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olliolli world trophy guide

Olliolli World Trophy Guide

There is no better way to transform your boring afternoons than playing OlliOlli. OlliOlli World is a skate game where players take on quests and get points. To get these points, you have to perform certain tricks and combos.

Any skateboarder will love the game’s realistic approach, and if you haven’t tried OlliOlli World, what are you waiting for? The game rewards players with trophies after various achievements. OlliOlli has an impressive trophy list, and here is an OlliOlli World PS4 trophy guide of all the available options and a brief description of what to do to get the trophies.

1. Take The Main Path

After launching the game, participate in the main quest and learn the basic tricks and a general idea of how to play the game. Various side quests are available; however, you can choose to stick to the game’s main missions. As you focus on the main quest, here is a list of the available trophies;

  •  Done-Shine Valley- achieved after finishing the main path of Sunshine Valley and then meeting Technicholas.
  • Burnt-out-rock – you’ll get this trophy after completing the main path of the Buntrock and meeting The Mirage.
  • Bossed Vulgas – OlliOlli rewards you with this trophy after you finish the main path of Los Vulgas and meet Radysus. 
  • Over-brook – the trophy is available to those who complete the main path to Cloverbrook and meet Flora. 
  • Sketch-bye-d – complete the main path of Sketchside and meet Hazard to get the Sketch-bye-d trophy.

2. Take On Side Quests

Side quests allow you to take on challenges in optional areas and districts. It is the best way to prove your elite skills, and you should expect a long adventure. Furthermore, these side quests present tricks not available on the Main Path. The Side missions are progressive, and you must complete the basic tasks before progressing to the other options. During these quests, there are trophies available, and you will earn them after completing the following tasks;

  • Challenge 10– trophy gets awarded after completing ten challenges
  • Challenge 50– you’ll get this award after completing 50 challenges.
  • Challenge 100– complete 100 challenges to get your reward.
  • Master– trophy available to those who complete a Mastery.
  • Masterier– You’ll get this trophy after completing a set of Mastery for any Skate God.
  • Masteriest– complete all Masteries fully to get the trophy.
  • Side Hustle – complete Side quests for the award.
  • Sunshine Valley Hero– Unlock and beat Local Hero level, Sunshine Valley to get the trophy.
  • Cloverbrook Hero– available after unlocking and beating Local Hero level, Cloverbrook.
  • Burntrock Hero– available after unlocking and beating Local Hero level, Burntrock.
  • Sketchside Hero– get your trophy after unlocking and beating Local Hero level, Sketchside.
  • Los Vulgas Hero– available after unlocking and beating Local Hero level, las Vulgas.
  • Sunshine Raddy– beat Radvsus challenges Sunshine Valley for the trophy.
  • Cloverrad– you’ll get the award after beating Radvsus challenges, Cloverbrook.
  • Burntrad– trophy available for those who beat Radvsus challenges, Burnt Rock.
  • Radside– available after beating Radvsus challenges, Sketchside.
  • Rad Vulgas– beat Radvsus challenges, Los Vulgas for the reward.

3. Multiplayer Trophies

There are more trophies in the multiplayer mode. After conquering the side quests, take on the new Online mode challenge or league to compete with other skaters. The available trophies in this game mode are;

·        Pro-motion – available after getting promoted in leagues.

·        Known Round Here – win the League group

4. Other Trophies

OlliOlli is a hub of rewards, and many other trophies are available. These awards are available after doing certain tricks and completing various game milestones. Use this OlliOlli 2 trophy guide to get;

  • The Skate Wizard– Collect all trophies.
  • Too Grindy– Achieve 1,000 perfect grinds.
  • Over the Bolts– Make 1,000 perfect landings.
  • They Last Twice As Long– Achieve 500 perfect manuals.
  • Switch Up- Attain 500 Grind Switches
  • I Think That’s Everything- rotate 180, trick, tweak a Grab, Grind Switch, Grind in one Combo
  • Better Late Than Never- Make 500 Late Tricks
  • Are You Dizzy? – Get 180,000 rotation degrees 
  • Hold It (I Like the Way You Tweak It)- Get five hundred Tweaked Grabs
  • Anti-Grabity- Achieve 600 seconds air time
  • Every Trick in the Boo – Perform each Trick
  • Opt In Drop In- Complete an Optional level, register Perfect Landing and Grinds
  • More Than a Tourist- Complete a District
  • Primo- Slam the first time
  • So That’s How You Do It- Finish a level using one Combo.
  • Nail the Landing- Get over 1,000,000 Combo points
  • Spot Finder- set scored on Style of Gnarvana Portal levels
  • Hundreds Club- Get a Combo multiplier of a hundred  then land a Career Level
  • First Try- Finish any level without respawning or slamming

The Bottom Line

OlliOlli offers trophies to players after performing specific tricks or attaining a milestone. Above is a list of all available trophies and the requirements for achieving each. 

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