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Gotham Knights Jason Todd

After the death of Batman, there has been a lot of speculation on who is going to succeed the Batman Family, and at the center of the theories is Jason Todd. This review clears all the speculations and gives a clear backstory to the character and his much-anticipated role in Gotham Knights.

Who Is Jason Todd?

Jason Todd was the second cast to take on the mantle of Robin. The character was first revealed as a vigilante in pursuit of Batman. His young and naïve nature leads him into Joker’s trap, and we see the Joker killing Jason Todd.

He was resurrected, thanks to Lazarus Pit, and his rage grew, turning him into a brutal killer who returned to Gotham as the Red Hood. Things took a turn when the villain made peace with Batman and decided to become a friend to the family.

How Old Is Jason Todd in Gotham Knights?

Jason Todd made his first appearance in the Batman series in March 1983 as Jason Todd. He was born on a rooftop on August 16th and became a street orphan. He began his vigilante acts at thirteen after setting up his parents with the Maroni Family. He’s had an interesting journey, and his mantle as Red Hood in Gotham Knights landmarks his 39 years in the DC World. It is expected that the character is going to play a major role in the unfolding Gotham series.

Does Jason Todd Become Batman In Gotham Knights?

Is Gotham Knights Jason Todd face of Gotham Knights? There is a lot of speculation that the transformed villain would replace the dead Batman and lead the Gotham Knights. Jason Todd is one of the four available characters in the game, alongside Batgirl, Nightwing, and Robin.

Each character has a unique fighting style, and we see Jason Todd maintaining his classical explosive habits. The Red Hood character uses twin pistols; if you love a ranged combat approach, you will love his unique and powerful gear. He is also good in up-close battles, thanks to his brute strength. Red Hood also has other tricks, such as strategically attaching bombs to the enemies. Jason can also swiftly navigate the rooftops.

Jason has different abilities from the other characters, and here is an overview of their skills:

  • Batgirl – a tech guru we all remember helping Batman crack, hack, and code technological systems using her amazing skills. The character comes equipped with a tonfa that allows her to take down enemies easily. The amour also expands and contracts, making it easier to reach enemies who are far. In addition, Batgirl has a grapple that gives her access to the rooftops.
  • Robin – Tim Drake is the youngest Gotham Knight featured character. After Jason Todd, he is the third to take on the Robin mantle. The character is adequately skilled in combat, and his gadgets give him an advantage over his enemies during the battle since he can sneak and take down enemies silently. Gotham Knight’s Robin comes equipped with a collapsible quarterstaff capable of choking villains; the quarterstaff also helps him move easily and unnoticed.
  • Nightwing – Dick Grayson completes the list of Gotham Knight’s playable characters. He was the first ever to take on the role of Robin, and his vast experiences with Batman made him one of the most dreaded villains in the city. Nightwing is known for his signature escrima sticks to pin enemies to the ground. The sticks also make him agile on any battlefield since he can evade enemy advancements and attack swiftly. Furthermore, the escrima sticks produce elemental shockwaves that give him an extra advantage. This character comes with other accessories, such as the shoot projectiles on his wrist.

What Happened to Batman?

It is confirmed that the iconic Batman character will not be available in the Gotham Knights game. Batman has been at the center of fighting crime in Gotham and is suspected dead. It is alleged that he died in some explosion as he was fighting crime. That task is now on the four knights to protect the city from all harm.

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