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Ghostwire Tokyo Alternate Ending

Ghostwire: Tokyo is one of the year’s most anticipated games set in futuristic Tokyo, a land filled with deadly supernatural enemies. The game presents a new adventure for action lovers who take on the vengeful spirits roaming the streets.

Tango Gameworks and Bethesda, the game developer and publisher, officially launched the game on March 25th, 2022, and some elite gamers have managed to beat the game. Ghostwire: Tokyo features the primary mission and other side quests, and even after completing the game, most players still need to get the game’s complete story. Therefore, this guide highlights everything you need to know about Ghostwire: Tokyo’s alternate ending.

Is Ghostwire Tokyo Open World

Ghostwire: Tokyo is a partial open-world game. Even though the game features various elements available in open-world games, it is limited. The game allows gamers to explore the city and freely wander; however, Ghostwire: Tokyo offers open-ended levels. This means players can explore various areas during missions but cannot go off-course to climb the Tokyo tower or do whatever they wish.

It is not an actual open-game world. There are plenty of spirits to fight and secrets to uncover as gamers wander the new gaming environment.

You can think of the game as a sandbox instead of an open world. Ghostwire: Tokyo has a relatively more minor world map than most open-world games. However, it is fun and sizable and features horizontal and vertical elements.

Ghostwire Tokyo Characters

Ghostwire: Tokyo contains various characters, from visitors to spirits. Players can access the complete character list from the game’s database – by clicking on the Database option under the Character Tab. The list is categorized into three segments; Humans, Yokai, and Visitors. The list then presents the available characters in the order in which players can unlock them.

Here is a complete list of all available Ghostwire: Tokyo characters, and beware that there are spoilers:

  1. Human

Below is the list of all humans listed in Ghostwire: Tokyo, most of which worked closely with KK. They include;

  • Akito Izuki
  • KK
  • Mari Izuki
  • Rinko
  • Ed
  • Hannya
  1. Visitors

Ghostwire: Tokyo defines the enemies of the game as visitors. These characters are mostly gray faceless beings, and more than 20 visitors are available in the Ghostwire: Tokyo six chapters. The game requires players to defeat these characters and rewards them with various trophies after their triumphs. Here are the Ghostwire: Tokyo visitors;

  • Rain Walker
  • Rain Slasher
  • Rugged Walker
  • Shadow Hunter
  • Rage Walker
  • Relentless Walker
  • Student of Pain
  • Student of Misery
  1. Yokai

Yokai are the spirits that take any form and purpose. Some of these spirits bring good luck and fortune, while others despair and misfortune. Most of the spirits reward players with a magatama after being dissolved. The available Ghostwire: Tokyo spirits include;

  • Kappa
  • Tengu
  • Nurikabe
  • Oni
  • Zashiki-Warashi
  • Karakasa-Kozo

Ghostwire Tokyo After the End

Ghostwire: Tokyo is an immersive game with a unique storyline. The game has a considerable world map allowing players to take on side missions, such as After the End. Some players have completed the game without taking on the three available After the End side missions.

After the End 1,2 and 3 are available in Ghostwire: Tokyo’s chapter four since the side missions will no longer be available after progressing to the next level. Players who fail to take on this side quest miss various rewards. They also miss out on the chance of seeing the game’s true ending.

It is relatively easy to complete the After the End missions; however, no achievements or trophies are offered after completion. There are, however, rewards and helpful background information on the game’s main storyline.

Some of the rewards to expect after completion of Ghostwire: Tokyo’s After the End side missions are 9,000 Meika, the Taiko Drummer outfit, the Retro 1 and Monochrome 2 camera filters, and about 1,500 spirits. This information helps players understand the game’s key characters better.

Ghostwire Tokyo Alternate Ending

Players who choose only to follow Ghostwire: Tokyo’s main storyline can complete the game; however, they might still have some questions that need to be answered. This is because the game has an alternate ending, which becomes clearer by taking on the available side missions, such as After the End.

The side quest gives players the first glimpse into the game’s ending. Also, the mysterious character you see in the mask is Hannya, and he has a tragic story that players can learn by taking on side missions. At the end of it all, players who experience Ghostwire: Tokyo’s alternate ending can see how alike the human characters are.

The Bottom Line

Players can complete Ghostwire: Tokyo by taking on only the main missions. However, these gamers must explore other crucial game areas where they would have unlocked various secrets and character information, ensuring the ideal ending. The only way for players to understand Ghostwire: Tokyo’s storyline is to complete the available side quests, such as After the End. 

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