t give any upper hand in battles.

  1. No Regional Restrictions

Dota 2 allows players to join forces or face gamers around the world. There are no regional restrictions, and you can play with anyone worldwide. However, you can customize these settings and choose to play on a game server available to specific regions.

  1. Enable Your Statistics

One of the many Dota 2 settings for League of Legends players to beware of is the Statistics. Players must enable this feature to see their profiles and in-game statistics displayed on the Dotabuff. To enable;

  • Open your Dota 2 Client
  • Choose the Settings cog, then click on the Options tab.
  • Tap on Advanced Options, then check Expose Match Data.
  1. Fewer Rules

Dota 2 is a place where you can run wild, and fewer rules are involved. The game allows players to destroy trees, fly through the land, hide on the edges, and freely explore the map. Dota 2 promotes open play, and players can use heroes like Rubick to steal farms and spells from others.

  1. Complex Movements And Gameplay

The main reason why most League of Legends players find this transition hard is because of the complex movements and controls. Characters in Dota 2 take time to turn, engage, or attack. For instance, if you attempt a move, the hero will rotate towards the desired direction; they attempt the move when they are fully facing the direction.

Therefore, if you are attacking, you will find a difficult time hitting your opponents. However, there are powerful items, such as the Black King Bar, which you can use to increase your chances of winning a fight. You must be patient; getting used to these relatively slow responses will take some time.

The Bottom Line

League of Legends and Dota 2 are amazing MOBA game alternatives. However, if you are used to playing LoL and looking for a new challenge, there is no better option than Dota 2. The games do not have the same gameplay, and this guide highlights everything League players need to know for a quick and effective transformation. 

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