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Pokémon Legends: Arceus Countdown

Pokémon Legends: Arceus Countdown

Gamers worldwide can’t wait to get their hands on the new Pokemon legends series, Arceus. Unfortunately, the game’s lack of proper documentation led to various die-hard fans’ speculations. For instance, many anticipate that the Pokemon Arceus will take us to where it all started.

Pokemon Legends Arceus invites us to explore the new Hisul Region and witness the beginning of the relationship between Pokemon and humans. This presents a new and exciting way to uncover interesting Pokemon stories. The game is out already, and players can enjoy it; however, the good news is its release date is here, and the Pokemon Legends Arceus release countdown has happened.

Pokemon Legends Arceus Release Date

According to the official Pokemon announcement on Twitter, the Pokemon Legends Arceus was released on January 28th. The game is available on Nintendo Switch on the specified date.

It is a little surprising since most of us expected the release date to be during the festive season. However, you have more than enough time to get ready to launch the Pokemon Legends Arceus once it is released. The best way is to make your digital or physical game retailers from the big retailers. As a result, you can expect to spend about $60 for the Pokemon Legends Arceus game.

Pokemon Legends Arceus Countdown

If you are like us and can’t wait to try the highly anticipated Pokemon Legends Arceus, joining the Pokemon Legends Arceus release date countdown is best. The release date is already here, and we are keen to bring you authentic information regarding the game.

So, what time will Pokemon Legends Arceus come out?

Join our Pokemon fan zone as we countdown the hours to the release of the exciting Pokemon Legends Arceus. We expect Pokemon to follow the previous game release trends and launch a local midnight release. This means the game will be available in all regions when midnight strikes.

This means gamers in the East time zones will access the game earlier than others. Note that the differences in time zones or regions don’t affect the time you get access to the game; it depends on the time zone and area where you made your pre-order.  

The earliest you can get your hands on the new Pokemon series is 00.00 ET and 00.00 GMT on January 28th and 21.00 PT on January 27th.

Pokemon Legends Arceus Pre-Orders Available

It is also important to note that pre-orders are available, and you can get your copy by ordering it at the Nintendo Eshop. Another way is to get it from big retailers such as Amazon and Best By. The advantage of using these brands is that you can get fantastic offers and bonuses. Moreover, they provide a secure way of receiving your copy.

As we countdown to the release of Pokemon Legends Arceus, don’t forget to check out our other exclusive content on the game.

How to Play Pokemon Legends Arceus Earlier

If you have seen the incredible Pokemon Legends Arceus trailer, then you can’t help but want to try the game. Unfortunately, the retail stores offering the pre-order opportunities can only start selling the game copies after their release date. Therefore, if you can’t wait to begin your new Pokemon adventure, your best move is to purchase the game from a Nintendo Eshop in the Eastern time zones. This is because the game will be released earlier in the new region.

For instance, if you are based in the US, you can get your digital copy from an Australian Eshop. This means you will get access to the game 15 hours before other gamers in your region.

Your digital copy will start when the clock hits midnight in Australia or the chosen region. If it doesn’t, it will help if you wait for a few minutes to allow the game to register and connect to the servers. After that, you can launch the game on your Nintendo Switch and begin exploring the Sinnoh region.

What to Expect in Pokemon Legends Arceus?

The released official trailer shows ninja-garbed trainers exploring an older version of the Sinnoh region, which resembles the Meiji-era Japan design. This gameplay hints that players must track and study the Pokemon before catching them. The game includes the classic one-on-one Pokemon duels we enjoyed in previous releases.

Further analysis of the released clip shows that the Pokemon Legends Arceus setting will be larger and wider than we saw in the previous games. There were some choppy framerates noticed from the trailer; however, we expect a better, much engaging, and more immersive game on January 28th.

The Bottom Line

On January 28th, Pokemon Legends Arceus will be released for the Nintendo Switch. This game takes us on a new Pokemon adventure like never before. Therefore, it is best to join our Pokemon Legends Arceus Countdown to stay updated and connect with many other gamers worldwide alike. This is the time to get your Nintendo Switch ready since it is not likely that the game will be available on other consoles or platforms. 

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