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Elden Ring Ancient Dragon Prayer Book

Casting magic spells and incantations is as exciting as it sounds. For the lovers of the Dark Soul Series by FromSoftware, this is constantly part of the gameplay. Like the previous FromSoftware games, Elden Ring is no different regarding incantations and magic spells. One of the key sources of incantations is the prayer books found throughout the game on various sites. However, to access any prayer books, just like other essential Elden Ring items, you must roam the Lands Between to uncover the secret location. The Ancient Dragon Prayerbook isn’t different. Therefore, read about the Elden Ring Ancient Dragon Prayer book early, its location, its uses, and everything involved.

Elden Ring Ancient Dragon Prayerbook

You can never be disappointed when it comes to the variety of weapons in Elden Ring. The game provides a long list of weapons, magic spells, skills, and incantations to aid your progress in the Lands Between. Fight your way to the top and easily become the new Elden Lord. If you’re tired of physical weapons, use the incantations to unleash powerful attacks on your enemies. You can learn many of Elden Ring’s incantations from prayer books looted from various sites. One of the prayer books you should lay your hands on in the game is the Ancient Dragon Prayerbook.

Elden Ring Ancient Dragon Prayerbook is an item vital for gameplay. The book belongs to an ancient capital’s dragon cult that never got to Eden Ring before the shattering of the empire. Ancient Dragon Prayerbook provides incantations readily used in a fight against enemies. First, however, you need to offer the book to the clerics to interpret the spells and equip you with the incantations.

The Ancient Dragon Prayerbook incantations are some of the most potent incantations in Elden Ring. Incantations are magic spells equipped onto the player by memorizing how to cast the spells while at a Site of Grace. Incantation spells scale with Faith, and you can cast in a fight. The Ancient Dragon Prayerbook provides you with the following incantations;

  •  Ancient Dragons’ Lightning Strike- summoning this incantation will cause lightning so strong to strike the enemy from above. You can cast the lightning strike repeatedly.
  • Ancient Dragons’ Lightning Spear- this incantation summons the lightning spear. You can charge the spear, striking a powerful lightning bolt on impact.

Elden Ring Ancient Dragon Prayerbook Location

As noted, the game doesn’t grant you the Ancient Dragon Prayerbook immediately after you start the book. Also, like all the game’s secret items, Ancient Dragon Prayerbook is hidden deep in the Lands Between, requiring you to go into a lot of trouble to retrieve it. However, the reward for the struggle is worth the fight. You may wonder where and how to find the Ancient Dragon Prayerbook since traversing the Lands Between can be challenging. Worry no more if that’s your trouble.

Where is the Ancient Dragon Prayerbook?

The Ancient Dragon Prayerbook is at the Crumbling Farum Azula, located near the Crumbling Beast Grave Depths Site of Grace. To get here, you’ll need to help Melina in her quest to set the Erdtree ablaze by killing the Fire Giant found at the Mountaintops of the Giants.

You will get the Dragon Cult Prayer Book as a drop reward after eliminating a knight in gold armor and wielding the lightning sword. Despite the knight not being a field boss, you will have difficulty stopping him. The trick is to use Torrent and engage in the hit-and-run war tactic. You can take the prayer book after defeating the knight.

How can you get to the Ancient Dragon Prayerbook location?

The journey to loot the Ancient Dragon Prayerbook is dangerous and full of battles. However, below is a simplified means to get the prayerbook.

  • The first step is to get to the Site of Grace in Crumbling Beast Grave Depths.
  • Once you’re here, follow the torch-lit hall on the other room’s side and move towards the staircase.
  • Descend the stairs, and you will find broken bricks in a pile at the center of the room.
  • You will see the Ancient Dragon Prayerbook on top of the file

One important note is to beware of the enemies in the room before grabbing the book. To avoid surprise attacks, you should eliminate them before taking the book.

Using the Elden Ring Ancient Dragon Prayerbook

To unlock the Ancient Dragons’ Lightning Strike & the Ancient Dragons’ Lightning Spear incantations, you must take the prayer book to the clerics. The clerics will then learn how to cast the spells from the book and equip you with the chants.

To find the clerics, progress to the Roundtable Hold to find Brother Corhyn or head to Liurnia’s Church of Vows, where Miriel, the Priest of Vows, is located. Hand over the book to any of the two clerics. You can then buy the incantation spells from them. However, you will require a high Faith scaling to cast the spells. For instance, the Ancient Dragons’ Lightning Strike needs 26 or more Faith, while Ancient Dragons’ Lightning Spear needs 32 or more Faith.

You should note that you may miss Brother Corhyn at the Roundtable Hold if you have progressed further in the quest. However, there’s no need to worry about this since you can find him at the Altus Plateau in the Goldmask’s location.

After the purchase, equip your character with the chants and head out fully armed for another Elden Ring battle.

Spells that are included in Elden Ring Ancient Dragon Prayer Book

Ideally, this book includes numerous ancient spells that the Dragons and other creatures use to protect their domain or do various tasks. Some of these spells include:

  • Summoning a Dragon – This spell is used to summon a dragon creature to fight against your enemies.
  • Fireballs – A powerful spell that can launch a barrage of fireballs at your adversaries.
  • Wind Barrier – It creates an invisible barrier around you that blocks incoming attacks from all directions.
  • Raise Dead – This incantation brings forth dead creatures to aid in the battle for a short period.
  • Frost Shield – Creates an icy shield that absorbs damage and slows down enemies when they come close enough.


You should equip yourself with the  Elden Ring Ancient Dragon Prayerbook early in the game if you want potent incantations to summon in the fights. Then, roam the Lands Between to locate the prayer book, take it to the clerics for interpretation, and get rewarded with the Ancient Dragons’ Lightning Strike and the Ancient Dragons’ Lightning Spear. Summon these incantations at any convenient chance to unleash a powerful, unexpected attack on the enemy. Following the tips above will ease your adventure journey to discover the Ancient Dragon Prayerbook in the Lands Between.

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