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How Many Endings in Ghostwire Tokyo

Ghostwire: Tokyo takes us deep into the open world of Shibuya, a land full of reveals and action. The game has an immersive storyline, and numerous players have managed to beat Ghostwire: Tokyo. However, even after completing the main storyline, most gamers have been left hanging as they try to figure out the complete story.

This is because the main missions only tell part of the Ghostwire: Tokyo story since the additional side quests add more narrative threads. If you have such questions, this guide reveals Ghostwire: Tokyo endings, and note that there are Ghostwire: Tokyo revengers ending spoilers; therefore, read carefully.

How Many Endings Are There in Ghostwire: Tokyo?

There is only one final Ghostwire: Tokyo game ending after completing the main missions. The game has five chapters, and this ending comes after completing the main objectives in each of the five levels. What is more, players can choose between three different endings, depending on their decisions during the ghostwire tokyo bonus ending.

Ghostwire: Tokyo Main Ending

Ghostwire: Tokyo’s final ending features three main characters, Akito, KK, and Hannya. The final moments are when Akito and KK face Hannya, the most challenging boss in the game. The face-off is intense for Akito and KK, but after all the struggles, they defeat the boss.

This defeat takes Hannya out of the picture, freeing the spirits of the Vanished, which go back to normal. Hannya’s faceoff is the most challenging mission in Ghostwire: Tokyo, and it is best to learn more about the villain since the game provides little information. Here is a quick overview ending of the three main Ghostwire: Tokyo characters.

  1. Hannya

Hannya is the mysterious and powerful boss with the mask on. His struggles began when he lost his wife and daughter, Erika, who was also in the KK and Rinko’s crew. Hannya’s bond with his daughter grew apart as he continued his criminal ways, leading to him losing touch with reality. At the “After the End” side mission, we see Erika meeting with Hannya before she gets sacrificed for his cause. The villain was on a mission to build a bridge between the spirit and the human world to reunite with his wife and daughter.

KK and Hannya also share a lot in common, and it is safe to assume they are of the same age. Also, KK’s flashbacks during the game reveal that he got his powers from the same crystal Hannya uses to gain his supernatural abilities. However, they chose different paths, which is why we see the two facing each other in Ghostwire: Tokyo’s final fight.

After his defeat, we see Hannya reunited with his family as they climb out of the abyss with Erika on his back and moving on together.

  1. KK

After taking down Hannya, it is time for KK and Akito to say goodbye. Before that part ways, we see Akito speaking to the parent’s spirits, asking them to guide his sister into the Afterlife. Akito then exchanges with KK, who asks him to get a message to his wife and child before KK’s spirit leaves his body.

KK’s spirit becomes free and moves on after defeating Hannya and coming to terms with the guilt from his past relationships with his family. He accepts the mistakes he made as a father, and he chooses to protect his family. After making peace, we see KK’s spirit leaving Akito’s body, leaving Akito to face the new world by himself.

Rinko harbored immense guilt after Erika’s demise, which kept their spirits uncomfortable. However, after Akito and KK free Erika’s spirit, Rinko gets freed of their guilt, freeing them from the human realm before passing on.

  1. Akito

Akito moves on as well, and from the game’s ending, it is clear that he and Hannya shared what was somewhat familiar. Apart from their supernatural abilities, they both harbored immense grief, guilt, and heartache caused by the people they once loved.

We see Hannya unable to come to terms with the reality of losing his entire family, which leads to him wanting to bridge the gap between the living and spirit. Hannya was willing to do whatever it took and pay the price, be it moral, human, or spiritual cost.

This was the same for Akito, who was burdened with guilt and grief. However, after his adventures with KK, he learns to accept his situation and makes peace with his past. He acknowledges all the pain and emotions of the tragic events and chooses a new path – instead of living in guilt, he decides to appreciate life and all its good deeds.

The Bottom Line

Ghostwire: Tokyo’s ending can be confusing, especially for those who choose to stick to the primary mission. Through the available side quests, players learn of the pre-existing relationships and bonds between the characters, giving them a better understanding of the game’s storyline. In case you missed these quests, above is everything you need to know to understand Ghostwire: Tokyo’s ending.

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