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Fantastic Beasts “Hogwarts Legacy”

Are you a fan of the Harry Potter fantastic beasts and wondering if they will feature in Hogwarts Legacy? We have played the recently released game titles, and you’ll be pleased to hear that it features fantastic beasts.

Hogwarts takes us to the 1890s, a time before Harry Potter’s birth and when Albus Dumbledore isn’t as accomplished as we know him to be. This was also when the fantastic beasts roamed in the Forbidden Lands. Here is what we have confirmed about the beasts’ feature in the recently released Hogwarts Legacy.

Does Fantastic Beasts Take Place At Hogwarts?

Yes. These beasts will feature in Hogwarts Legacy. We received the first hint from the game trailers released before. From the trailers, we managed to identify 12 creatures, including lesser fantastic beasts. This includes the pets which students were allowed to rescue and tame.

The 12 confirmed fantastic beasts we identified in the official trailer include:

1. Acromantula

This beast is a giant spider, one of the magical creatures players can pet and tame. Acromantula is known for its love of human flesh, and we see one getting blasted in the game’s trailer.

2. Boggarts

Some people consider Boggarts as an amortal being. It is unclear what the beast looks like, and the captured beasts stay in inanimate objects. These creatures are powerful and deadly, and the best way to overcome them is to use the Riddikulus charm to banish and transform them into comical dummies.

3. Cats

Cats are other fantastic beasts revealed in the trailers and the most ordinary creatures on the list. They are common pets tamed by most wizards and witches. Players should expect to see a huge cat presence in Hogwarts Legacy.

4. Dementors

Dementors are known for sucking souls from the body and feeding on one’s happiness. These beasts are party crushers, and it is confirmed that they will be present in Hogwarts Legacy. They are seen flying over Azkaban.

5. Dragons

Dragons are one of the most dominant Hogwarts Legacy beasts and retain their shape and fire breath. We see a student trying to evade the blast before the dragon flies away.

6. Graphorns

Graphorns are fantastic beasts that resemble dragons; however, they have tougher skin and are more aggressive. In the Hogwarts Legacy trailer, we see one attacking a student and another being petted by a student. This shows that the beasts react differently and depend on the players’ morals.

7. Hippogriffs

They are one of the Harry Potter series’ most loved and memorable beasts. These creatures are good at rescuing characters, and their flying abilities make it easier for players to use them to navigate the Forbidden Lands.

8. Inferi

An Inferi is a zombie-like skeletal creature that most wizards use as puppet minions. You can think of the Inferis as hypnotized creatures which follow orders without a word. In the trailer, we see these dark creatures marching to a cave.

9. Mooncalves

Here are adorable beasts which only come out when there is a full moon. Mooncalves are the favorite pet option for most players who adore their long-necked physiques.

10.  Owls

Owls are iconic in the Harry Potter series, and it is hard to imagine if there will be a game title in the series that won’t feature these creatures. They are common in Hogwarts’s Legacy Forbidden Lands, and players can keep them as pets.

11.  Thestrals

Thestrals are winged horses with skeletons. It is easy to miss these creatures since they are only visible to those who have experienced death. In the opening scene of the game’s trailer, we see a carriage that looks like it is pulling itself; this is the work of the Thestrals.

12.  Trolls

You can think of Trolls as giant dummies. These creatures are huge and strong; however, they are very stupid. Their signature weapon is a giant club, and they can easily take you out if you aren’t careful as you approach and interact with them.

These are not the only available beasts in Hogwarts Legacy. Many other kinds exist, such as Fwoopers, Centaurs, Acromantulas, Nifflers, Kneazles, Phoenixes, etc. It might take a little longer to discuss each in detail; however, the above are the most dominant and confirmed fantastic beasts in Hogwarts Legacy.

Hogwarts Legacy Beast Locations.

We’ve managed to play Hogwarts Legacy and identified the various beast locations. Use your map to locate these beasts at:

  • Giant Toad Den
  • Muffler Den
  • Mooncalf Den
  • Thestral Den 
  • Hippogriff Den
  • Puffskein Den
  • Unicorn Den
  • Niffler Den
  • Diricawl
  • Fwooper Den
  • Kneazle Den
  • Jobberknoll Den
  • Graphorn Den

The Bottom line

Many beasts are roaming Hogwarts Legacy Forbidden Lands. These creatures vary; their interaction reactions depend on a player’s playing style. This review highlights some beasts to expect during your Hogwarts Legacy gaming sessions. The guide goes further ahead to provide information on where to find these fantastic beasts. 

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