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Ghostwire Tokyo Achievements

Ghostwire Tokyo is a supernatural action-adventure, a first-person shooter video game from Tango Gameworks. The protagonist, Akito, is on a mission to save the people of Tokyo when the whole population mysteriously disappears. The gameplay involves karate combat and a blend of magical powers using wind, fire, and water. The game is divided into chapters with a varying number of missions. In each mission, there’s also a substantial number of side missions. To continue to the next chapter, you must complete every mission. However, you don’t have to complete the side missions. Here is what you need to do.

Achievements and Trophies Found in Ghostwire Tokyo

The game is full of rewards, collectibles, and trophies to be won throughout the gameplay. The rewards range from spirit coins you receive after killing a ghost to trophies received after the successful completion of missions. There are a total of fifty-seven trophies to be won in Ghostwire Tokyo.

If you’re looking for an achievement guide to help you navigate the numerous rewards, you’re in the right place. This article acts as a Ghostwire Tokyo achievements guide and Ghostwire Tokyo prelude trophy guide to help you collect all the rewards in the game. The different trophies are classified as platinum, gold, silver, or bronze, depending on the level of achievement.

Different Trophies and What it Takes to Earn Them


●       Ghostwire Tokyoite – You need to acquire all trophies in the game.


●       Hero of Shibuya – Finish the main story after transferring all the spirits.

●       Trendsetter – Acquire all the content listed in the Outfit menu (excluding bonus items).


●       Collector – Collect all the relics.

●       Power overwhelming – Acquire all prayer beads assets.

●       Salvation of All – Transfer all the ghost spirits in the city

●       Wishmaker – Complete all the side missions.


●       Beginnings – Complete Chapter One.

●       Trouble – Complete Chapter Two.

●       Connection – Complete Chapter Three.

●       Contortion – Complete Chapter Four

●       Severance – Complete Chapter Five

●       Binding – Complete Chapter Six

●       Conclusions – Complete the main story

●       Helping Hand – Transfer 25% of all the spirits in the city

●       Savior – Transfer 50% of all spirits in the city

●       Problem Solver – finish a side mission

●       Opening a Path – Cleanse a Torii gate

●       Liberator – Cleanse the Torii gates

●       Treasure Hunter – Acquire a relic

●       Mind and Body – Unlock all the Spirit Skills

●       On the Same Wavelength – Increase your synergy levels to be maximum

●       Shibuya Is My Back Yard – locate all the city’s landmarks

●       Echoes of the Past – Get a voice log

●       The Whole Truth – Acquire all the voice logs in the game.

●       It’s All Thanks to Yokai – Get a magatama

●       With Their Powers Combined – Acquire all the magatama

●       Roadside Spirituality – Pray to the Jizo statue

●       Pilgrim – Pray to all the Jizo statues

●       Your Tail’s Showing – Find all missing tanuki

●       Gourmand – Acquire all types of foods and drinks

●       DJ Akito – Acquire all the music tracks

●       Talismania – Acquire all the Talismans.

●       Boundless Spirit – Acquire the max number of katashiro

●       Animal Lover – Pet, an animal

●       Amateur Photographer – Use Photo Mode for your first time

●       You Wouldn’t Steal a Spirit –  Protect at least three Containment Cubes in a single battle.

●       Don’t Worry About It – Pull “Daikyo” omikuji.

●       Better Together – Fuse back with KK’s spirit after getting hit by a severance attack.

●       Visiting Hours Are Over – Defeat all types of Visitors.

●       Heartbreaker – Eliminate a Visitor by pulling out its spirit core

●       Soul Breaker – Defeat fifty Visitors by pulling out their cores.

●       One Fell Swoop – Defeat at least five Visitors simultaneously by taking out their core spirits.

●       Couldn’t Take The Heat – Eliminate at least three Visitors simultaneously using a red ether crystal.

●       Silent Kill – Defeat a total of two hundred Visitors using Quick Purge.

●       Take a Bow – Defeat fifty Visitors using the bow.

●       Go For The Eyes – Defeat twenty Visitors with headshots.

●       Sniper – Defeat a Visitor with a headshot from a distance of at least 40 meters.

●       Freeze, Scumbag – Defeat ten Visitors with Quick Purge while holding them by a Stun Talisman.

●       A Shrubbery! – Defeat three Visitors with a Quick Purge while hiding in bushes created by a Thicket Talisman.

●       Left Yourself Open – Defeat ten Visitors by ripping out their cores after exposing them with an Exposure Talisman.

●       Master of Blocking – Perform thirty Perfect Blocks in the game.

●       In Sync – Wire In ten times.

●       Walking on Air – Glide and grapple, remaining in the air for at least ten seconds

●       Big Spender – Spend 1,000,000 meika

●       Pious – Donate a total of 10,000 meika into offering boxes.

●       Lonely Tsukumi – Spend at least thirty seconds looking at the moon.


Ghostwire Tokyo The numerous rewards found in Ghostwire Tokyo gameplay increase the game’s fun and adventure. You encounter all the difficulty levels, fight all the demons, collect all the collectibles and rescue the people. The different rewards test your abilities, while others help upgrade your abilities. Completion of all the missions in the game and attaining the highly coveted Ghostwire Tokyoite trophy is a huge feat.

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