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How Old Do You Have to Be To Play Lol?

Riot Games seeks to prevent children from violence or scenes which might not be child-appropriate. This is why they have an age restriction for those who can play League of Legends. As much as Riot Games has a strict policy on offensive content, League of Legends includes character sexualization.

This means that it is not appropriate for the general audience. Therefore, this review takes a deeper look into the matter, highlighting everything you need to know about League of Legends’ legal age.

What Age Can You Play League of Legends?

League of Legends by Riot Games is PG-13 rated. This means that people who can take on exciting game adventures must be 13 years and above. However, since they are not adults, they will need a parent or guardian over 18 years old to accept the game’s terms and conditions.

Riot Games designed LoL so that players have to verify they are above 13 years old to access gameplay features. It is impossible to accept this and many other policies if one is under the mentioned age.

If you are above 13 years, Riot Games allows you to create a LoL account. Parents reading this are wondering if the game is safe for their kids. Here is a rough overview of this game’s gameplay.

  1. Language Used in League Of Legends

All language content included in LoL contains no vulgar language. However, it is a multiplayer online game, and other players might use indecent language throughout the chat session. The good news is that there is a filter option to block inappropriate language.

  1. Violence or Sexual Content

League of Legends features lots of violent elements. It is a combat game, and it is common to see blood, weapons, fights, and killing. The good news is that there is no sexual content apart from character sexualization.

The game exposes children to violent themes, and chances are they might adopt what they play. Therefore, it is up to you as a parent to monitor your child’s behaviors after a play session. If you notice any odd behaviors, it is best to limit their playtime.

  1. Skills

League of Legends requires players to make effective strategies and fight to plan to win. This could be educational to a child since they learn how to be a team leader. The game grows and nurtures their leadership abilities.

Furthermore, the game also helps children develop cognitive skills. Skills such as decision-making are crucial in their daily interactions.

  1. Difficulty Level

League of Legends is a beginner-friendly multiplayer game; your child will quickly learn the basics. A tutorial campaign takes them through essential aspects such as basic controls. In addition, there are AI battles which give new players enough time to practice and gain experience.

The Bottom Line

League of Legends has a strict PG-13 rating, meaning only those above 13 can play. If you are wondering why the 13th mark, above are some of the main reasons for this rating. This, however, doesn’t mean that the game isn’t safe for your child; Riot Games has a strict policy on adult content, and this rating is to protect small kids from violent content. 

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