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Ghostwire Tokyo How Many Chapters

Ghostwire Tokyo follows the story of Akito, possessed by KK’s spirit. Akito is on a quest to rescue his people after they vanish when a mysterious fog envelops the city of Tokyo. Ghostwire Tokyo is a first-person shooter action-adventure game by Tango Gameworks. The player can use karate and magical tactics to eliminate the demons. As the gamer progresses through the game, they earn spirits to boost their abilities as they explore the city. The game is set in an open-world but with a high level of detail in the graphics. Ghostwire Tokyo features the stunning beauty of Tokyo with its many present-day landmarks.

If you are yet to play the game, you may be wondering how many chapters does Ghostwire Tokyo have? The good thing is you have all this taken care of. In this article, we dive into the number of chapters and missions in Ghostwire Tokyo. You’ll also learn about the side missions and the time it takes to finish playing the game.

How Many Chapters are in Ghostwire Tokyo?

Activities in Ghostwire Tokyo are divided into main and side quests, together with other in-game activities. The players can explore the city during and after these quests. It’s worth noting that the side quests and other in-game activities add to the main quest. They are not separate from the game’s storyline but help build the storyline.

Like previous Tango Gameworks projects, Ghostwire Tokyo is divided into chapters. It contains six main chapters that the player must win to complete the game. You probably think that six chapters are a short game experience. However, each chapter has a varying number of missions. This means that you will spend varying time to complete each mission. Despite having only six chapters, Ghostwire Tokyo offers a ton of adventure in each chapter.

The beginning chapters are relatively short as they usher the player into the storyline and gameplay. The end chapters are brief as the player is taken out of the open world in a final battle with the demons. The middle chapters (chapters three and four) are relatively long, and you can also increase the gameplay time by engaging in side missions. The six main Ghostwire Tokyo chapters are;

  1. CHAPTER ONE- Beginnings
  2. CHAPTER TWO- Trouble
  3. CHAPTER THREE- Connection
  4. CHAPTER FOUR- Contortion
  5. CHAPTER FIVE- Severance
  6. CHAPTER SIX- Binding

These chapters will offer you the different difficulty levels of the game in addition to intense training. The Ghostwire Tokyo map contains so much that cannot be covered in the main storyline, and it’s distributed through the side missions.

Ghostwire Tokyo How Many Missions?

Each Ghostwire Tokyo chapter contains between two to five missions. The chapters generally signify the start of a new part of the main storyline. Completing the missions in each chapter allows you to progress through the game’s campaign.

There are a total of 16 missions in the six Ghostwire Tokyo chapters. Completing these missions in all the chapters will unlock a New Game Plus mode. The mode allows players to get back in the game just before the point of no return in Chapter Four. These missions are;


●       The Vanishing

●       Trouble

●       City of Shadows


●       KK

●       Clearing the Fog

●        The Buried Life

●      A Maze of Death

●       Caves of Steel


●       Pillar of Light

●       Blindness

●       Agony


●       Giants

●       The Black Tower

●       Chapter 5: Severance


●       Family

●       Tokyo Tower

●       Chapter 6: Bonds


●       Mari

●       Gate to the Underworld

Ghostwire Tokyo Side Missions

Ghostwire Tokyo is made up of over forty side missions. The side missions don’t affect your progress through the game as the missions do. You don’t have to complete the side missions to progress to the following chapters. Playing the side missions will reward you with meika, spirits, XP, and other rewards such as music or costumes. Apart from the rewards, the side missions will allow you to get deeper into the game’s world, gain more insight into Japanese culture, and venture into sensitive topics.

Side missions will appear as green markers on your map. You unlock side missions after a particular milestone in the game. The typical way of unlocking the side missions is cleansing the Torii gates or shrines.

How Long it Takes to Complete Ghostwire Tokyo Gameplay

It takes 11-15 hours to complete Ghostwire Tokyo’s main story. However, if you engage in the side missions, your playtime will likely increase substantially to around 30 hours. The play time can extend to 40 hours if you try 100% gameplay.

Playing Ghostwire Tokyo, playtime depends on the parts of the game you decide to focus on. This eliminates the sense that the game is relatively short when compared to the other games by the same developer.


While Ghostwire Tokyo can be said to offer a shorter gameplay time compared to many other games, it’s full of adventure and fun. The six chapters are detailed with missions and side missions to enhance the game experience. Playing the different side missions also helps to increase the game’s playtime. 

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