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Where to Buy Poison Arrows

Where to Buy Poison Arrows Elden Ring

The Lands Between can be brutal and deadly, especially if you don’t have powerful weapons, gear, and skills. There are enemies everywhere waiting to take you out, from the notorious bosses to the NPC players invading your territory. The only way to keep them off is to have powerful weapons at your disposal, and what’s better than the Poison Arrows, which can inflict range poison?

Poison Arrows are available in Elden Ring, and you might have seen players use them to take out the mighty bosses effectively. This guide shows where to buy poison arrows Elden Ring Reddit so you and your friends can use them to your advantage.

How Powerful Are the Poison Arrows?

The poison arrows, also known as Poisonbone Arrows, are arrows that inflict poison damage to enemies at a distance. It is an effective weapon to use when you wish to reduce your chances of significant health damage. Once you get enough distance between you and your enemy, you can make successive attacks to take them out.

So, how powerful are the poison arrows?

Poisonbone Arrows are ideal and powerful when dealing with bosses and adversaries. They allow you to engage several enemies at a go. Unfortunately, they can also pierce through their armor, reducing their general defense abilities.

Where to Buy the Poison Arrows in Elden Ring?

Several merchants in Elden Ring will sell you arrows in exchange for Runes. Most of them are available next to combat areas and dungeons. One of the merchants is Patches, a trader based at the Firelink Shrine who sells an arrow for 120 souls. Another is the Shrine Handmaid, who specializes in selling patches and sells for 120 souls.

Various shops in Elden Ring are willing to sell these arrows, each costing 20 Runes. This amount is expensive compared to the cost of other arrows.

Can I Make Poison Arrows in Elden Ring?

Yes. Thanks to the Poison Bloom Farm featured in Elden Ring, you can easily make your poison arrows. You’ll have to plant the seeds and harvest the poison if you wish to use the blooms to make your arrows. An alternative is to purchase the blooms from various merchants. After you have your poison blooms ready, here’s how to make your poison arrows;

  1. Gather the required supplies to begin. The necessary equipment includes arrows, a furnace, and a crafting table.
  2. Place your crafting table at the center of the space, then right-click on it to activate its crafting menu.
  3. The crafting menu opens, and you should click on the “Weapons” option and then choose the “Arrow Shaft” recipe. This recipe will require a stick and a string.
  4. Next is correctly placing the specified items in their slots in the craft Arrow Shafts and crafting grid. The number of shafts to crate depends on the number of poison arrows you wish to make.
  5. After that, right-click on the world to open the furnace. This is where you’ll use the furnace for smelting the arrowheads using gunpowder and iron ingots.
  6. Place the iron ingots on the furnace’s top row, each in its correct spot.
  7. Add the gunpowder to the slots at the furnace’s bottom row.
  8. Finally, light the items using a flint and steel to make your poison arrows. You can also use lava buckets to light the ingredients.
  9.  After smelting, take them out of the furnace.
  10. Dip the arrowheads into a poison paste and allow them to dry.
  11. Open the “Weapons” tab from the crafting menu, then choose “Poison Arrow.”
  12. Place the items in the correct slots, and you have some poison arrows to use.

The poison blooms mentioned initially are helpful when making additional portions and poisons. You can effectively do this at the Alchemy Table. After you have the potions ready, you can use them to equip your weapon set or sell to merchants.

How to Make Poison Paste?

The poison blooms you planted will help you create a poison paste that will help you create your poison arrows. To make the paste;

  1. Find and collect poison ivy leaves or blooms.
  2. Place them in a bowl, then use a rock to crush them.
  3. Add animal fat and mix to create a sticky paste.
  4. Dip the arrowheads you crafted in the paste to add the poison effect.

After following these simple procedures, you upgrade your arrows and increase their damage. The extra effect is effective, especially when attempting a sneak attack from a distance.

The Bottom Line

Poison arrows give any Elden Ring player many advantages, from taking out enemy groups to increasing damage. You can easily buy these arrows from various merchants for Runes or Souls. However, you can choose to be economical and make your poison arrows. This will save some runes and allow you to create as many as you wish. Use this guide to buy and make poison arrows in Elden Ring. 

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