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Ghostwire: Tokyo Forlorn Locations

Ghostwire: Tokyo takes gamers to the well-visualized and futuristic Tokyo streets filled with ghosts. The game tasks players to take back control over the commercial areas. Many ghosts are roaming around the city, including powerful bosses who are hard to track and absorb.

Some of the notorious foes available are the forlorn, also known as visitors. Ghostwire: Tokyo requires players to defeat all visitors through the main and side missions. Therefore, players should know where to find these visitors and formulate proper strategies to take them out. Here is a guide on where to find the forlorn in Ghostwire: Tokyo.

Who Are the Forlorn in Ghostwire: Tokyo?

The Forlorn, also known as the Forsaken, are visitors in Ghostwire: Tokyo born from the sorrows of abused children. They tend to be skeptical, fear everything around them, and are defenseless. The Forlorn always feel rattled players approach anytime, whether with good or bad intentions.

The Forsaken have no combat abilities; however, when they feel frightened, they summon other visitors to fight for them before fleeing. These influential visitors always show up whenever the Forlorn feels in danger.

It is easy to identify them since they take on the form of small children. You will see them wearing tattered raincoats and a red umbrella.

Ghostwire: Tokyo Forlorn Locations

Players should identify the Forlorn locations and use them to their advantage to quickly take down the powerful visitors. There are 23 visitor variants in Ghostwire: Tokyo, among them the Forsaken, and players have to defeat them all to receive the Visiting Hours Are Over trophy.

Always remember that they will flee whenever players get too close, and the ideal strategy is to sneak behind them and perform a Quick Purge. Before looking at the forlorn locations, it is best to save the game before engaging with any visitor so that you can quickly reload your progress in case they flee. This is because they take hours to respawn after they flee.

Players will encounter the forlorn in the open world, and it is better to know their location to avoid accidentally triggering them. The forlorn in Ghostwire: Tokyo is available at:

  • In the alleyway close to the Mikubo Shrine
  • In the street south of the Kuo Shrine.

Players can also encounter them during the main missions, for instance, in Chapter 2: The Caves of Steel. Nineteen of the available visitors are regular enemies, and 4 are one-time bosses players face during the second chapters. There are 3 Forsaken available throughout Ghostwire: Tokyo.

Here are the three locations of the three Forsaken in Ghostwire: Tokyo:

  • The first Forsaken can be found in the park directly east of the Chishima Shrine.
  • Players can locate the second Forsaken in the parking lot northwest of the Onten Shrine near the Convenience Store.
  • The final Forsaken is available in the park east of the Tatsui Shrine.

These visitors are not lethal; however, they have powerful friends who always come to their aid whenever they summon them. Gamers will have to face each of the available visitors, and a strategic approach is to use forlorn to summon them and take them out.

Note that the Forlorn is not the most formidable opponent in Ghostwire: Tokyo; however, finding them can be a hassle once they flee. Therefore, as you approach any of the above locations, it is best to move stealthily and make surprise attacks.

The Bottom Line

Ghostwire: Tokyo’s primary mission requires players to find and take out the Forlorn and Forsaken. Only a few players know about these visitors, quickly easily flee whenever they feel startled, and they take hours to respawn. Therefore, save yourself the grief of wasting all that time and use the guide above to strategically approach and take down these visitors. 

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