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Elden Ring Thunderbolt Ash Of War

Elden Ring features powerful enemies and bosses, and you need exceptional combat skills to take them out. You must include ranged attacks to kill these dominant creatures regardless of your combat approach. As you explore Lands Between, you will access various weapons, collectibles, spells, etc., that you should use to equip your weapon inventory.

One effective strategy Dark Souls players use is ranged spells, thanks to the Ashes of War. One of the most effective options is the Thunderbolt, and below is all the information you need to find and effectively use it.

Elden Ring Thunderbolt Ash Of War Location

As you look for the Thunderbolt Ash of War, prepare for an eventful adventure. This collectible gets dropped by a Teardrop Scarab found in Leyndell. Leyndell is the Royal Capital city, and it is effortless to locate it using your Elden Ring world map.

The Teardrop Scarab’s location is at the northern side of the Avenue Balcony, next to the Site of Grace. You will find the Scarab below the gigantic dragon’s wing on some grass. Note that you must be quick and destroy the creature before it disappears.

How to Get to The Thunderbolt Ash of War

Getting the Thunderbolt Ash of War is more complex than you think. Your first step is to get to Leyndell. Next is to locate the Avenue Balcony Site of Grace, where you will take the stairs leading to the ground floor. Make your way through the doors and walk to the alley.

When you get to the alley, you will begin to hear the Scarab’s tingling noise. Take the route left, then drop to the wall below the dragon. Look left to locate the Scarab.

The Teardrop Scarab doesn’t attack; however, it will dig away if you take long to kill it. Therefore, you need to have your weapons ready for attack. However, if, by bad luck, it digs away, you can wait for it to respawn by resting at the nearby Grace site. Moreover, you can also summon a Soul for help.

Once you defeat it, the Thunderbolt Ash of War drops alongside other valuable items. You will use this item to craft and upgrade weapons at any Forge or Blacksmith. Other than that, you can also use it to build powerful spells in your Spellbook.

How to Use the Thunderbolt Ash of War

After killing the Teardrop Scarab, it will drop the collectible and Elden Ring Thunderbolt Ash of War Reddit players can experiment with it on their weapons. The Thunderbolt Ash of War is a weapon upgrade characterized by a powerful lightning surge from the sky. You can relate the scene to the Thor movie where he summons his hammer from the skies.

Thunderbolt Ash of War improves the Dexterity stats and sacrifices Strength. After upgrading your weapons with this collectible, your ranged attacks become more effective and lethal. It is important to note that the Thunderbolt Ash of War is practical on any melee weapon as long as they allow skill replacement.

Why Get the Thunderbolt Ash of War?

The main advantage of retrieving the Thunderbolt Ash of War from the Teardrop Scarab is to upgrade your melee weapons. It provides the equipped weapons with a lightning affinity, which does Lightning Damage with every strike. However, it decreases the Strength scaling and base damage.

Players can also use the Thunderbolt Ash of War alongside other affinity upgrades. These additional upgrades to consider include:

  • Standard
  • Heavy
  • Keen
  • Quality
  • Lightning
  • Sacred

According to the above stats and abilities, you’ll realize that the Thunderbolt Ash of War works best when used on a weapon with good Dexterity Scaling and Base Damage. Some weapon options are Straight Swords, Daggers, Colossal Swords, and Katanas.

Elden Ring Bosses to Expect

Getting to Leyndell is adventurous, and you should expect to encounter some enemies on your way. When you get to Leyndell, in the Altus plateau, a mini-boss awaits you at the Site of Grace. Before getting to the courtyard, you will get to the first mini-boss at the lift. Taking down this first boss is easy, and you can also avoid an encounter by making stealth movements.

As you progress, there is another giant mini-boss at the waterway. This opponent is more challenging and can kill you if you aren’t careful. It is also possible to avoid an encounter with the mini-boss; however, those who choose to face it get rewarded for their troubles. For instance, if you successfully defeat the mini-boss, you will receive a Hero’s Rune worth 35,000 Runes.

There are other small and less tough opponents to expect as you try to get the Thunderbolt Ash of War. For example, there is the Leyndell Knight close to the bridge. You should also expect some crawling hands and rats in the sewers, which you can easily defeat.

The Bottom Line

It is time to upgrade your Elden Ring weapons with the Thunderbolt Ash of War. This skill is readily available, and if you are having trouble retrieving it, above is all the information you need to get the Elden Ring Thunderbolt Ash of War. Use the tips above to easily find and take down the Teardrop Scarab to get the skill. 

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