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Ghostwire: Tokyo Tips And Tricks

Are you ready for the thrilling Shibuya adventures in Ghostwire: Tokyo? The game takes players on a spooky quest into the intense, mysterious, futuristic Tokyo city. Ghostwire: Tokyo is an exciting game; however, it takes time to explain every gameplay aspect creating an information gap.

Even though there are in-game explanations and recommendations, it is better to understand the game aspects, especially for those new to the game. Here are some helpful Ghostwire Tokyo tips and tricks Reddit users should use to make their adventures purging the spirits more fun.

Ghostwire: Tokyo Best Tips

The streets are filled with powerful bosses, visitors, and spirits, and the only way for players to survive is to be lethal and strategic. Therefore, it is best to use these tips to make your life in the intense streets easier:

  1. Absorb as many spirits as possible to quickly level up.
  2. Enter any telephone booth you see to absorb the wayward souls.
  3. Pick the Melee Core Grab skill as early as possible to perform uninterrupted grabs.
  4. Secure dog food and feed the dogs, leading you to loot money and other treasures.
  5. Break any crystalized black ether to refill your arrows and ether.
  6. Always activate the spectral vision to spot hidden items and nearby enemies easily.
  7. During combat, keep a safe distance between you and the enemies to protect yourself from the fire projectiles.
  8. Always look into the sky to identify Tengu locations with tori gates spirits, meika, and many other collectibles.
  9. It is best to disable the time limits specified on some main and side quests since these limits can affect your progress.
  10. Explore every corner of the map to discover various collectibles and elements.

Ghostwire: Tokyo Cheats

There are a ton of Ghostwire Tokyo secrets and cheats experienced gamers use to dominate the yokai and other powerful visitors. These tricks become helpful as they help players easily take out the spirits and find hidden collectibles which improve their abilities and skills. If you are looking to have an easier time surviving the ghost-filled Shibuya streets, here are some effective cheats to use:

1.     Completing Containment Cube events

Ghostwire: Tokyo requires players to adventure the lands and absorb as many spirits as possible. However, this can be a tedious task for many, and an easier way to collect and complete it is; as enemies spawn in the combat area, be patient. Don’t attack; give them time to run to the cubes and absorb the energy.

Taking down big enemies

The action-adventure game is full of powerful bosses and enemies. However, the best way to take them out before a fight is to use a stealth attack. An effective strategy is to create a hiding spot using the Thicket talisman, lure enemies with the Distract Talisman and use stealth attacks to initiate powerful attacks.

2.     Trigger the Hyakki Yako Adventure

One of the main quests requires players to adventure into the Hyakki Yako, a random world event. Most gamers get sucked into the void, and they have to face several enemies. Luckily, there is an easier way to trigger the event by returning to Shibuya Scramble Crossing and activating the event from here.

3.     Easily Defeat Melee Enemies

Melee enemies, such as Kuchisake and Walker, can be intimidating and tough to defeat. However, the best way to gain a fighting advantage is to use the Grapple–Summon Tengu skill which you can use to grapple and attack the enemy using fire, wind, and bow attacks.

4.     Get New Outfits

Ghostwire: Tokyo rewards players with outfits, especially as rewards for completing various side quests. These attires have unique abilities when unlocked. For instance, players receive the Fallout 4 Vault Suit after completing the Crimson Moon side mission. The Tanuki outfit also gets awarded after completing the Tanuki Hunt side mission.

Ghostwire Tokyo Best Skills

Most of the above outfits, Ghostwire: Tokyo’s best skills, and other collectibles, become available after defeating the most challenging enemies. Therefore, it is best to perfect your combat skills, and there are specific valuable skills you can purchase to ensure you can defend yourself and reclaim the lost Shibuya. The best Ghostwire: Tokyo skills to acquire early in the game include:

  • Fudo Skill
  • Kukurihime Skill
  • Ninigi Skill
  • Hakkei Skill
  • Michikiri Skill
  • Amenokagami skill

These skills have unique abilities and can quickly turn the fight to your advantage. The way to get any of the above options is to use your accumulated skill points to upgrade your abilities. In addition, the way to acquire the points is by completing missions, freeing spirits in the telephone booths, and defeating enemies.

The Bottom Line

There is always an easier way to play Ghostwire: Tokyo to make the game experience more fun. However, it is mostly experienced players or gamers who managed to beat the game who know of these tips and tricks. Therefore, if you are new to Ghostwire: Tokyo or need help in the streets of Shibuya, use the above tips and tricks. 

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