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Dune Spice Wars Cheats

Dune: Spice Wars is a strategy game from the Shiro Games developed by the highly acclaimed developers of Northgard. The game is set in Frank Herbert’s Dune Universe, and you must battle to get control of Arrakis, the desert planet. You must lead your troops into battle and conquer the enemy to attain this. Arrakis is where the most critical forces on the planet crash to gain authority and mine Spice, and you will only survive if you are the strongest. But how do you do this? Read this article, get Dune: Spice Wars, ready your troops to take over Arrakis and control Spice and the Dunes.

The Pro Tip

Spice is an essential resource in the universe, and it’s only found in Arrakis. The Spice expands consciousness, extends life, enables interstellar travel possible, and more. You will be caught up in battles with the most vital forces in the universe, including House Harkonnen, House Atreides, and Fremen, over the control of Arrakis. The gameplay involves scanning the landscape for worm signs, or you’ll lose your soldiers and spice harvesters to the titanic sandworms.

The sandworms burst out of the dunes, swallow, and devour your troops wholly. You also have to crush the opponents through political intrigue or by undermining them using your network of well-trained spies. The rewards are high, but so are the risks you need to take, which might prove challenging. However, look no further if you are looking for cheat codes to make it easier. Use the following and you’re good to go.

Find and Start Harvesting Spice

After establishing the game and picking a house, you will get into a map completely obscured beside your resources or home. You, therefore, need to survey the surrounding area for Spice which is done by an Ornithopter. You only have access to one Ornithopter. You must aim your Ornithopter by hand to locations you want to survey or set the Ornithopter to Auto-Recon. In Auto-Recon, it searches and notes the sites with the flavors. This will save you time, and you can invest your time in doing other equally important things.

Claim the Spice Deposit

When the Ornithopter identifies a location with the flavor, you next need to take claim of it. However, this is no easy feat since another village already claims the flavor field. The 1st step is to identify the village and then use military force to take it down. You can hire a few armed forces to help with your brutal work if you have no military. The hack here is to know how many soldiers are protecting the village, usually noted in a symbol over the village. After defeating the guards, you can lay claim to the town with enough authority, resources, and water. After this, you can now start mining the Spice.

The more villages you conquer, the more Hegemony you get. With 2,000 Hegemony, you can begin building your empire. An empire will increase your rewards, spice yields, and military force.

Do Not Evade Tax

Taking a portion of your flavor to pay taxes to the world’s government may seem wrong. However, paying Uncle Arrakis his dues on time will boost your standing among other nations and enhance your landsraad. It will also offer you a chance for polite negotiations for solutions instead of military interventions. Not paying your taxes will have a reverse effect on you. The matter may aggravate to the point where you’ll have a challenge calming down the issue.

Scan the Area for Sand Worms

Sandworms, as noted earlier, are a great disaster. Watching out manually for the sandworms may be tedious. You can tell when a sandworm may attack when the sand around the spice harvester vibrates or shifts unnaturally. Setting your harvester to Auto-Recall will save you this effort. The harvester will automatically return to the village if there’s a sandworm risk and back to the field when the risk is no more. If you are doing this manually, when the farmer returns to the village, you must manually deploy the harvester back to the fields.

Dune: Spice Wars Cheat Engine

Using a cheat engine is the best option if you want to beat the game easily with less effort. Dune Spice Cheat Engine will offer you, among others;

  • Set Hegemony
  • Large Solari Plus
  • Maximum Relation Level
  • Instant Kill
  • Unlimited Unit HP
  • Speedhack
  • Force Pause

To use a cheat engine, you have to download, install, run, and activate various favorable options. Cheat Engine is perfect for Dune Spice Wars Cheats Pc. It will also offer you numerous tricks for Dune Spice Wars Console Cheats.


Playing Dune Spice Wars is challenging due to the numerous tasks you must simultaneously perform. However, with cheat codes, the game becomes easier and more fun. One of the critical cheats to remember in this game is trade. The other factions will always trade with you, no matter how much they hate you. Use trade to create allies and take over the unsuspecting villages with ease. It’s time to enjoy playing Dune Spice Wars.

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