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Hogwarts Legacy Character Customization

Official footage revealed during the Autodesk Vision Series tech talk gave players a glimpse into important Hogwarts Legacy gameplay features. The clip shows a new cutscene work and reveals that Hogwarts Legacy will allow players to make character customizations. Players can customize their characters through the game’s character customization tab.

In the footage, we get a glimpse of the available character customizations. Although the released clip doesn’t comprehensively show all options, we managed to identify the available customizations, and here is the Hogwarts Legacy character customization Reddit fans should expect.

What Characters Will Be in Hogwarts Legacy

Hogwarts Legacy is set in the 1800s and is part of the Harry Potter series. Therefore, fans of the series should expect to see familiar and new characters well-distributed in the game’s storyline. According to the released information, we managed to identify all the available characters set to feature in Hogwarts Legacy.

Note that this list is according to the official information by Avalanche Software, and we are keen to keep it updated after the game’s official launch on February 10th, 2023. The available Hogwarts Legacy characters to expect include:

  1. Companions

There will be three companions in Hogwarts Legacy; Natsai Onai, Sebastian Sallow, and Poppy Sweeting.

  1. Professors

During their time at the wizard school, players will interact with Eleazar Fig, Abraham Ronen, Hecat, a 19-th century potion professor, a herbology professor, Natsai Onai’s mother, who is a professor, and a Broom Fight professor.  

  1. Ghosts

Players can expect to interact with the following ghosts in the new Hogwarts Legacy; Professor Cuthbert, Nearly Headless Nick, and Peeves.

  1. Villains

The Wizarding world is full of villains, such as Ranrok and Victor Rookwood.

  1. Other characters

Other available characters, such as Deek and Madam Cassandra Mason, don’t fall into the above categories.

Is There Character Customization in Hogwarts Legacy?

Yes. Hogwarts Legacy allows players to change their character’s appearance as they tale on the new wizarding adventures. These customizable options are, however, limited but enough for players to create their ideal avatar.

The game, however, doesn’t allow gamers to choose their character’s gender. All the available customizable options are the same for all players, who will be free to choose their preferred ungendered voices. Furthermore, they can alter the voice pitch according to their liking.

A few games allow players to create and determine their character’s appearance. The official gameplay shows hundreds of customizable options for those who want to customize their avatars.

Available Hogwarts Legacy Character Customization Options

Hogwarts Legacy wishes players to create unique adventures by making character customizations available. The game will allow gamers to determine their character’s appearance, house, outfit, etc.

Here is a comprehensive list of all available Hogwarts Legacy customization options:

  1. Presets

The first available customization option is the Preset character. This Preset is the starting point of building your character and acts as the basis of the customization process. Therefore, players should pick a preset option resembling their ideal student character.

  1. Face Wear

Next is to create the perfect avatar face, and players can decide on all facial features. The available options are face shape, color, skin, and glasses. When the game begins, the available glasses are limited; however, as they progress through the wizarding world, they’ll get to discover more options.

  1. Hairstyle

After creating their preferred face wear, the next step is to make hairstyle customizations. Several styles and combinations exist, and these options are not fixated on any gender. This means players get the freedom to create a unique style for a more personalized Hogwarts legacy gaming experience.

  1. Complexion

The game further allows players to make complexion tweaks by creating scars, freckles, or moles. There are impressive face-marking options available. These markings and details are not significant and aim at creating a unique character.

  1. Eyebrows

There is also an Eyebrows tab which allows gamers to pick their ideal eyebrow shape and color. This tab enables full eyebrow customizations, allowing them to select their preferred eye color.

  1. Finalize Your Character

The final option focuses more on the character’s voice. Hogwarts legacy will provide two voice options, one sounding more feminine and the other more masculine. After choosing their preferred option, gamers can also customize the pitch. These adjustments aim at making each student’s character unique.

After finalizing the character, the final section under the customization settings is the game’s difficulty level. These available options include Story, Easy, Normal, and Hard. Finally, players must choose their character’s name before beginning their magical adventures.

The Bottom Line

Hogwarts Legacy wishes gamers to have a more personalized gaming experience, which is why it is set to make character customization options available. These customizations give gamers complete control over the appearance of their avatar. It is effortless to complete the process, and above are the character customizations revealed by official game footage.

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