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Ghostwire Tokyo Platforms

Ghostwire Tokyo is the latest franchise from the developers of Evil Within. The game, from Tango Gameworks, has a unique blend of horror and combat fused into the storyline. The game can be described as an action-adventure considering all the fighting, fun, and adventure in it. Ghostwire Tokyo is set in a fictionalized city of Tokyo but features numerous real-day Tokyo landmarks. 

The scene starts on a high note when the population of Tokyo mysteriously disappears when demons attack the town. The monsters roam the city, and the antagonist, Akito, works to unravel this mystery and eliminate the demons. The combat involves a mixture of karate and supernatural abilities to fight the spirits roaming the streets of Tokyo. Ghostwire Tokyo contains different chapters with missions and side missions that develop the game’s storyline.

With the game’s release, many fans who had eagerly anticipated the game may wonder about the platforms on which the game will be featured. If you’re stuck with the same question, worry no more. You don’t have to look further; this article answers all your questions.

Which are the Ghostwire Tokyo Platforms

With so many gaming platforms in the industry, you may be wondering which platform Ghostwire Tokyo will be available on. Can you play Ghostwire on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, or Xbox Series S/X. where can you download or purchase the game? The other common thing most fans may wonder about is Ghostwire Tokyo coming to PC.

Ghostwire Tokyo is releasing only on PC and PS5 in an exclusive one-year deal. This is some good news for the PC gaming community. However, it’s a downside to the PS4, Xbox One, and Xbox Series S/X community. You’re probably wondering why the game isn’t on Xbox despite Microsoft currently owning Bethesda Softworks, the game’s developers. Before Microsoft purchased Bethesda Softworks, the company was on a one-year exclusive deal with Sony. The agreement detailed that Ghostwire Tokyo would be exclusively on PS5 for a year. However, there’s some hope for the Xbox community after the end of the one-year deal.

The PC gaming community can get Ghostwire Tokyo on Epic and Steam Games Store. If you’re a PC gamer, then lucky you since the game doesn’t require very high system specifications.

Ghostwire Tokyo PC System Requirements

There are a set of PC requirements needed to play Ghostwire Tokyo. Here is a list of your PC’s minimum and recommended system requirements.

Minimum PC System Requirements

●     Processor: 64-bit

●       64-BIT Windows 10 Operating System with Version 1909+ 

●       Core i7 4770K. 3.5GHZ or Ryzen 5 2600

●       Memory- 12 GB RAM

●       Nvidia GTX 1060 graphics or AMD RX 5500 (VRAM 6 GB or higher)

●       Version 12 of DirectX

●       20 GB Storage

Recommended PC System Requirements

● 64-BIT Windows 10 Operating System with Version 1909+    

●  Processor: 64-bit

●   Core i7 4770K. 3.5GHZ or Ryzen 5 2600

●    Memory- 12 GB RAM

●   Nvidia GTX 1060 graphics or AMD RX 5500 (VRAM 6 GB or higher)

●    Version 12 of DirectX

●     20 GB Storage

SSD Storage is recommended for improved system performance and faster game loading times. The system requirements aren’t so high, but using the recommended system requirements will offer you better gameplay.

Ghostwire Tokyo Gameplay

Ghostwire Tokyo is created as a first-person shooter game that allows players to experience the haunting adventure firsthand through the city of Tokyo. The game only supports single-player mode with no multiplayer modes or components.

Rather than the use of guns, Ghostwire Tokyo gameplay simply involves karate and magic to eliminate the demons. The gameplay is a cross between martial arts and sorcery, with powerful magical gestures using the hands. The combination produces various dangerous attacks and spells that devastate the supernatural bodies taking over the city. Some of the spirits are more vulnerable to certain attacks than others.

The most exciting part about the gameplay is the takedown system used to finish off the enemies. After you have substantially weakened the enemy, you can finish them off by ripping their core out. This is done using a literal tangle of supernatural ghost wires.

As you fight the demons, you can explore the city and enjoy the many landmarks in the game. These are in addition to the vivid visuals and graphics used in the game. Enjoy the front-row seat of this first-person action-adventure game and watch as the events unfold in the neon-lit demon-haunted Tokyo.


Unlike most recent games, Ghostwire Tokyo is present for PC and PS5 users until the one-year exclusive deal is over. However, there’s hope that the game will also be on other platforms. Enjoy the thrilling adventure of this Japanese folklore fused with martial combat as you unfold the mystery and rescue the city.

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