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Hogwarts Legacy Slytherin

The Common Room: Slytherin. How to get into Slytherin in “Hogwarts Legacy”?

Slytherin is an iconic Harry Potter House associated with cunning, pride, and ambition. It has always featured as the breeding ground Dark Wizards use however, things are slightly different in the latest Hogwarts Legacy.

The game presents a new perspective on the purpose of this common room. If you have managed to play the game, you’ve noticed the house’s symbol; however, a good number of players aren’t aware of its purpose. Therefore, use this guide to learn about the Hogwarts Legacy common room and how to get to it.

Hogwarts Legacy Slytherin House

Slytherin is one of the significant Hogwarts Legacy houses. Each house featured in the game has its symbol, and for Slytherin, its sign is a serpent. The room has a green and silver color scheme, making it easier to spot it from a distance.

This house holds various unique elements in-game and is the second most famous in the room. These featured elements have the following characteristics;

  • Ambition
  • Cleverness
  • Determination
  • Resourcefulness

Harry Potter fans are familiar with the house, and the characters who get into it tend to be villainous. Therefore, accessing the house means you are siding with the villains and the game’s antagonists.

The characters who enter Slytherin become equipped with unique skills and traits which affect the gameplay. For example, increased cleverness levels make it easier for players to learn and master difficult spells in a short amount of time. Also, the characters tend to solve the in-game puzzles easily.

This shows that Slytherin has an immediate effect on one’s gameplay. The house can make significant changes in the game mechanics, leading to skewed missions.

Hogwarts Legacy How to Get Slytherin

Hogwarts Legacy is an open-world RPG game that allows players to choose their path and determine their destiny. One of the freedoms is that they can freely choose whichever house they wish. Slytherin is a common choice for many, and the section above explains why that is the case.

If you are intrigued by the benefits of accessing the house, here is how to get to the place.

Launch the game and get through its cinematic introduction. The game will the n lead you to Hogwarts Hall as part of the Sorting ceremony. Here, a Sorting Hat appears, and it is a guide to help you make your ideal options based on your preferences.

The Hat presents a ‘Preferences & Preconceptions’ icon above the character’s head. Next, you have to choose between exploring or starting classes. Your choice here doesn’t affect the house you get sorted into.

The most important moment is when the game has detected something in you. Your choice here is what determines the house you’ll get placed into. If you wish to join Slytherin, click on the ‘Ambition Option.’ The other houses have their traits, and if you choose another option other than Ambition, here is where you will be most likely placed:

  1. If you choose Curiosity, the game will place you in Ravenclaw.
  2. Players who choose Daring get assigned to Gryffindor.
  3. Those who choose the Loyalty trait get assigned to Hufflepuff.

If you pick these options, the game will give you a final chance to pick the Hogwarts Legacy Slytherin common room. However, if they miss the chance, their only option will be to start a new game. Another important step players must go through before joining the house is to answer the Sorting ceremony quiz. 

There are 28 questions, and the game will assign you a house based on the answers. Note that you cannot change the answers after completing the quiz. As you answer these questions, it is best to pick answers which symbolize ambition to increase your chances of being admitted to Hogwarts Legacy Slytherin Common room.

Hogwarts Legacy Slytherin Edition

Hogwarts Legacy Slytherin house is one of the best places to be if you wish to explore the Forbidden Lands more easily. As much as it has its benefits, choosing the house doesn’t affect the game’s narrative; it only allows you to focus your adventures on the Ambition trait. Therefore, you won’t miss any plot points by failing to choose the other house options.

There are, however, differences between players who choose different houses. For instance, each house offers players unique perks such as clothing, various quests, and a common room. Another important note is these houses do not create witches or wizards.

Each available option has its advantages and disadvantages; however, Slytherin promises to take you to greatness.

The Bottom Line

Slytherin is one of the four houses Hogwarts Legacy places players in when they begin their adventures in the wizarding world. It is characterized by a green and silver color code, and the only players who get in are those who show Ambition. The advantages of getting into this room are numerous, and this review highlights them all. Use this guide to get to Slytherin in Hogwarts Legacy. 

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