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Sneak Attack Elden Ring

How to Sneak Attack Elden Ring

There are various ways to attack and take out enemies in Elden Ring. Most of these moves are easy to perform, although they are not as effective as the sneak attack. The benefit of making a sneak attack is that you use the element of surprise.

The only challenge most players face with this move is strategically getting behind their enemies. If you’ve played the Dark Souls series, you have an idea of how to sneak attack enemies in Elden Ring. If not, here’s how to position yourself and make a sneak attack on unsuspecting enemies.

How To Sneak Attack in Elden Ring

The advantage of attempting a sneak attack is it reduces the risk of your health getting damaged. It allows you to get behind enemies and make stealth kills. So, if you wish to make a sneak attack in Elden Ring:

  1. Quietly survey the area and take note of your target’s visual radius.
  2. Press your left analog stick, L3, on your Xbox or PS controller. This initiates the crouch/sneak position.
  3. Hide behind any bushes, rocks, or trees as you move to their blind spot.
  4. Sneak behind your enemy and attempt a kill. The best attack is the backstab.

Elden Ring: How Does Backstab Work

In Elden Ring, a Backstab is a form of Critical Hit that can only be executed under specific conditions, making it different from random Critical Hits. It can be performed even when an enemy is still standing, unlike breaking their Posture, although it deals less damage than a Critical Hit on a stunned enemy. Backstabbing can be difficult, particularly against nimble opponents, and most players prefer to use it as an initial strike rather than a mid-combat maneuver.

The damage inflicted by a Backstab depends on the Critical stat of your weapon, with almost every armament in the game having a Critical stat of 100 as the baseline. However, certain weapons, such as Daggers, Rapiers, the Executioner’s Greataxe, the Lordsworn’s Greatsword, and Misericorde, deal significantly more Critical damage than others when Backstabbing.

In most FromSoftware games, it is a viable strategy to create builds that primarily focus on backstabbing enemies, particularly in PvP. Nevertheless, in Elden Ring, players can evade the animation before the attack connects and a Critical Hit takes place. This change reduces the effectiveness of backstabbing, but it is still useful in PvE. Keep in mind that attempting to Backstab larger enemies is futile, as only enemies around the size of the player (such as Tarnished, Undead, or Man Serpents) can be affected by this mechanic.

How To Backstab in Elden Ring?

After you get behind your target, there are various ways to initiate a sneak attack, from jumping attacks to sleep arrows. However, the classical backstab move is the most effective to use. The Backstab move in Elden Ring works the same as in Dark Souls, although it is better and more effective here. To backstab in Elden Ring;

  1. Press your light attack button, which corresponds to your hand holding the weapon, usually R1.
  2. Hold down the R1 to attempt the backstab. Press the R1 button rapidly, and you’ll successfully strike your target.

Note that, for this to be successful, you need to position yourself behind your enemy strategically. Also, it would help if you held the R1 button rapidly or attempt a light attack, causing less damage. Finally, a successful backstab usually takes out enemies quickly; they get knocked out for a second, allowing you to make successive attacks while they guard down.

Also, note that you can make a successful backstab during face-to-face duels. You’ll have to first get behind your foe, then hold and press the R1 button rapidly.

How to Hide in Elden Ring

Before making a sneak attack, the second step requires you to hide to escape your enemy’s visibility radius. To hide, press the L3 button to crouch, then move to a nearby rock, wall, etc.

To perform a stealth kill in Elden Ring, players must first learn how to crouch by pressing down the left analog stick. This allows them to sneak past enemies and remain undetected. When ready to perform a stealth kill, players must ensure they haven’t been spotted by an enemy and camouflage themselves by hiding in tall grass or other covers.

Once these prerequisites are met, players can proceed with the stealth kill. To initiate the kill, players must approach their target from behind and press R1 or the right bumper to trigger the “Backstab” animation. While crouching has the benefit of making players less noticeable from enemies, attempting a stealth kill on larger enemies or those who have already detected the player is not recommended.

This move is also beneficial when you wish to take a break and recover some of your health after a heavy attack. Another benefit of hiding before engaging your enemies is you get some time to create the ideal attack strategy. Finally, if you survey the area and realize you’re at a disadvantage, you can summon a trusty horse to get you out of trouble.

How Effective Is the Backstab in Elden Ring?

The Backstab is one of Elden Ring’s critical hit moves, which require specific conditions for players to attempt them successfully. Nevertheless, it is a practical move, especially when facing tough opponents. The element of surprise allows you to get several hits with their guard down.

However, the amount of damage caused depends on the choice of weapon. Almost all Elden Ring weapons have a critical stat of 100, although there are some whose stats are higher. The best weapons to use when attempting a backstab are Rapiers, daggers, Executioner’s Greataxe, Misericorde, and Lordsworn’s Greatsword. Backstabbing strategies are effective, especially in PvP modes.

You may fall victim to a sneak attack attempt from an enemy looking to use the backstab. It is possible to escape the attempt before the critical hit occurs. If you manage to disrupt the attempt, you reduce the move’s power. You will, however, get some health damage from the first hits.

Also, note that it is impossible to backstab large enemies successfully. The backstab only works on foes almost the same size as you. If you attempt this on the giants, you’ll cause minimal damage, and the close distance can prove disadvantageous to you.

Like any Elden Ring skill, ability, or spell, it is best to practice the backstab. It would help if you tried it on enemies who are less your size and have a humanly-like structure. Some easy targets to try and perfect the skill are the guards at the Great front, Site of Grace.

The Bottom Line

A sneak attack is one of the best ways to land a critical hit. Any successful attempt of this move renders your enemies helpless for a few seconds. This is the chance to use your powerful weapons to cause much damage before they compose themselves. A sneak attack is effective; this guide shows how to sneak attack Elden Ring PS5, Xbox, or PC gamers. 

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