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What Is Robustness Elden Ring

What Is Robustness Elden Ring

Players need proper composure to withstand the intense Lands Between battles. Therefore, your defense and offense abilities must be top-tier to take out the notorious Elden Ring bosses. One of the compelling stats that will improve your defensive skills is Robustness.

Robustness, if used correctly, ensures you last longer in the field, and below is a guide to help you out. Use it to learn what Robustness in Elden Ring is and how to increase it and use it effectively.

The Robustness in Elden Ring?

Robustness is a defensive Elden Ring stat ideal for resisting Hemorrhage and Frostbite. Effects such as Frostbite and Hemorrhage directly decrease a player’s HP levels and are lethal if unattended. A low Robustness level allows you to withstand the impacts effectively, but powerful enemy attacks can deplete your HP.

This stat is essential as it determines how a player gets built in the game. Therefore, the higher the Robustness levels, the higher the resistance the player gets.

The Robustness stat gets determined by Endurance. Various armor and shields provide you with a specified Robustness amount.

This defensive stat is essential when facing the tough Elden Ring bosses. The good news is that you can improve it to make it more effective.

What Are the Effects of Robustness in Elden Ring?

Endurance is a primary stat in Elden Ring, which can be leveled up using Runes. An increased Endurance level enhances a player’s stamina and increases their Equip Load. Another primary effect of a higher Endurance level is increased Robustness. These high levels prevent players from succumbing to:

  • Hemorrhage – this status effect is also referred to as Bleed. It is a deadly effect since it builds up after every successful application. Hemorrhage slowly builds up, and its effects compound, causing massive damage. It can equal a player’s max HP when not attended to and reaches its threshold.
  • Frostbite – this status effect also builds up after each successful application. It is less lethal than Hemorrhage since it takes away a chunk of a target’s HP when it reaches its threshold. Also, the target’s damage and stamina reduce by 20% for the affected duration.

Therefore, if you have a higher Robustness stat, it takes time before these effects reach their threshold. This gives you more time to take down the source. Note that if you improve the stat to a certain level, you can completely prevent the build-up of these effects, no matter the successful application attempts. This is done by enhancing your Elden Ring Endurance ability.

We will look at specific Armaments and other effective ways to improve your Endurance below. Getting these items or improving your Endurance will work magic in stopping the two effects. However, if you don’t manage to get any, you will still get some Robustness from the gear you wear; however, not that effective.

How to Improve Robustness in Elden Ring?

There are several ways to improve your Robustness in Elden Ring. They include:

If you want to improve your Robustness stat, your best move is to get specific Armaments that feature this attribute. One of the most effective options is General Radahn’s Armaments, which provides the highest Robustness than any other option. Other good items are Lionel’s set of Armaments, Stalwart Horn Charm, and the Mottled Necklace.

Another way to improve your Robustness stat is to increase your Endurance. Endurance directly impacts the defensive stat, and if you take your Endurance attribute beyond level 31, your character’s Robustness increases.

As you begin the game, you can use your Runes to improve your Endurance levels, which corresponds to an increase in your Robustness stat.

There are also in-game items that temporarily improve your Robustness. For example, during various game stages, you’ll interact with the Invigorating White Cured Meat and Invigorating Cured Meat that temporarily improve the Robustness defensive stat.

The fastest and easiest way to significantly boost your Robustness is to challenge and defeat General Radahn. This quest comes early in the game, and you can find the boss southeast of Caelid at the Redmane Castle. After defeating Radahn, purchase the Redmane Helm, Greaves from Finger Reader Enia, Gauntlet, and the Lion Armor.

Another way is to visit the Roundtable Hold and purchase Radahn’s Armaments from Enia. The purchase will cost you 36,000 Runes. It is best to get these items before taking on the Lyndell quests. This is because there are many powerful enemies in the Capital City, and an increased Robustness stat makes it easy to withstand their powerful wrath.

The Bottom Line

Robustness is a defensive stat that will help you withstand some powerful status effects from tough Elden Ring bosses. This stat improves your survival chances in battle, and it is best to know more about it. Above is all the information you need regarding the Robustness defensive stat in Elden Ring, including how to improve it. 

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