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Gotham Knights GameStop

It’s time to bring hope and protect the citizens of Gotham from the vast criminal underworld that is growing by the day in the wake of Batman’s death. Gotham Knights is an open-world third-person action-packed RPG set to launch on October 21, 2022. The game includes the familiar Batman family that features various roles, such as Batgirl, Robin, and Nightwing.

The available Gotham Knights roles are those of Batgirl, Nightwing, Robin, and Red Hood, guardians of the city. You can also shape a new protector using your version and understanding of Dark Knight. Develop and improve your characters as you embark on battling some of the most infamous supervillains in the DC universe.

What Platforms Will Gotham Knights Be On?

Warner Bros, Interactive Entertainment, the game developer, announced that Gotham Knights would be available on PS 5, Xbox Series, and PC. Unfortunately, this means there are no game versions for PS4 and Xbox One unless they decide to develop in the future.

The game allows gamers to team up in the two-player mode through the online co-op feature. You can also decide to go solo and face the villains.

Where Can I Get Gotham Knights?

True Batman and Gotham fans can’t wait to take on the new responsibility as the new guard of DC Heroes. Even though the game is not out yet, you can place your game order at GameStop for $69.99. This way, you are guaranteed to be among the first to try out and familiarize yourself with the gameplay, game mode, and other new additions.

For instance, after making your Gotham Knight GameStop order, you’ll be among the first to explore Belfry, the new base of operations. You’ll also meet the new era of heroes and the mysterious chapters of the city’s dark history.

There is a pre-order bonus for the Gotham Knight game, where each client receives the 233 Kustom Batcycyle Skins.

What Are the Gotham Knight Available Editions?

The game will be available in deluxe, standard, and collector’s editions. Each of these editions has different features and price tags. You can purchase each of these options at GameStop, and here is the price guide:

  1. Gotham Knight Standard Edition

The standard edition is the cheapest option and includes only the copy of the game, and you can purchase it on GameStop for:

  • PS5 – $69.99
  • Xbox Series X|S – $69.99
  • PC – $69.99
  1. Gotham Knight Deluxe Edition

The Deluxe edition includes the base game and the Visionary Pack DLC, which features exclusive gear and cosmetics, Beyond suitstyle character skins based on the Batman Beyond animated series, “Knightwatch by Jim Lee ” Transmog, and three exclusive colorways. The boosted gear and Salvage give you a war advantage once you arrive at the action-filled Gotham City; the upgraded gear gives you better armor, and you can use Salvage to make new gear. Players will also get an exclusive emote that improves their battlefield attitude; however, the Emote details are not yet precise.

The Deluxe prices at GameStop are:

  • PS 5 – $89.99
  • Xbox Series X|S – $89.99
  • PC – $79.99
  1. Gotham Knights Collectors Edition GameStop

Purchase the Gotham Knight collector’s Edition GameStop package and receive the base game. You’ll also get a few more exciting gameplay accessories, which include an augmented reality talon key, a media book, a four-character statue diorama, an exclusive Gotham city map, exclusive gear and cosmetics, and Beyond Suit Style character skins that take after the Batman Beyond animated series.

Most of these items featured in the Gotham Knight Collector’s edition are physical. However, they come in a stylish box and an authenticity certificate signed by Jim Lee.

What’s New in Gotham Knights PS5 Gamestop?

The game’s storyline and characters are the same as those in other Gotham series; however, we don’t expect one major villain to appear. However, your favorite Batman family characters will be present, and they are back better and well equipped. Each hero has unique abilities, weapons, gear, and a customizable suit. They can also perform their signature moves as they protect the city of Gotham. 


The Gotham Knight game is among the most anticipated games of 2022, and you can pre-order it at GameStop. The game will be available in three editions, each with a different price tag and unique features. You are also encouraged to explore the new city map and base of operations and meet new heroes and villains.

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