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Ghostwire: Tokyo Review

Ghostwire: Tokyo takes players on a wild exploration ride into the new Tokyo, filled with spirits and themes of death. The game was one of the most anticipated games, and after its release, gamers worldwide have made their feelings clear about the new release by Tango Gameworks.

We have also tried out the game, beat it, and managed to examine all aspects. Therefore, if you are wondering if this is your game, read along to get a comprehensive Ghostwire Tokyo review Reddit users will find helpful.

What is Ghostwire: Tokyo?

Get ready for an unforgettable experience with Ghostwire: Tokyo, the thrilling action-adventure game from Tango Gameworks and Bethesda. The game launched on March 25th, 2022 as a limited PS5 exclusive game. This means it is only playable on PS5 consoles and PC. Moreover, The premise of the game is Tokyo being one of the centers of paranormal activity and spiritual entities known as “Arcanas” that have suddenly started appearing in the city.

The game takes a first-person approach, where gamers play Akito’s character. Akito is a young man on the verge of death whose body gets inhabited by KK’s spirit. This forces an alliance between Akito and KK, who take on the Ghostwire: Tokyo adventures. Gameplay-wise, Ghostwire: Tokyo offers an open-world exploration with plenty of side missions and activities to do while exploring the city. The main story revolves around solving mysteries related to cults and dark secrets hidden within Tokyo’s history, all while combating the Arcanas you encounter along the way.

Ghostwire: Tokyo Story Review

The game’s storyline begins when Tokyo citizens disappear, and the streets get filled with spirits. Tokyo then gets covered in a thick deadly fog, which is when we see Akito on the verge of death.

KK’s spirit inhabits Akito, and they set out on a journey to unravel the mystery. The main objective is to locate the strange masked being, Hannya, connected to the unfortunate deaths and spirits’ takeover.

Akito’s and KK’s quest to find Hannya is Ghostwire: Tokyo’s main storyline. However, there are side quests available that reveal other crucial storyline events. The adventures get intense, and there are personal stakes for all characters, especially since KK and Hannshare share a common past.

That is the general overview of the game’s story, and as much as it is engaging, it is fairly wooden. The game fails to establish a special connection, and it is difficult to buy into the personal arcs. Ghostwire: Tokyo also concludes quickly, especially for those focusing on the primary mission. Therefore, gamers must take on all available side quests to understand the complete storyline.

Ghostwire: Tokyo Review Gamespot Gameplay

The action game requires players to use Akito’s abilities to perform various spells to launch powerful attacks causing severe damage. It is easy to unlock Akito’s primal powers, and players can unlock them after an hour. There is also the option of casting spells as part of combat.

Visitors, sinister invading spirits, are the primary foes, and they can be aggressive. Players should master effective combat strategies because these spirits can overwhelm and easily outnumber players. The ideal approach is to keep a distance and take them on strategically. There are other combat abilities, such as ripping the enemy’s body out. This move is a favorite for many, especially PS5 users enjoying the PS5 Dualsense haptic feedback.

After defeating the spirits, players are free to roam and explore the lands. One of the significant adventure objectives is to defog the map and absorb as many spirits as possible.

Players also have to take on side quests, which present satisfying adventures. These side missions are easy to complete; however, there are challenging ones that take about 30 minutes to complete.

The main drawback of its gameplay is its slick combat. Ghostwire: Tokyo action options are below par, and some players find it disappointing.

Ghostwire Tokyo Review Ps5

Ghostwire: Tokyo impressively showcases the graphical power of the PS5 console. The shooter game’s setting looks photorealistic and features various interactive elements which make the experience magical.

For instance, using the PS Dualsense controller with adaptive triggers creates haptic feedback. The haptic responses connect players to the gameplay and make every enemy strike or adventure satisfying. This is why most gamers prefer playing the game on their consoles over PC.

Ghostwire Tokyo Review Pc

PC users have also had their disappointments with Ghostwire: Tokyo. Even after meeting the minimum and recommended system requirements, the game tends to have some technical issues, especially when using higher-resolution settings.

Another limitation for PC users is that they lack the haptic feeling experienced when using the PS5 controller. These effects, which connect gamers to the game, are among the top reasons you should try Ghostwire: Tokyo.

The mentioned PC technical issues aren’t much of a burden, and players can quickly work around them using the correct settings. Ghostwire: Tokyo allows gamers to tweak the available game settings and choose their preferred combinations.

The Bottom Line

Ghostwire: Tokyo might not be the most excellent exclusive we’ve seen this year, but it should not be overlooked. The game has pros and cons, and based on extensive analysis; it is ideal for gamers who prefer an open-world game that doesn’t overwhelm them with too much content. However, the general overview is that the game has several drawbacks in almost every aspect.

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