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Ghostwire Tokyo vs Elden Ring

2022 is one of the great years in the gaming industry with the release of hot gaming titles from major gaming developers. The gamers are therefore stuck behind screens completing mission after mission of different titles. With the release of great titles like Ghostwire Tokyo and Elden Ring as some of the best 2022 gaming titles, the gaming community is lost on preferences.

Which is the best game between Ghostwire Tokyo and Elden Ring? Which of the two games has killer gameplay? You may indeed find it hard to choose between the two games if you had to choose. However, worry not since this article tries to shed light on this in the simplest way.

What is Ghostwire Tokyo Gameplay About

If you’re a gaming enthusiast, you must know about Ghostwire Tokyo‘s gameplay. However, if you have not experienced the game yet, you’re in the right place.

Ghostwire Tokyo is a first-shooter, action-oriented game set in the open world of modern Tokyo. The storyline begins with the disappearance of the town’s population after a mysterious, demonic fog covers the city. Akito, possessed by the spirit of KK, the detective, is the only remaining inhabitant alive. Therefore, he must head on a mission to rescue and bring his people home.

The game allows you to explore the modern-day Tokyo landmarks as you fight ghosts and collect their spirits to upgrade your abilities. Ghostwire Tokyo utilizes a combination of the popular karate technique and magic spells.

What is Elden Ring Gameplay About

Elden Ring is the latest title by FromSoftware, the developers of the Dark Souls Series. Like the previous FromSoftware franchise, Elden Ring isn’t that different; this ranges from the gameplay to the weapons.

The game is set in the vast open world of the Lands Between, featuring a third-shooter perspective. The storyline involves the Tarnished, who return after the crumble of the mighty Elden kingdom. He must fight the demigods and other supernatural beings to bring stability to the Lands Between and become the new Elden Lord.

Elden Ring‘s combat involves using supernatural weapons and magic spells to fight the bosses and conquer the lands. You can upgrade your abilities using specific game items or Runes earned by defeating the enemies. The game also allows for spirit summons to help in tough battles.

Differences Between Ghostwire Tokyo and  Elden Ring

In Ghostwire Tokyo, Akito’s primary mission is to defeat the ghosts who have taken over the city and bring back the city inhabitants before they get to the underworld. The game comprises fully outlined chapters to aid you in the progression. You will only progress to the next chapter after completing the previous chapter’s objectives. 

Elden Ring features a different perspective from this in its gameplay. In the Elden Ring, the Tarnished’s primary mission is to fight the demigods, who have taken over the kingdom after the shattering of the golden rule, and become the new Elden Lord. However, there are no clearly laid out chapters to progress through the game. Apart from the occasional hints at the Sites of Grace, you must figure out most of the progression.

The other key difference between the two games lies in their endings. In Ghostwire Tokyo, you progress through the outlined chapters to the end, which is an already set ending. However, Elden Ring offers a different approach. The game is not divided into chapters that lead to one ending. Your decisions determine your ending as you progress through the various quests. There are different optional endings in Elden Ring’s gameplay.

Are there navigation guides in the games?

Elden Ring’s open world is enormous compared to Ghostwire Tokyo. The map showing directions in the Lands Between is nothing more than typography with few details. However, Ghostwire Tokyo offers much more with its map detailed with landmarks and locations for different objectives.

The small map size also makes it much easier to navigate, which differs from the vast Elden Ring’s map. In addition, there’s a guide handy to help you navigate the lands in Ghostwire Tokyo, unlike the Elden Ring.

Similarities Between Ghostwire Tokyo and  Elden Ring

Despite the two games having differences, they share plenty of similarities. The similarities make the two titles more than rival titles but complement each other.

The most striking similarity is the open-world setting of both games. You are free to explore the lands and complete side quests. However, some parts of the map are not open in Ghostwire Tokyo until you attain a particular milestone.

If you’re a fan of the dark souls games, you may find these two titles strikingly similar. Both involve a battle with enemies with supernatural abilities, whether ghosts or demigods. As a result of these, the use of magic spells in both titles is a common technique.

Bottom Line

Comparing the two games can prove to be challenging. However, most players view Ghostwire Tokyo much easier than Elden Ring. Although there are plenty of differences, both titles are tremendous and should complement each other rather than rivals.

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