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Where to Buy Kukri Elden Ring

Where to Buy Kukri Elden Ring

The Lands Between is a demanding place to be, and you must be prepared to take down enemies from all corners. One of the best ways is to equip your armor set with unique weapons such as the Kukri. The Kukri daggers are potent weapons that can cause lots of damage if strategically used.

There are various ways to acquire the Kukri daggers; you can craft, collect, or purchase them. Unfortunately, these are rare weapon options; it is not easy to come across them as you explore the lands. Therefore, the best option is to purchase, and if you’re looking for Elden Ring where to buy kukri Reddit friends try one of the following options:

  1. From Nomadic Merchants

There are several merchants throughout Lands Between, and one of the most featured items is the Kukri daggers. You will find these merchants in various game locations, and the recommended places to look are in the northern and southern parts of your map. During your exploration, here are some of the nomadic merchants you are likely to come across;

  • The merchant found in the peninsula of Weeping.
  • Buy the Kukri daggers from the merchant at Vulgar Militiamen, Forbidden Lands.
  • The merchant at the Liurnia of the Lakes.

It will cost you 60 Runes to get the Kirku dagger from the merchant at the Weeping peninsula.

  1. In the Dungeons

Another ideal place to find the Kukri daggers is in Dungeons or Dungeons Online. These role-playing Elden Ring game options feature these powerful weapons, and players can easily access them. However, they have first to obtain and use the Furlcalling Finger Remedy. The finger remedy is obtainable by taking specific Elden Ring Quests in West Limgrave and going up the ladder at the Liurnia of the Lakes.

  1. At the Liurnia of the Lakes

If you’re looking for unique Kirku daggers, you can get some at the Liurnia of the lakes. During your exploration, you’ll get to the Glinstone Dragon Samarag, with a corpse behind it. Carefully examine the corpse, and you will find six kukri daggers.

  1. At the Stormveil Castle

If by any chance your adventures take you to the Stormveil castle, there is no harm in surveying the castle for a kukri dagger. You will find a commoner giving the Grace mimic, and a Kukri dagger is on the roof above the commoner.

  1. In Limgrave

You can find the Kukri dagger at a fire in Limgrave. Once you get to the location, you will find the Church of Elleh, and you should head north-eastwards to get one kukri dagger at the fire site.

  1. Defeat Vulgar Militiamen

Vulgar Militiamen are known for carrying the Kukri daggers, and you can find several defeated soldiers at the Miners’ Caves. To get to the caves, travel to the region between Ruin-Strewn Precipice and Ravine-Veiled Village; the path between the Grand Lift of Roid and the Lands Between. You will find Five kukri daggers in this location.

You will spend 60 Runes to get one Kukri dagger from the merchant at the Weeping Peninsula. However, if you wish to save your hard-earned Runes, it is best to farm these special weapons from the defeated Vulgar Militiamen.

When you get to the Miners’ Cave, you must take out the Vulgar Militiamen. They are easy to handle, and the best strategy is to backstab them as they look in the other direction. This move takes them down without any resistance.

How to Use the Kukri Daggers in Elden Ring?

To use your dagger, you’ll have to navigate to the Main Menu, then to the Equipment tab. scroll down to the Quick Items option, choose a quick item slot, then Kukri. Return to your Lands Between adventure, and tap down on your D-pad to access the special daggers. You can easily switch between the various item slots and choose Kukri.

Kukri daggers are throwing weapons; once you select their slot, identify your target, then press X/ Square to throw it at them.

The advantage of using the Kukri daggers is that they cause heavy blood and physical damage from range. Using the range advantage, you can reduce the risk of getting harmed in close combat. These daggers also scale with agility, strength, and arcane.

Kukri daggers are advantageous when tackling tough bosses or NPCs trying to invade your territory. They are great additions, and using them allows you to take out the most challenging and well-equipped mobs in your path. However, remember to use them sparingly and only switch to the Kukri slot when the battle gets intense.

The Bottom Line

Kukri daggers are potent weapons, which, if you have them in your armor collection, you’ll be a force to reckon with in Lands Between. Unfortunately, there are only a few available daggers in Elden Ring, and you can purchase them from a few nomadic merchants. If you wish to get yourself some, use this guide to take you to the merchants and learn of other alternative methods.

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