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Elden Ring Invisible Enemies

Fighting against invisible enemies can be so frustrating and challenging. Since the release of Elden Ring, the gaming community has been experiencing some challenges. Therefore, the game has been receiving numerous positive reviews for its amazing gameplay but also critics for the issues in the game. One of the issues raising concerns is the invisible enemies. Sometimes, this can result from a technical error in the game, or you may have encountered real invisible enemies.

Invisible enemies are one of the many secrets in the Elden Ring that make the game unique and enjoyable. However, some players have reported something different. The report notes that the enemies suddenly get invisible during the gameplay, and you can’t see who’s attacking you. What is the problem, and what is the solution to it? Look no further since this guide will deliver the answers you’re looking for.

About the Elden Ring Video Game

Elden Ring is an action role-playing video game featuring a third-person shooter perspective developed by FromSoftware. The game was released in February for PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series S/X, PS5, and PS4 gaming platforms. Elden Ring’s gameplay involves using a customizable character to explore the game’s open world in a mission to conquer and ascend the throne as the new Elden Lord.

Therefore, the gameplay involves combat in every minute of the game if you are to conquer the demigods. The key combat elements in Elden Ring are weapons with supernatural abilities and the use of magic spells. Elden Ring is designed so that you will require different stats to wield weapons of mass destruction and cast dangerous spells.

Completing the main and side quests is a tough endeavor in this game. Therefore, finding yourself in a situation where you can’t see your enemies, but they are unleashing attack after attack, can be humiliating. The quickest solution is to run away as fast as possible. However, this is not a lasting solution to your problem. Below are the solutions to your invisible enemies, whether due to the game’s invisible characters or technical issues.

Elden Ring Invisible Enemies

To begin with, let’s look at the invisible enemies in the Elden Ring that are a part of the enemies’ characters. The Elden Ring gameplay is full of invisible characters in different locations in the game. These characters are extremely dangerous. You can only see them when they are closer to you. By then, they will have managed to attack you before you defend yourself.

Black Knife Assassins are one of these invisible enemies you’ll encounter in the Elden Ring. The other set of invisible enemies is the beast with glowing footprints. You have probably come across these glowing footprints in the sand and tried to attack, but you were unsuccessful. This is because these creatures are not as big as they look and therefore require precise aiming to finish them off. The glowing footprints they leave on the ground are known as the ash of war.

How to See Invisible Enemies Elden Ring

The creature with the glowing footprints is known as a Teardrop Scrab. You can only determine where they are by tracking their footprints. Once you find the glowing footprints, strike at the front of the footprint to finish it.

However, if the nuisance is the Black Knife Assassins, you must purchase a Sentry Torch that will help you to see them. A Sentry Torch can be purchased from merchants for only 7,000 runes. The Sentry’s Torch will help you to locate the Black Knife Assassins before they are close enough to strike you.

 The good thing is that you don’t have to keep holding the Torch for it to work. Sentry’s Torch works even in the sheath, revealing the assassins. The Torch will also reveal hidden loot, such as the Seppuku Ash of War hidden in the Consecrated Snowfield.

The Black Knife Assassins are found in different parts of the game, but one of the most lethal is located in Ordina, Liturgical Town. Inside the evergaol, when you are about to lower the seal, the Black Knife Assassin is likely to strike you.

Elden Ring Invisible Enemies Fix

If you were playing Elden Ring and suddenly the enemies became invisible, here is how to fix the problem. The main reason the enemies become invisible is that the Elden Ring cannot display them well on the PC or console.

There are many reasons for this particular problem. These include incompatible graphics settings, corrupted game files, or a lower frame rate. The good news is you can easily sort out these challenges. Below is a list of possible solutions.

Restarting the Game or the Device

The first solution to such a problem is to restart the game. If it doesn’t work, you may consider restarting the gaming device. Restarting helps to solve glitches in the game.

Disabling the Graphics Scaling-

Disabling the GPU scaling can solve your invisible enemies’ challenge. It acts as one of the quickest ways to fix the issue. Find out if you’re using an AMD GPU or a Nvidia GPU and disable it appropriately.

Lowering the Graphics Settings

lowering the graphics settings increases the FPS. Having your frame rate over 30 FPS will sort out the issue. Lower graphics helps the machine to display easily, therefore, reducing invisibility.

Verifying the Integrity of the Game Files

Corrupted or missing game files can cause the invisibility issue of the characters. You should visit the official game’s client to verify the integrity of the game files.

Cleaning the Console or PC

If your device is covered with dust and the fans cannot dissipate the heat produced during gaming, the device will overheat, which may be a challenge. Cleaning the device helps to solve this issue.

Updating the Graphics card Drivers

Outdated graphics drivers can cause communication problems between the drivers and the graphics card. Updating the drivers will help solve some of your issues.


Invisible enemies can be a nuisance regardless of whether the game’s technical errors cause them or they are part of the game’s characters. Following the above-listed solutions will help to solve your issue with invisible enemies in the Elden Ring. Try the solutions and make sure to enjoy the fantastic Elden Ring’s gameplay.

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