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Can You Be a Dark Wizard in Hogwarts Legacy

Hogwarts Legacy will seek to give players more freedom to explore and become authentic. Therefore, players can become dark wizards to a certain extent. This is according to released gameplay footage showing the ability for players to play as Dark Wizards.

The game contributes to the Harry Potter series and will take us 100 years before the books and films. You can expect to become a Dark Wizard to some extent. What is the extent? Below is all you need to know about playing as an evil character in Hogwarts Legacy.

Can You Become Evil in Hogwarts Legacy

Yes, and no. Hogwarts Legacy is an action-adventure RPG game that allows players to develop their ideal characters. The released trailer shows the game will allow gamers to add a dark twist to their creations.

During the State of Play PlayStation deep dive, the released footage shows the protagonist wizard perform ‘Avada Kedavra,’ one of the unforgivable curses. This is a killing curse and is considered illegal in the wizarding world. Also, we hear the narrator advising us to be careful where we choose to explore, as our adventures might lead us to a darker path.

This revelation confirms players will get more control over their character’s morality. The game will involve a morality system based on the player’s moral choices. According to a Hogwarts Legacy dark wizard Reddit poll, some users preferred playing the game as Dark Wizards. Moreover, some users also expressed their interest in playing as a Dark Wizard who follows the path of Voldemort.

Managing Between Good and Evil in Hogwarts Legacy

Each player’s decision on their character’s morality determines the path they choose for themselves. The game will have several dark wizards featured as antagonists. This expansive action-adventure RPG game allows for a comprehensive exploration of the map.

There are terrible secrets and power items that, when discovered, drive players into the path of darkness. For instance, the restricted library section houses information on the Dark Arts that players might want to reveal. Dark Arts directly introduce the powerful notion, leading players to the dark path.

As much as players can take on a darker path, they can’t transform into complete villains. This is because the protagonist is the hero of the story. According to the official trailers, players must face dark wizards, whether they choose a dark or good path.

The restriction is; it doesn’t sound practical for Avalanche Software to allow players to become characters viler and more malicious characters than the forces they are against. Also, the game’s storyline revolves around young students still figuring out their societal position.

It is unlikely that these students will have a darker scheme for their path to greatness. Avalanche Software wants to give players the freedom to decide their character’s future and not create an evil destiny for them. The more secrets they uncover, the more they learn of the Dark Arts, leading them to a darker path.

How Evil Can I Be in Hogwarts Legacy?

Hogwarts Legacy will allow players to be dark through the Dark Arts, which will tempt them with power and prestige. This is not new to the Harry Potter series, as we see Draco Malfoy inherit knowledge about the Dark Arts, transforming him into a powerful dark wizard.

One can lead a dark witch or wizard school life in the Harry Potter series, similar to Draco. However, instead of starting a revolution and building an empire, players will be able to create their network based on their social power.

Therefore, players with dark characters can use their social power to bully others into compliance or submission. This is because of the Dark Arts’ power which promoted this kind of extortion. A good example is Draco, who used to harass others using cronies. We can expect a dark character player to rule a considerable portion of the game, even though they can’t dominate the wizarding world.

The new dark wizard version presents exciting gameplay. For example, a dark character can act on the teachers who tend to shut students down and punish them for expressing their true selves. Also, there will be a possibility for students to build rival groups, creating bully factions. The dark characters can easily trigger their way up the social dynamics with such sections.

As much as dark characters might seem to have some power, they must fight to defend their abilities. There will be resistance from other wizards and witches who want their spot. Also, the good characters in the school wish to thwart students affiliated with the Dark Arts, and they will become automatic rivals.

The Bottom Line

You can be a dark wizard in Hogwarts Legacy; however, there is a limit. Each player is the hero of their story. Therefore, no matter how much information one uncovers about the Dark Arts, one can’t transform into a true villain. 

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