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Elden Ring Adventure Guide

Elden Ring is the recent release by FromSoftware, the famous developer of the Dark Souls video game series. Elden Ring has been available for PC, Xbox, and PlayStation users since its release in February. Like the other releases by FromSoftware, Elden Ring is a challenging game that requires a lot of patience. The difficulty levels are unforgiving and will have you fighting the same enemy over and over with little progress. Another thing about the game is that it doesn’t hold your hand but punishes you for every small mistake. 

With these challenges being tough, so are the rewards for the determination when you finally surpass the challenge. Elden Ring contains secrets, hidden NPCs, challenging weapons, and magic spells that are hard to cast or perform. Therefore, in Elden Ring, you will require an Elden Ring adventure guide to help you navigate the lands and teach you how to use various weapons, magic, and everything else in the game.

Elden Ring: Is It Hard to Play?

Elden Ring is not an easy game, but it is precise and unforgiving. The battles require strategy and careful consideration rather than just brute force. It has been compared to turn-based RPGs, where players need to make their moves and then wait for the enemy’s response before taking their next turn. Understanding attack patterns, choosing the right weapons, and finding the correct distance are all crucial for success. While facing a giant troll may seem daunting, taking the time to observe their movements and plan accordingly can lead to victory. Unlike Dark Souls, Elden Ring allows players to escape from difficult situations and provides more opportunities for failure.

Death is not too costly in Elden Ring, as players only lose their runes but can retrieve them by returning to where they died. It’s recommended to spend money on weapons, recipe books, and leveling up rather than hoarding cash. Additionally, players can find skulls with glowing eyes that contain valuable golden runes. Players can call on other players to assist in battles using the Furlcalling Finger Remedy, and items like the Lone Wolf Ash provide helpful spectral wolves to fight alongside the player.

Exploration is a significant part of Elden Ring, as there are no quest markers or side tasks to complete. The map of Limgrave is entirely open for players to explore, with objectives and systems discovered along the way. The game is full of surprises, from discovering powerful weapons to fighting giant crabs and zombie dogs in mines.

Why You Need the Elden Ring Adventure Guide

The primary advantage of pre-ordering a game is the additional content that comes in the form of DLCs and bonuses. For those venturing into the Lands Between in Elden Ring, there are two bonuses available. One is an Adventure Guide that provides insights into the game’s mystical universe, with tips and tricks that can aid players in avoiding death. Additionally, players can access a Bonus gesture DLC. To help players access the Adventure Guide in Elden Ring on all devices, here is a guide.

Elden Ring’s gameplay is designed so that you have to hassle your way through the map to locate the essential places and rewards. Therefore, the game won’t point you in the direction of any of the items or places, and you have to find your way through. The NPC’s dialogues occasionally offer essential tips and tricks to help you navigate the missions. 

However, once they are done, then that’s it. They will not repeat themselves despite how important the message is. To survive, you’ll need to keep a record of all the details they provide and take note of the locations since the NPCs will not provide you with pinpoints of the locations they are talking about.

Another challenging fact about the Elden Ring is that it’s an open-world game. This means that the game might not warn you about accessing high-level locations with dangerous enemies you cannot take out. A quick note is that it’s okay to turn back and run if you get yourself in such a situation. 

You can come to battle the enemy later when you’re much stronger. Therefore, it would be best to keep an eye out for any special place you might need later and make any purchases that will be essential for combat. However, the open world allows you to explore the game and progress at your own pace freely.

Therefore, you should be prepared for the different enemies and attacks you’ll meet on your way. Before engaging in combat, learn how to use various weapons, especially two-hand weapons, cast magic spells, and learn about important items like the Ashes of War. Find out about the hostile NPC that doesn’t allow you to see its shop, invisible enemies, and the turtle with a bell that allows you to duplicate some important items.

How to Get Elden Ring Adventure Guide

As with most video games, players are given pre-order bonuses if they purchase the game earlier before the release. Elden Ring provides an adventure guide, and a special gesture as the bonus players get for their earlier purchases. To survive in the Elden Ring, as noted, you’ll need insight into how to take down enemies and how to use the various weapons provided. You can easily redeem the adventure guide and learn about the mystical, supernatural world of the Elden Ring. The guide will provide tips and tricks to help you navigate the game more easily.

However, many players cannot redeem their pre-order bonuses to access the adventure guide. If you are experiencing the same challenge, panic is not necessary. Here is how to go about the issue for all the players, regardless of the platform you use.

If you have the game in a digital copy, the bonuses are immediately loaded into your account as soon as you start the game. However, you must redeem the pre-order bonuses if you purchased a physical copy. To do this, check the registered email for the pre-order bonus codes. The next step is to redeem the codes in your PS, PC, or Xbox.

Elden Ring Adventure Guide PS5 & PS4

  • First, you should open the PlayStation Store and progress by clicking on your Avatar icon.
  • Select the Redeem Codes option on the left pane – this adds the adventure guide to your PlayStation library.
  • Enter your pre-order code. After entering the code, select the Redeem option.
  • The Elden Ring Adventure Guide and the other pre-order bonuses are added to your PlayStation account.

Elden Ring Adventure Guide PC

  • Navigate to your Steam account, log in, and go to the games library.
  • Ensure you have Elden Ring on your account.
  • Right Click on the Elden Ring option and select Properties.
  • Under the DLC section on the left, you will find the downloadable game content.
  • Select the Adventure Guide – this allows you access to the Adventure Guide.

Elden Ring Adventure Guide Xbox

  • First, open the Xbox Store – this is done by clicking on the Xbox button on the controller.
  • Navigate to the Store option.
  • Select the Redeem Codes option to redeem the pre-order bonuses to your account.
  • Enter the pre-order bonus code you received. Select the Redeem option after entering the pre-order code.
  • Access the library’s Elden Ring Adventure Guide and other pre-order bonuses.

After redeeming the pre-order bonuses, access your adventure guide and read through to learn all that the game entails. Don’t rush into the game heads first without reading the guide if you have it since it will greatly help you in the long run. You can access the adventure guide in your library and all the other bonuses you are entitled to.


The Elden Ring adventure guide lets you ease down the game’s challenges by having first-hand information about the game. Follow the steps outlined above to access your adventure guide and learn as much as possible about the gameplay, weapons, magic spells, and everything in between. Take down the Elden Ring challenges one after the other easily and become the new Elden Lord.

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