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Ghostwire Tokyo Pre-Order Bonus

Ghostwire Tokyo is a first-person game set in modern-day Tokyo. The scene gets scary after a demon spirit swipes over the town, causing everyone to disappear mysteriously. Therefore, most of the game is on open streets littered with people’s belongings and ghosts. There are no living creatures. The game’s graphics are highly developed, and the developers, Tango Gameworks, definitely put in a great deal in creating the game. Tango Developers are also the developers of Evil Within. Using karate techniques and magic, you must defeat the spirits and save your people from the underworld.

Most modern video games offer the gamer multiple versions and with Ghostwire Tokyo, is no difference. Ghostwire Tokyo offers you two versions; a standard and a deluxe. The standard version is cheaper compared to the deluxe edition. However, the deluxe edition has more additions than the standard edition. Another amazing offer that Ghostwire Tokyo offers is the pre-order bonus. These pre-order bonuses are awarded based on the version the player has purchased and depending on the platform you’ll use.

You’re covered if you are wondering what the different pre-order bonuses are and on which platforms. This article takes you through all the pre-order bonuses provided by the various game editions on PC and PS5. It’s worth noting that Ghostwire Tokyo has an exclusive one-year deal to feature only on PS5 and PC.

Ghostwire Tokyo Standard Edition Pre-Order Bonuses

The standard edition of the Ghostwire provides a couple of pre-order bonuses both for PS5 and PC. the bonuses include;

●       Hannya’s outfit is worn by the figure on the game’s cover and is, therefore, highly recognizable. Hannya means evil, bad, or demon.

●       Premium biker outfit (PS5 Exclusive)- as stated, this bonus is only available for PS5 users. It’s a cool rather than creepy costume which comes in a wide range of nine colors. Unfortunately, there’s no evidence that this package will be available to PC players later.

●       Metal Poster (Amazon UK exclusive)- you get this sleek metal poster if you live in the UK and you make your purchase from Amazon.

Ghostwire Tokyo Deluxe Edition Pre-Order Bonuses

The deluxe edition offers more pre-order bonuses as compared to the standard edition. This is on top of the rewards received in the standard edition. The other main advantage of the deluxe edition is that it offers early access.

●       Shinobi outfit- the outfit is similar to the ninja costumes. It will provide great animation as you run around dogging the attacks. If you’re a fan of the ninja aesthetic, this is the costume for you.

●       Kunai weapon– this special weapon can be cast multiple times in a short period. The weapon causes serious damage to the demons. This set of blades is a perfect match to the ninja (Shinobi) outfit.

●       Streetwear outfit pack- this is a selection of trendy streetwear. It offers a colorful collection of modern urban designs for your character.

●       Steelbook case (Exclusive for Best Buy)- this is a bonus for players purchasing the Ghostwire Tokyo from Best Buy.

How to Claim the Pre-Order Ghostwire Tokyo Bonus Items

Ghostwire Tokyo does not readily provide the players access to their pre-order bonuses. The best thing is that you can easily unlock the bonuses by playing through the story.

You’ll receive the appropriate licenses for your Steam, Epic, or PSN account if you purchase the game digitally. If that is your case, you’ll get a message informing you that your add-on content has been updated to the inventory. However, if you pick your PS5 copy physically, you’ll need to register the code provided by the retailer.

On starting the game, you’ll receive a message saying that none of your pre-order items will be available immediately. Therefore, to acquire these items, you must play and complete the ‘A Maze of Death’ chapter. After this, the items will be available to equip your character.

How to Equip the Pre-Order Items on Akito

After unlocking the items, they will be placed in the inventory, and you can easily equip your character with them. First, you must access the player’s inventory and go to the ‘Complete Outfits.’ You can then easily equip Akito with any of the items by selecting through the earned items and clicking on the wanted outfit.

You can use the outfits throughout the game and change them at will to alter their appearance. However, the outfits will offer you no additional skills. The outfits are for aesthetic purposes only.

The importance of Ghostwire Tokyo Pre-Order Bonus Items

The pre-order items in Ghostwire Tokyo are important for several reasons.

  • They offer additional content that other players will not have access to. In addition, the pre-order bonuses add a unique flavor to the game, setting it apart from other titles.
  • These items allow players to customize their character and express themselves through various outfits available. With these outfits, you can generate different emotions and feelings throughout the experience.
  • Finally, getting these items is relatively easy compared to most games with similar bonuses. All you need to do is complete a chapter and enjoy the rest of your journey with new looks and aesthetics.


Ghostwire Tokyo pre-order bonuses are a great way to improve your character’s appearance. However, you have to choose between the standard and the deluxe editions since different editions will offer you different bonuses. Ghostwire Tokyo pre order bonus Gamestop will provide you with different editions for your Ghostwire Tokyo pre-order bonuses.

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