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Can't I Use Grease Elden Ring

Why Can’t I Use Grease Elden Ring

Elden Ring offers a wide range of consumables that most players often overlook or miss out on their effectiveness. One of them is the Grease consumables which will ensure you last longer on the battlegrounds. The only few who’ve interacted with the consumable understand its importance in protecting their powerful weapons.

However, you might have noticed the Grease consumable doesn’t apply at times to specific weapons. If this is your case, there is nothing wrong with the game, and this review answers, “Why can’t I use fire grease Elden Ring.”

What Is Grease in Elden Ring?

Grease is among the Consumable items in Elden Ring. Players can use it to buff their weapons. The advantage of buffing your weapon set is that they become more resistant to damage on the battleground, improving their life.

There are 11 Grease versions in Elden Ring, each pairing better to a specific weapon and lasting longer. However, each of the available options is effective on regular armaments. It would be best if you used your Grease consumable sparingly since each lasts a specific time. That’s why you’ll see experienced Elden Ring players saving their Grease consumables and using them when facing tough bosses. The good news is that crafting one through the Main Menu is an option.

The 11 available Grease consumable options in Elden Ring include (note that all the options coat the chosen weapons)

  • Fire Grease – inflicts Fire damage
  • Blood Grease inflicts blood loss
  • Magic Grease – inflicts magic damage
  • Rot Grease – inflicts the Scarlet Rot effect.
  • Lightning Grease – inflicts lightning damage.
  • Dragonwound Grease – grants special dragon attacks.
  • Poison Grease – inflicts poison on the target.
  • Shield Grease – boosts your guarding abilities and each damage negation.
  • Soporific Grease – inflicts the sleep effect on enemies.
  • Holy Grease – inflicts the Holy damage.
  • Freezing Grease – inflicts the frosting effect.

Why Can’t I Use Grease Elden Ring?

You can only use the Grease consumable on regular weapons. Therefore, you are using a special weapon if you can’t apply the Grease to your current weapon. These weapons do not allow users to apply the consumable since they have unique skills.

Therefore, if you wish to protect your special weapon and use it longer, the best strategy is to preserve a larger FP bar. This allows you to utilize your unique skills more. If you realize you’re using a special weapon and want to learn about its unique features, visit the Blacksmith, who will point out the differences.

  1. If the weapon requires regular Smithing stones, it is a standard option.
  2. Suppose, it requires Somber Smithing Stones, then you have a special weapon in your hands.

Also, note that it is impossible to stack buffs, and you cannot use the Grease consumable on weapons containing Ashes of War. When you try buffing a weapon with Ashes of War, you’ll realize that the “Use” button you use to finalize the process becomes grayed out.

However, this is an excellent strategy to identify weapons with Ashes of War and those without. This makes it easier to decide which weapons to apply to the Ashes of War. But why can’t I use blood grease Elden Ring?

How to Apply Grease in Elden Ring?

If you can’t apply the Grease on your regular weapons, chances are you are not doing it correctly. The process of applying the Grease is simple, and to do so;

  • Pause the game and head to the Main Menu.
  • Locate the Inventory tab and scroll down to the various Grease types you managed to collect on your Lands Between adventures.
  • Choose the Grease you wish to apply, then click on “Use.”

This process automatically applies the Grease and buffs up your weapon, giving you more power for a specified period.

When you face some notorious Elden Ring bosses, you’ll learn the advantages of a buffed weapon. Depending on the Grease consumable you wish to use, you’ll realize more damage caused with each shot that lands.

Some of these bosses, NPCs, and Elden Ring enemies target your weapon set and destroy it, rendering you helpless. There is nothing worse than your weapons getting killed during a tough battle. Therefore, the best move is to use the Grease consumable., which coats your weapon and adds additional damage.

Don’t be like most Elden Ring players who overlook these items, which could be the difference between winning or losing. Therefore, when you come across any. Collect the item and use it strategically.

The Bottom Line

If you’re having trouble applying the Grease Consumable to your weapon, it means you are aware of its benefits. The reason why you’re facing this issue is simple; you are using a special weapon. These weapons have unique skills and do not require the Grease consumable to make them effective. On the other hand, regular weapons need the greasing effect to improve their durability and damage effect in Elden Ring. Hopefully, the article answers your question “Why can’t I use drawstring grease Elden Ring” and you’re set to go. Happy gaming!

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