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Best Dual Wield Elden Ring

Dual wielding is one of fantasy games’ most special combat techniques, and Elden Ring offers this. Elden Ring is the latest franchise by FromSoftware that was released in early 2022. The game is already storming the gaming industry due to its fantastic gameplay. The game allows you to explore vast lands and possess various weapons as you battle enemies. The mission in Elden Ring is to conquer the lands and become the New Elden Lord. Therefore, the key gameplay in the game is combat, and with combat comes a wide array of weapons. 

Elden Ring has a list of three hundred and nine weapons and magic spells you can wield. However, the better part is that you can wield two weapons at a go for increased power and damage. Dual wielding is a technique players have used repeatedly in the previous FromSoftware games. Find more about the dual-wielding technique, the best dual wield Elden Ring early game, and the best stats for dual wield Elden Ring in this guide.

Dual Wielding in Elden Ring

The possibility of the dual-wielding technique in FromSoftware games is always thrilling to the fans. Starting way back in the game, Demon’s Soul, dual builds have always been a thing for the fans. The Power Stance mechanic will wield the best combo weapons to unleash powerful hits on the enemy. Why should you dual-wield weapons? The real deal is, why use one weapon when you can use two?

Dual wielding works by simply picking a weapon in each hand and attacking the enemy. The combination produces powerful attacks with increased speed and damage. The only downside to this Power Stance is that it leaves you open to some attacks.

A long list of weapons allows dual wielding in the Elden Ring. The weapons range from Katanas to Greatswords and Spears to Clubs. Some weapons will cause serious bleed damage, while others will instantly cause death. In addition, dual wielding will not only increase the damage the weapon causes but also boost the attack speed.

Best Dual Wield Weapons in Elden Ring

If you are a power stance fan, you might wonder which are the best dual wield weapons in Elden Ring. Below is a list of the best dual-wield weapons in Elden Ring and their damage effects on the enemy.

Hoslow’s Petal Whips

Wielding two whips gives the amount of damage output and range. They will turn you into an exceedingly dangerous one-person circus. You can get Hoslow’s Petal Whips by defeating Juno, Diallos’s brother, through the Volcano Manor quest line. Eliminating Juno will reward you with the two whips he uses to cause a massacre and blood loss.

Rivers of Blood

Rivers of Blood render attacks ranging from piercing and slash attacks producing intense damage with each attack. It’s a bleed weapon with an arcane stat scaling that turns any enemy into flowing rivers of blood.

Wielding the Rivers of Blood with the Ash of War or Uchigatana creates a powerful combination perfect for massacres. Dual wielding the weapon also produces a powerful attack with the weapon’s skill known as Corpse Piler. You can get the Rivers of Blood after killing Bloody Finger Okina.

Starscourge Greatswords

Starscourge Greatswords is one of the mighty Colossal swords in the Elden Ring. The weapon is curved and utilizes the Starcaller Cry skill by pulling the enemy close to you and dealing them great damage. Dual wielding the Starscourge Greatswords causes serious AOE damage.

The Radahn boss uses the weapon found at the Roundtable Hold in Enia, and you can acquire it by killing the boss or trading the Remembrance of the Starscourge. The sword can be upgraded using the Smithing Stones to increase its damage output.

Golden Halberds

Dual wielding the Golden Halberd allows you to use the five-hits combo that renders tremendous damage. Using the Golden Halberds with the swing and jump attacks increases the weapon’s efficiency despite the slow speed. Slow speed is a major effect of heavy weapons.

The Dragon Halberd or the Commander’s Standard can work for the dual wield if you don’t want to use two Golden Halberds.

Godskin Peeler

If you are looking for speed in your attacks, the Godskin Peeler is the perfect weapon. Dual wielding the Godskin Peeler increases the speed of the attacks causing blood loss buildup. The Godskin Peeler range is good for pointy ends and melee battles.

Equipping the weapon with the Seppuku of Occult Ashes of War will increase its power tremendously. The Occult Ashes of War will coat the blades with blood, increasing the blood loss on the enemy.

Black Knives

One of the most great events in the Elden Ring lands is the Night of the Black Knives. The Black Knives will shred the enemy into pieces with a lightning-speed move-set of piercing and slashing.

Black Knives utilizes the Blade of Death skill to weaken the enemy making it easier to take them out. You can find the Black Knives from the Sainted Hero’s Grave Assassin in the Altus Plateau.

Giant Crusher

The Giant Crusher is a terrifying and strong weapon requiring strength stats. Combining two of them with jump attacks produces hits that can instantly kill the enemy. However, like the other heavy weapons, the Giant Crusher is slower to use than other faster weapons. You can find the weapon at the Site of Grace in the Outer Wall Phantom.

Fingerprint Stone Shields

If you want to turn into an indestructible knight, then bury yourself under this ton of steel. Fingerprint Stone Shield is the heaviest shield in the Elden Ring and will turn you into an immovable wall. Using the Shield Crash or the Shield Bash skill with the dual-wielded Fingerprint Stone Shields will turn you into a demigod.


Dual wielding is a famous skill in the FromSoftware games since it gives you a Power Stance and turns you into an indestructible warrior. Figuring out the right weapons for dual wield in different scenarios will greatly help your quest. Try out the weapons listed above, plus many others that can be dual-wielded in the Elden Ring.

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