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Ghostwire Tokyo Xbox Game Pass

Ghostwire Tokyo was released in late March exclusively on PC and PS5 due to a one-year exclusive deal signed with Sony. As it stands, Ghostwire Tokyo is not available on Xbox Game Pass, nor is there Ghostwire Tokyo Xbox game pass PC. However, with the one year coming to an end, Xbox fans are enthusiastic about learning if the game is finally coming to their consoles. It’s safe to predict that Ghostwire Tokyo will be immediately released on Xbox consoles when the exclusivity period is up. Also, the game will be added to the Game Pass subscription service on both PC and Xbox platforms.

What is Ghostwire Tokyo About?

Ghostwire Tokyo can be described as an action-adventure game that features a first-person shooter perspective. Set in modern-day Tokyo, the game brings horror to the gaming industry. Ghostwire Tokyo begins with the disappearance of the city’s population when a mysterious fog covers the city. Akito is the only remaining human after being possessed by KK’s spirit. Akito has to defeat the ghosts and rescue his people from the spirits.

You should fight and defeat the spirits throughout the game using hand techniques and supernatural abilities. Shinichiro Hara, the game’s combat director, describes the combat style as a mixture of karate and magic. You get a Yokai every time you defeat a spirit, earning you spirit points that you can use to enhance your abilities. The great visuals and detailed graphics will improve your gameplay as you unmask the mystery behind the sudden disappearance of your people.

Is Ghostwire Tokyo Coming to Xbox Game Pass?

With the increased Ghostwire Tokyo fanbase, Xbox owners are curious to know if the game will be released to Xbox Game Pass. Despite having no official communication on the issue, there’s some hope.

Microsoft is the current owner of Zenimax and Bethesda. All the games produced by the studios or their subsidiaries are automatically first-party titles for Xbox. Tango Gameworks being a subsidiary of Zenimax, means that Microsoft owns it. Bethesda is Ghostwire Tokyo’s publisher, while Tango Gameworks is the developer.

One of the major marketing strategies of the Xbox Game Pass is the day-one inclusion of first-party games. Ghostwire Tokyo is currently a first-party game, meaning it will appear on the Game Pass service when the one-year exclusive contract expires.

Game Pass allows video game fans to enjoy a range of titles without the hefty price tag on each game, especially on the AAA variety games. Ghostwire Tokyo is a perfect title for Microsoft to add to the collection.

When is the Ghostwire Tokyo Xbox Release Date

Ghostwire Tokyo was released on 25th March 2022, which means that the one-year exclusivity deal is expected to end on 25th March 2023. Therefore, Xbox fans can finally sigh relief since they can expect the game any time after the end of the deal. However, the game’s release date on Xbox will significantly depend on the other specifics of the contract with Sony.

Based on similar exclusive deals, Ghostwire Tokyo will possibly be released immediately on Xbox after one year. The exact date of the release is still not yet communicated, but Xbox users have a reason to smile.

Ghostwire Tokyo New Features

One of the critical questions regarding the release of Ghostwire Tokyo on Xbox Game Pass is whether the game will have new features. The wait for the Xbox users may pay off if the developers add new content to the game. Also, the new Ghostwire Tokyo version may be polished to remove any bugs and fix the issues in the older version.

Following the release of DeathLoop to Xbox with new features after a similar exclusivity deal, there is something to look forward to for Ghostwire Tokyo. Adding new features to the game can also be used as an incentive to lure the gamers, even those who have played the game, to get the latest version.

Is Yakuza on Xbox Game Pass?

The answer is yes if you’re among the crowd wondering whether Yakuza is on Xbox Game Pass. All the main series titles are now on the Xbox Game Pass service. The three titles that have made it back into the service are Yakuza 0, Yakuza Kiwami, and Yakuza Kiwami 2. These titles are also available for PC users. Therefore,  Yakuza is currently available on Xbox Game Pass. Additionally, the service allows gamers to easily access the games, making it easier for people to try out the game. 


Xbox users anticipate the release of Ghostwire Tokyo on Xbox Game Pass. Whether the game will be released and the date remains a mystery apart from hopeful speculations. However, the speculations can be said to be safe due to the evidence available and from similar occasions in the past. Therefore, when Ghostwire Tokyo finally releases again, it is highly likely to be immediately available on Xbox Game Pass. Ghostwire Tokyo may also be available for PC Game Pass.

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